Voter’s Remorse, Comedic Tragedy

How many Americans are willing to look into the mirror and ask whether they should be on medication for being so gullible four years ago.

The real tragedies of life consume us in an inarticulate manner; at least, we feel that way, after feeling so stupid for walking into an obvious trap so blindly, to be hurt so crudely, by mindless acts so devoid of meaning, by people so utterly lacking in style, grace, and substance. Their vulgarity and credulity consumes us as if they are a brute force of overpowering barbarity; but in the final analysis, it is we who gave them this pretense of competent leadership by which they trapped us so securely. With dramatic effect we rage to express our indignation and outrage; sadly, the dry humor of this sad comedy mocks us; for we are the players or actors of this sublime tragic comedy and we have written our own script.

When A Narcissist Falls Apart

The weather that fall was terrible; well actually, it was just a little worse than normal. We were in a hunting camp in the mountains about one hundred miles North of the Peace. There were three guides with three hunters. Knarley Manners, my best friend, had a nice quiet hunter that was serious about hunting and wasn’t worried about the cold, miserable conditions. I had one of a pair of hunters from Chicago: the two of them had won the hunting trip through a company contest and they were as different from each other as two men can be.

The Tragic End Of G.O.P. Motors [Reader Post]

After much contemplation of how to put into words the current struggle between the Republican Establishment and the ever growing disgruntled Conservative base I found this to be the best way to explain the situation as I view it…

A man walks across the street from his house to GOP Motors, a local franchise that he and his family have done business with for many years. One the lot are four vehicles, 2 new pickup trucks, one covered by a tarp, a beat up old blue pickup truck with a plow next to the garage. He spots a man in a suit and tie standing in the lot whistling to himself and looking for all intents and purposes a man who could be of some assistance. Walking over to the man our story begins.

Who Will Sarah Endorse?

Interesting article from RCP about the possible endorsement from Sarah Palin and the effect it can have, especially in Iowa:

“Iowans spend a lot of time examining these candidates, and no Iowan is going to invest all of this time looking at the candidates and the issues and then let someone else make that decision for them,” said Cain’s Iowa consultant Steve Grubbs. “Having said that, there are certain endorsements that would certainly provide momentum.”

Orlando Jones: Liberals Should Kill Sarah Palin [Reader Post]

Orlando Jones may be best known for his days as a comedic TV pitchman. This latest suggestion, though, is no laughing matter.

The former soda slinger who spent years telling people to “Make 7 Up Yours” fired off a series of tweets on October 22nd following the death of deposed Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi. After discussing Kanye West’s trip to Occupy Wall Street, Jones wrote, “Libyan Rebels kill Gaddafi, if American liberals want respect they better stop listening to Aretha & kill Sarah Palin(:”

Paranoia Strikes Deep

It’s the timing Mr President, when you come out with the Iranian Amateur Hour version of a terror attack within hours of your Attorney General being served with a subpoena, it’s no wonder people are a little, no, make that a lot, skeptical. Was the attack so imminent or so dangerous that it was imperative that it be released at precisely that instant or was it an effort to show how diligent your Attorney General is, the same one who sells advanced military grade weapons to Mexican Drug Cartels for no apparent or logical reason, weapons that have so far been instrumental in the killing of two federal agents and probably used in the commission of hundreds of deaths of Mexican nationals in Mexico. The same weapons that will probably be used in countless attacks and murders on both sides of the border for decades in the future. Are we supposed to believe that this same Attorney General is instrumental in rounding up an Iranian American, who was recruiting Mexican henchmen from the drug cartels to act as terrorists for the Iranians.

Palin or Cain and a government Americans deserve [Reader Post]

In a free society citizens deserve the government they vote for. As much as I might despise the everything the liberals stand for and are doing to this country, the truth of the matter is that they did not seize power in some coup d’état… except for maybe Stuart Smalley. Nor did they come to power legally and then change the rules once they got there as Hitler did. No, they were by and large voted into power promising to do exactly what they have done. The fact that most of America is unhappy with the way things are going says more about Americans in general than it does about the politicians themselves.