Final Debate and Waxing Nostalgic [Reader Post]

I have to hand it to Team Romney. I didn’t think they had a cohesive plan. The first debate fully illuminated the small steps they had taken behind the scenes to build momentum. While many on the right were giddy with the whipsaw results from the outcome of the first debate I would wager that few anticipated the size, velocity, and residual wave of positive sentiment for Romney.

What is the current status of the 2012 Presidential election? [Reader Post]

It is confusing to determine where we are in the Presidential race. Headlines scream out: Obama up by four, Romney and Obama tied in latest poll. Then there are the confusing state poll results. On the same day a poll shows Romney leading in a national poll, a state poll will show Obama pulling away in a “battleground” state.

This article sets forth a model that can be used to accurately describe the current state of the Presidential race and who is likely to win in November.

Polls Show People Want Lower Tax Rates & Believe Insurance Mandate Is Unconstitutional

Couple interesting polls out to share. The first is this one from The Hill in which they asked likely voters what they believed would be a good tax rate for the rich.

Three-quarters of likely voters believe the nation’s top earners should pay lower, not higher, tax rates, according to a new poll for The Hill.

Romney-Santorum [Reader Post]

Mitt Romney will beat Barack Obama and he will beat Obama for the same reasons some conservatives don’t like him. I am well aware that some of my fellow authors here find Romney less than ideal but I do believe the future of this country depends on Barack Obama being defeated in November and a Romney-Santorum ticket is just what is needed.