Paranoia Strikes Deep


It’s the timing Mr President, when you come out with the Iranian Amateur Hour version of a terror attack within hours of your Attorney General being served with a subpoena, it’s no wonder people are a little, no, make that a lot, skeptical. Was the attack so imminent or so dangerous that it was imperative that it be released at precisely that instant or was it an effort to show how diligent your Attorney General is, the same one who sells advanced military grade weapons to Mexican Drug Cartels for no apparent or logical reason, weapons that have so far been instrumental in the killing of two federal agents and probably used in the commission of hundreds of deaths of Mexican nationals in Mexico. The same weapons that will probably be used in countless attacks and murders on both sides of the border for decades in the future. Are we supposed to believe that this same Attorney General is instrumental in rounding up an Iranian American, who was recruiting Mexican henchmen from the drug cartels to act as terrorists for the Iranians.

Yes, it’s no wonder people are looking a little fish eyed at your accusations and doubt your ability and that of your Attorney General, the one who neglected to notice multiple briefs on Fast and Furious, briefs that were addressed to him, the same one that is beginning to look like an accessory to murder.

Is it no wonder that you don’t even have the true believers hanging on every word in worshipful praise and thanks as you pronounce “toughest sanctions” against Iran for the imminent threat of a used car salesman planning an attack on the Saudi ambassador to the US.

Iran scoffs at the accusation and many in the US are more than a little doubtful Mr President, timing is important and your timing was a little too obvious; otherwise, you would not need to justify your claims, like this one explaining how American officials knew:

“know that he had direct links, was paid by, and directed by individuals in the Iranian government.”

“Now those facts are there for all to see. We would not be bringing forward a case unless we knew exactly how to support all the allegations that are contained in the indictment.”

You are a little too obvious in your defense when you say, “We would not be bringing forward a case, unless we knew exactly how to support the allegations…”, it’s integrity Mr president, you have lost your integrity. The American public and the world no longer trusts you or your Attorney General.

Susan Rice will obviously strike fear into the heart of Iran, but your State Department spokesperson, Ms Victoria Nuland confirms many American doubts when she roars like a lioness with this line:

“When you look at these details, it seems like something out of a movie. But as you begin to give more detail on what we knew and when we knew it and how we knew it, it has credibility.”

So it has credibility! You can’t get more authentic than that Mr President. Unfortunately, like the pregnant teenager in junior high school, you might be all alone in the international community in your condemnation of Iran.

So you have laid out all the facts of a deranged used car salesmen acting as international terror brokers for international leaders and so far, you have yourself convinced:

“We’ve laid the facts before them, and we believe that after people have analyzed them, there will not be a dispute that this is in fact what happened.”

Our ally Britain, whom you have ignored and insulted in the past, offered this bit of anemic support from the British foreign secretary, William Hague by saying on record that the incident:

“would appear to constitute a major escalation in Iran’s sponsorship of terrorism outside its borders. He added that the British government was “in close touch with the U.S. authorities and will work to agree an international response, along with the U.S., the rest of the E.U. and Saudi Arabia.”

We can see that the British have expressed their outrage, to be expressed further if it turns out that anyone else believes the accusations. Of course it is pretty serious if a rogue nation is sponsoring terrorism outside its borders with a covert used car salesmen.

From the Saudi foreign minister:

“this dastardly act reflects the policies of Iran.” The Saudi government has not yet decided whether to withdraw its ambassador from Tehran in protest, he said.

Oh my, how serious does it get if the Saudis can’t decide whether to withdraw their ambassador from Tehran.

You have brought this upon yourself Mr President. You have indirectly brought about feelings of indifference and apathy from Americans and the international community. You have essentially made yourself into a lame duck president and people are only counting the days until a new president can be sworn in. A year of campaigning and cheap theatrics like this will only deepen the public’s distrust in you and your administration. It is probably best if you try to tread water while trying not to make waves. In that way you may improve your image slightly, rather than creating more animosity in this country and the world.

The US has almost no business dealings with Iran, other countries make massive amounts of money by trading with Iran. Is it no wonder that the rest of the world will be looking at your latest B-Movie plot with skepticism. They don’t believe you Mr President, the Amateur Hour is almost over.

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CNN (which carries water for Obama but lies to Americans in exchange for the privilege of reporting from Islamic countries) reports this (IOW where’s your grains of salt?) …..

“Multiple” sources have corroborated the report about an alleged plot to assassinate the Saudi ambassador to the United States, a scheme the administration is alleging is tied to Iran’s military, a U.S. official told CNN Thursday.

When U.S. officials first learned of the alleged plot, “there were significant doubts there was any ‘there’ there,” the official said. But “multiple sources of independently verified information” corroborated the account, the official said. “It coalesced into a picture of something unusual but serious,” the official said.

The official said a key indicator that the plot was real was the wire transfer of large sums of cash.

The United States is offering “specialized briefings” to officials in other countries who have sought more information about the alleged plot, said State Department spokesman Victoria Nuland. She cited Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov as having wanted more information.

(also China and Turkey)

Iran denies official involvement.
What nation would admit that!?

Iran goes on to put forth two possible alternatives:
1. they blames internal terrorists (it does not preclude the idea that they could be high up in their military).
2. Iran states we (the USA) or Israel could have done all of it just to make them look bad to the world.

Remember the whole, Osama and Saddam would never work together because one is Sunni, the other Shiite, meme?
But records were found that they did work together.

Regarding Iraq Osama exchanged letters with the head of al Qaeda in Iraq telling him to STOP killing opposition Muslims for the time being.
They could USE all Muslims to ”fight the infidels” and later could go back to wiping out other versions of Islam within Iraq.

So, Sunni and Shiite DO get along when they face an enemy together.

What Obama has done, which ties in with my theory that he supports the Iranian form of Islam, has been 1. ignore the protestors against the Iranian leaders
2. warn these Iranian leaders that the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps’ Quds Force and some of its “high-ranking officers,” including Hamed Abdollahi, Abdul Reza Shahlai and Ali Gholam Shakuri, directed and funded the conspiracy.”
3. Obama also helped overthrow anti-Iranian Muslim governments in Tunisia, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Libya, Lebanon, Syria and more…..
BUT Obama is HELPING the government in Iran to stay in power, even going so far as to hand over names of revolutionaries?
(I’m pretending here that the top leaders were NOT involved in the plot, btw.)

Obama seems to be on the side of those who adhere to this 12th imam nonsense.
And of all the Muslims on earth, the 12ers are the last ones Americans should want to encourage.

I discussed this with a military intel person yesterday. They believe the Iranians did initiate this operation. The unofficial analyzis was that our military believes that Iran thinks the US President is a Paper Tiger. Middle-eastern countries respect power. They do not respect harsh talk by a political appointee to the UN.

This is consistent with past Democratic presidents. Carter failed to take decisive action when the Iranian students working for the Iranian government. Clinton failed to take real action when our embassies were bombed and the World trade center was first bombed. The result, Iran and the Middle-eastern terrorists can do what they want as long as a Democrat is in office.

@Randy, #3:

The result, Iran and the Middle-eastern terrorists can do what they want as long as a Democrat is in office.

“Doing what they want”, of course, doesn’t apply to the rather lengthy list of high-level terrorists that the Obama administration has permanently removed from planet Earth, including but not limited to:

Osama bin Laden
Anwar al-Awlaki
Abu Hafs al-Shahri
‘Atiyah ‘Abd al-Rahman
Ilyas Kashmir
Ammar al-Wa’ili
Abu Ali al-Harithi
Ali Saleh Farhan
Harun Fazul
Baitullah Mahsud
Noordin Muhammad Top
Saleh Ali Saleh Nabhan
Saleh al-Somali
‘Abdallah Sa’id
Muhammad Haqqani
Qari Zafar
Hussein al-Yemeni
Abu Ayyub al-Masri
Abu Omar al-Baghdadi
Sheik Saeed al-Masri
Hamza al-Jawfi

Refer to Terrorist Notches in Obama’s Belt for links to each name.

That’s a rather high terrorist body count for a “paper tiger” American president. Maybe they all died of paper cuts.

That’s nice, Greg. All due to Obama sticking with that evil Bush’s policies, I might add.

Then, while you’re busy giving accolades, you might have to understand O’butthead’s got a long way to catch up to Bush’s record, where where 48 of the original terrorist’s deck of cards have been either killed or captured. Most were captured, which is good… a dead terrorist gives no intel. But then, it also allows O’butthead the convenience of dodging criticism for holding them without charges are trial in Bagram as well. And, as we all know, this POTUS is one self-obsessed, thin skinned politico.

Then of course, there’s the CIA’s 2006 estimate that 5000 terrorist had been captured or killed by then. Even in the final days of Bush’s presidency, he wasn’t letting up on operations when a New Year’s Day CIA raid took out two head honcho AQ leaders in Pakistan.

As Jake Tapper finishes his list off by saying, “If this is defense, what does offense look like?” Reread the paragraphs above, and you’ll know.

So congrats to Obama. But forgive me if I’m not exactly bowled over with performance, even under Bush’s ROEs.

If you want to give Bush all the credit he deserves, let’s not forget the 2008 crash that came close to reducing the U.S. and world economies to smoking ruins. Three years later, and we’re still not out of the woods yet.

Geez, Greg… are you this history and economically challenged as to attempt that bit of horse manure?

I just haven’t had my brain thoroughly soaked in the sheep dip of recent revisionist history. I remember what I was thinking and concluding as events were unfolding in the daily news.

I concluded a long time ago that supply-side economics was a scam. It all seemed like a very nice theory back during the Reagan days, but now there are years of obvious results to consider.

Heavens, Greg. Ironically, Peter Wallison has a guest article on WSJ addressing how unbelievably dumb the OWS are when targeting the banks, and letting Congress and decades of mismanaged housing policy off the hook. The astronomical rise in housing prices, due to an onslaught of buyers with easy money, began back in 1997. In case you’re math is also as bad as your history, that’s prior to the Bush admin.

Their anger should be directed at those who developed and supported the federal government’s housing policies that were responsible for the financial crisis.

Beginning in 1992, the government required Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to direct a substantial portion of their mortgage financing to borrowers who were at or below the median income in their communities. The original legislative quota was 30%. But the Department of Housing and Urban Development was given authority to adjust it, and through the Bill Clinton and George W. Bush administrations HUD raised the quota to 50% by 2000 and 55% by 2007.

It is certainly possible to find prime borrowers among people with incomes below the median. But when more than half of the mortgages Fannie and Freddie were required to buy were required to have that characteristic, these two government-sponsored enterprises had to significantly reduce their underwriting standards.

Fannie and Freddie were not the only government-backed or government-controlled organizations that were enlisted in this process. The Federal Housing Administration was competing with Fannie and Freddie for the same mortgages. And thanks to rules adopted in 1995 under the Community Reinvestment Act, regulated banks as well as savings and loan associations had to make a certain number of loans to borrowers who were at or below 80% of the median income in the areas they served.

Research by Edward Pinto, a former chief credit officer of Fannie Mae (now a colleague of mine at the American Enterprise Institute) has shown that 27 million loans—half of all mortgages in the U.S.—were subprime or otherwise weak by 2008. That is, the loans were made to borrowers with blemished credit, or were loans with no or low down payments, no documentation, or required only interest payments.

Of these, over 70% were held or guaranteed by Fannie and Freddie or some other government agency or government-regulated institution. Thus it is clear where the demand for these deficient mortgages came from.

The huge government investment in subprime mortgages achieved its purpose. Home ownership in the U.S. increased to 69% from 65% (where it had been for 30 years). But it also led to the biggest housing bubble in American history. This bubble, which lasted from 1997 to 2007, also created a huge private market for mortgage-backed securities (MBS) based on pools of subprime loans.

To drive the predating of housing prices, related to the increased ability for unstable buyers to obtain loans based on government regulations, here’s a few pretty pictures for you. Please note the dates for when those prices started heading straight up, until the inevitable burst. Exactly as Wallison says, and I noted in my “Perfect Storm of Lending and Housing Events” post years ago… 1997-98 is when the runaway price train happened.

It appears you have had your brain thoroughly soaked in sheep dip afterall….

Mata, greg doesn’t understand how crayons work let alone economics….or reality. I’ve come to think he’s little more than a leftist propagandist who is just trolling of sorts. Short of some kind of retardation, there is little other explanation. Then again, I might be behaving in a less than charitable manner. As usual greg tries another off tangent attack in order to derail a thread. Predictable.

For the record, I don’t doubt the Iranians attempted this. There seems to be some sort of power struggle going on. Trying to explain the actions of an an irrational group with rational analysis is a bit much.

So Greg… care to comment on this?
Barack Obama tripled the deficit his first year in office and has kept the deficit above a trillion dollars for three straight years now.

@Skookum: I am not sure if Barry believes in the 12ers message, but he has shown that he will work with ANYONE IF THEY HELP ADVANCE HIS AGENDA. It is true that, as Nan has said, he seems to be “assisting” Iran’s enemies, even to the extent of turning his back on Israel, but this is all (to my mind) for our Dear Leader’s benefit, more than to Iran’s.
Anyone with half a brain knows that Barry’s ultimate goal is to collapse Capitalism, and if destabilization of the Middle East, with the goal of Iran being the top dog on the pile, after all the smoke has cleared helps Barry, then he’s all in.

@Greg: The collapse, came on Bush’s watch, and he was goaded into TARP, true, but it was truly the progressive Dems that pushed our system into this collapse- anyone who believes otherwise has had a frontal lobotomy the likes of which must resemble a melon after the ‘coons get finished with it- ( and they eat the rind, too).
Progressives, like Soros, et al, along with Frank and Dodd in the financial and Banking committees, are really the main scofflaws in this sickening chapter in American Politics.

@Greg: Supply-side economics has more going for it than that sheep-dip Keynesian stuff you progressives keep trying to ram down our throats.
Remember, A rising tide floats all boats.