Shake Shake Shake! Shake Your Romney! [Reader Post]

Shake Shake Shake! Shake Your Romney! Shake Your Romney!

Thank you Mr. Fehrnstrom for saying out loud and confirming exactly what many conservative new long ago; Mitt Romney is promising to conservatives whatever it is that he thinks they want to hear without any intention of keeping it. The only thing shocking about this revelation is that Eric Fehrnstromn said it out loud, not in a conversation he believed was off the record or private, cut being broadcast by CNN live.

An uninspiring Mitt Romney will impale the GOP and give Barack Obama 4 more years… [Reader Post]

What is Mitt Romney doing in the Republican Party? (Although a better question might by why has the Republican Party strayed so far to the left that a guy like Mitt Romney could be its standard bearer…)

Everyone knows the story of Mitt Romney. He ran Bain Capital and financed a number of new businesses and helped rescue others. True, he and Bain failed a few times, but Bain Capital did what it was supposed to do, which is make money for its shareholders.

Romney’s “Huge” Win? [Reader Post]

Let us get down to the bottom of this pom-pom waiving for Mitt Romney. The “Republican Establishment” knows the support for Mitt Romney is weak and tenuous at best. They need this to be a “Big Win” for Romney not because Iowa is important, hell none of the votes actually count from Tuesday, they are non-binding. They are really setting up the win in New Hampshire to be more significant than that will actually be as well.

Christie Endorses Romney

How convenient it was for Christie to keep his rather large posterior blocking the view of Republican candidates, while he played his voters and supporters for chumps with his mincing indecision on whether to finally admit he didn’t want to run for the presidency. But for what purpose, the casual observer may ask in bewilderment.

Oh, but the answer is easy and was exposed today: Christie admitted, it was an “easy decision” to endorse Romney. It was an easy decision because it was his intention all along to endorse his fellow RINO.

Liberal Pundits Bemoan The Loss Of The Great White RINO

Facing an inevitable Liberal blood bath in 2012, mainly because of the ineptness and incompetence of the Obama Administration, Liberals have been quick to rally behind the next best option, a New England Rino. They are willing to admit that perhaps the Socialism and cronyism of Obama wasn’t what the country needed these nearly three years of an ever worsening financial situation.

However, secretly they wonder whether the Liberal brand can survive the catastrophic repercussions resulting from the imposition of an ideological Socialism during these lean economic times.