Pelosi’s b*tch


John-Boehner-Crying a


This is just so depressing. When democrats ran all of the government, they kicked Republicans’ asses all over the place. Now that the GOP controls the House and the Senate, democrats are still kicking Republican asses all over the place.

Speaker John Boehner announced that the House will vote Tuesday on the Senate’s bill to fund the Department of Homeland Security, a move that could enrage some conservatives but end the impasse over the agency’s funding.

“I am as outraged and frustrated as you at the lawless and unconstitutional actions of this president,” Boehner said to a private meeting of Republicans, in reference to President Barack Obama’s changes to the enforcement of immigration laws, according to a source in the room. “I believe this decision – considering where we are – is the right one for this team, and the right one for this count

“The good news is that the president’s executive action has been stopped, for now. This matter will continue to be litigated in the courts, where we have our best chance of winning this fight,” Boehner added.

They’re cowards. They’re scared of their own shadows. Who gives a damn if there’s a partial shutdown of DHS? It would mean NOTHING. 85% of DHS employees would be unaffected. It would be no big deal:

Even if the department shuts down and its funding runs out, it would not affect core homeland security and public safety functions that are essential to national security. As shown in the last federal shutdown, the vast majority of employees were deemed essential to protecting property and life, and some employees who were placed on furlough were recalled into work for responding to federal emergencies.

This would not in any way jeopardize national security, despite that patently obvious and stupid stunt Jeh Johnson pulled last week.

Harry Reid demanded and got not only McConnell’s surrender but also now has gotten Boehner’s capitulation.

Boehner and McConnell might as well pass another bill ceding all control to king Obama. Who would notice the difference? They need not even show up for work.

One thing is now certain: Boehner is Pelosi’s b*tch.

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After watching what John and Mitch are doing with the GOP victory in election 2014 I am getting ill. Why vote GOP, it means nothing anymore.

what do expect from a lazy drunk

Democrats are a real party
We have beer and chips

I have emailed all my republican reps and made it clear they will not receive any further campaign contributions until Boehner and McConnell are removed from any leadership positions. I am returning all GOP mailers and emails with the same message. My contributions do not add up to a lot, but if enough of us stop contributing to these prancing democrats, maybe the point will get across.

They were given power in the last election, but rather than act as they stated they would, the pansies are giving the anti-American left more than they ever got when the twin scum Reid and Pelosi controlled congress.


I did the same thing when Boehner and McConnell were put into the leadership positions they now hold.

For years they whined “We can’t do anything. Democrats control the Senate.” Now they whine “We can’t do anything. Democrats are blocking us.” What total b/s. It is that they have no spines and no cajones. And how disappointed are you in Will Hurd when he campaigned to not cave to the D.C. morons. And Mike McCaul, for heaven’s sake? Really? McCaul has campaigned and campaigned against the open border and he caves to Boehner?

If the Republicans had stuck together, and not been shaking in their shoes over the damn liberal press, i.e. if they had spines, Obama would not have the money to force states to accept his shamnesty programs.

@retire05: We don’t have any leadership in the Rep party. I don’t understand how the Dims can break a filibuster with 51 votes but it takes 60 for the Reps.


We don’t have any leadership in the Rep party

What we have is a bunch of whining pansy asses who are so incompetent that they can’t tie their own shoes and would rather live on their knees than die on their feet.

Only 75 Republicans voted for Boehner’s funding bill. You can’t tell me that they are that damn afraid of what the press would say about them that they really, really wanted to stop Obama’s illegal shamnesty. It’s because the jerks are sell outs and stupid, to boot.

Maybe one of these days one of them will have their wife, or daughter, raped or murdered by an illegal. If that ever happens, watch how quickly they change their tune, but as long as it is just us everyday Americans being murdered, they couldn’t care less.

We no longer have a two party system. We have one party, with two branches, and both branches feed off of the same roots. Those roots are the money the wealthy and big business give to BOTH parties so they will get what they want, and they do.

Republicans, get your white, “I SURRENDER TO THE DEMOCRATS” flags so you can surrender at a moment’s notice.


I used to think that the position you espouse was leftist propaganda designed to keep conservatives home on election day. Not anymore. What Boehner and McConnell – along with their syncophants like Graham and McCain- have done is demonstrated beyond any doubt these GOP elitists are only pretending to be an opposition party. What these bastards have done in their never ending smear of conservatives, all while falsely proclaiming their intent to stop the leftist perversion and destruction of this country, is cement their position as contemptible lickspittles of the extreme left.

Boehner and McConnell must go. All 75 of the asshat pseudo-republicans who voted for illegal aliens to be rewarded with years of back tax “refunds” need to be removed from office. They have no principles other than self-aggrandizement, and deserve nothing other than to be disdainfully regarded as the pathetic parasites they have shown that they are.

It is disgusting that Pelosi has more testicular fortitude than all of the GOP pseudo-elitists combined.

We badly need term limits on all elected federal offices. There is no difference in political parties as long as they get to suck off the federal teat for the remainder of their life!
Throw the bums out!

@bwax: #10
The only way I see term limits happening for politicians is:

(1) The bill would have to exclude existing politicians from the bill. They are not going to vote themselves out of office.

(2) New candidates will have to run on introducing a term limit bill if they are elected. The problem is that political promises aren’t usually kept any more.


The problem is that political promises aren’t usually kept any more.

The problem is that political promises aren’t usuallyonly a means to get elected to continue to line the pockets of those that put them there kept any more.


We don’t have any leadership in the Rep party.

Correction, we don’t have any representation whatsoever in the leadership of either party or in any of the financially corrupted establishment RINOs. They only represent the US Chamber of Commerce, Wall Street and their deep pocket campaign contributors.

There needs to be a bill introduced that would make it illegal to knowing lie during campaigning, but it will never happen, because one of the liars would have to introduce it, and none of the liars are going to make it illegal to do what they do best.

Once you have waved the WHIT FLAG in surrender, it is hard to UN-SURRENDER.

@Pete: They are lower than dirt – worms comes to mind.

I have no representation, not from the likes of them!!

Sorry. I do not have a dog in this fight. I live in Maryland. The entire state tilts so far to the left that is in danger of capsizing. Dems own the voting machines. Unions rule.
None of the Members represents me, since I am a small-government conservative.
I would de-fund much of the Federal apparatus: Homeland Security, Education, Agriculture price supports, Welfare, AFDC, and so on. There is no Constitutional warrant for these activities. But that does not matter.
SCOTUS is now controlled by blackmail from the WH.
This is not the system I learned about in high school and college. It is the system which failed in the U.S.S.R., and everywhere else it has been tried. It will fail here, with untold cost in lives and property.

@mathman: #17
You would fit right in here in Idaho. You are welcome any time. I too feel there are going to be a lot of lives lost when the takeover starts. At least we can defend ourselves here.


SCOTUS is now controlled by blackmail from the WH.

Yes, that’s obvious. I wonder what they’ve got on them.

I’m not sure we ever actually had a two party system. Consider that the turn over in the old Soviet Politburo was supposedly higher than that of the US Senate. The internet has simply exposed the Kabuki theater of US “democracy”.

Therefore, the internet must be brought “under control” and within a decade or two things will settle back into the same charade.