Live from New York – It’s The Hunger Games! [Reader Post]

Sometimes even a 24/7 news cycle can get so heavily dominated by a handful of stories that everything else seems to disappear. Just as we started to wind down from the tale of a future 1 percenter complaining that a religious-affiliated school should pay for her birth control, we’ve jumped into the Trevon Martin case becoming the focal point of the left’s “Keep Hate Alive” campaign for 2012, along with leftist leadership starting to launch pre-emptive attacks against the Supreme Court for potentially committing that horrific act of judicial activism known as striking down an unconstitutional law. In this hurricane one story sadly got buried in the mix.

Marxism, Just Another Word For Poverty

Karl Marx has indigestion; Cuba has just announced the imposition of private property rights and a citizen’s right to sell and buy real estate.

Fidel and Raul Castro have maintained the most classical example of Marxism in the world for over 50 years: consequently, the Cuban people live in abject poverty under totalitarian rule, while their leaders enjoy their wealth, opulence, and outrageous personal economic portfolios so typical of iron fisted thugs ruling over a Socialist dystopia.

Common Sense: The antidote to too much government [Reader Post]

Conservatives and libertarians are constantly railing against government intervention in the lives of citizens. As such, they are often accused by the left of hating all forms of government and seeking to deregulate everything to the point where corporations can take over the country and rob and enslave the citizenry.

Nothing could be farther than the truth. Conservatives understand a successful nation requires a functioning government with a strong rule of law.