New Romney ad hurts Obama's feelings [Reader Post]

Mitt Romney has a new ad running in Ohio

It must be effective as it has made the left is seething mad. Rachel Maddow went off the rails:

Late last week, Mitt Romney ran into a little trouble on one of his biggest vulnerabilities. Campaigning in Ohio, the Republican said he’d seen a story that Jeep may be moving “all production to China.” Romney wasn’t telling the truth, as Chrysler itself made clear.

They can’t handle the truth [Reader Post]

Spending time at Huffington Post can be one interesting experience. It is impressive to watch an entire segment of society engaging in self-indulgence and self-delusion. If Barack Obama told them Mitt Romney was an alien from Remulak and his house had to be burned down and he had to be destroyed they’d do without so much as a thought. When confronted with facts, they simply deny them. They stick their fingers in their ears, close their eyes and yell “LALALALALALALA.” “Liar” is the word of the day for Mitt Romney.

Barack Obama sells democracy out to corporate interests [Reader Post]

When I grew up, my parents imbued me with a sense of right and wrong. When something was wrong, it was wrong. It didn’t become right because someone else did it. They’d say “If someone else jumps off a bridge would you jump?”

I would not, but Barack Obama would.

My parents said that two wrongs do not make a right. In Obamaworld they do.

Romney-Santorum [Reader Post]

Mitt Romney will beat Barack Obama and he will beat Obama for the same reasons some conservatives don’t like him. I am well aware that some of my fellow authors here find Romney less than ideal but I do believe the future of this country depends on Barack Obama being defeated in November and a Romney-Santorum ticket is just what is needed.

Won’t you go home, Bill Daley, won’t you go home? [Reader Post]

Charlie Gasparino tells us why Daley left and what it means: a hard left turn.

The announcement that Bill Daley will step down as President Obama’s chief of staff is further proof that as the 2012 election approaches, Obama is embracing his inner leftist on anything touching the economy. The administration has moved so far left that even one of the country’s most prominent Democrats can’t fit in.

Lessons From The Past, The First Televised Presidential Debate, 9/26/60 Kennedy vs Nixon

Senator Kennedy and Vice President Nixon engaged in the first televised presidential debate on September 26, 1960, with over 70 million viewers watching. It was the first of four debates and it was focused on domestic issues.

The debate was an historical event: primarily, because it was the first televised presidential election debate, thus initiating television as an important medium in presidential elections and revealing how superficial and shallow the American voter can be regarding appearances, yet how critical or important appearances are in elections.

It can be argued that the visual contrast between the opponents was the defining issue that determined the election.