The Tragic End Of G.O.P. Motors [Reader Post]

After much contemplation of how to put into words the current struggle between the Republican Establishment and the ever growing disgruntled Conservative base I found this to be the best way to explain the situation as I view it…

A man walks across the street from his house to GOP Motors, a local franchise that he and his family have done business with for many years. One the lot are four vehicles, 2 new pickup trucks, one covered by a tarp, a beat up old blue pickup truck with a plow next to the garage. He spots a man in a suit and tie standing in the lot whistling to himself and looking for all intents and purposes a man who could be of some assistance. Walking over to the man our story begins.

Looking to “experts” – How Herman Cain can revive his campaign for the GOP nomination [Reader Post]

Herman Cain is the only person in the GOP field who has significant experience running a private company from the perspective of an operator. Yes, Mitt Romney has significant experience in business, but for the most part his experience is as a consultant or an investor rather than as an operator. When I say operator I’m talking about being in charge of making payroll, worrying about regulators – local, state and national – setting policy and executing, all while inspiring employees to succeed and earning a profit. Those are the kinds of things that Herman Cain has done – more than once. He revived a moribund Philadelphia Burger King unit with 400 floundering stores. He slashed the fat from a money losing Godfather’s Pizza chain and returned it to profitability… and eventually bought the company himself.

Who Will Sarah Endorse?

Interesting article from RCP about the possible endorsement from Sarah Palin and the effect it can have, especially in Iowa:

“Iowans spend a lot of time examining these candidates, and no Iowan is going to invest all of this time looking at the candidates and the issues and then let someone else make that decision for them,” said Cain’s Iowa consultant Steve Grubbs. “Having said that, there are certain endorsements that would certainly provide momentum.”

Using The Media To Control An Election

We now realize the Liberal media controls or tries to control the election process in the United States; obviously, control is a matter of degree, it can be minimal or it can be complete. Regardless of the degree of control the press has over any political process, the press will use every tool at its’ disposal to acquire all the control it can steal from the public, for that is what this control by the press has become, a theft of our election process and our very freedom to determine our own political future. Democrats or high ranking Republicans will never complain about this usurpation of the political process or the freedom of the public to determine their own future because they want the control of the country to be concentrated in the hands of a select few. The press has exposed its’ duplicitous nature well enough, that only the most intellectually compromised among us cannot see the glaring inconsistencies and corruption. The attempted evisceration of Cain by circumspect women with motives that may include career advancement or monetary gain, is in sharp contrast to the protection given to the serial rapist and womanizer Bill Clinton.

Woman Goes Public With Allegations Against Herman Cain

Quick post about the Herman Cain allegations from a Sharon Bialek. Here is her accusation:

At that time I had on a black pleated skirt, a suit jacket and a blouse. He had on a suit with his shirt open. But instead of going into the offices, he suddenly reached over and he put his hand on my leg under my skirt and reached for my genitals. He also grabbed my head and brought it towards his crotch. I was very, very surprised and very shocked. I said, “What are you doing? You know I have a boyfriend. This isn’t what I came here for.”