Liberal Pundits Bemoan The Loss Of The Great White RINO

Facing an inevitable Liberal blood bath in 2012, mainly because of the ineptness and incompetence of the Obama Administration, Liberals have been quick to rally behind the next best option, a New England Rino. They are willing to admit that perhaps the Socialism and cronyism of Obama wasn’t what the country needed these nearly three years of an ever worsening financial situation.

However, secretly they wonder whether the Liberal brand can survive the catastrophic repercussions resulting from the imposition of an ideological Socialism during these lean economic times.

The Chris Christie Candidacy?

Is he running or isn’t he? A NY Post article today suggests he may be leaning towards running:

After months of hedging, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is giving serious thought to jumping into the ring for a GOP presidential run — and could make his decision next week, The Post has learned.

The announcement may come as soon as Monday, said sources familiar with Christie’s thinking.

Barack Obama & Chris Christie – First & Other Impressions [Reader Post]

How often have you heard someone say “I don’t see color” when they are trying to prove that they are not racists? “I only see people” usually follows. Unless that person is colorblind or actually blind, they’re idiots. Observing that someone is black or white or somewhere in between does not make someone a racist. It merely demonstrates that they are using one of the many tools that God gave them to help make sense the world around them. It is what they do with that information that determines if they are in fact racist or not.