Won’t you go home, Bill Daley, won’t you go home? [Reader Post]


The last moderate leaves the Obama administration.

Barack Obama has burned through his second chief of staff, Bill Daley. It was thought that Daley would remain on board until after the next election but that is not to be and Daley’s departure is the opening salvo in what promises to be a war.

Charlie Gasparino
tells us why Daley left and what it means: a hard left turn.

The announcement that Bill Daley will step down as President Obama’s chief of staff is further proof that as the 2012 election approaches, Obama is embracing his inner leftist on anything touching the economy. The administration has moved so far left that even one of the country’s most prominent Democrats can’t fit in.

And he believes that the Republican nominee will face a “scorched Earth” campaign assault.

Daley was about the last moderate in the Obama administration. He no doubt riled his colleagues and boss with the occasional flash of truth:

Daley said he couldn’t get into detail about the individual case which he said sounded like the “typical sort of bureaucratic stuff that’s hard to defend. Sometimes you can’t defend the indefensible.” The chief of staff said he would look into the case to “see if there is any way to bring some reason into it.”

Daley eventually became a pariah because of his tendency to be a moderate:

Daley thought he had the president’s blessing to move the Obama economic agenda to the center, but that support quickly evaporated as the ideologues and the spin masters like Valerie Jarrett and David Plouffe assumed bigger roles in the administration’s daily affairs.

As I reported on the Fox Business Network back in September, Daley grew increasingly agitated about his role. He openly complained that he was being isolated by Jarrett, Obama’s friend and personal adviser, who’s been at the forefront of Obama’s most recent leftward tilt, and let it be known that he wanted to do something else — maybe serve as treasury secretary, given his banking background at JP Morgan.

Daley was reportedly undercut routinely by the Chicago mafia:

Daley was often overruled by Obama Chicago insiders like Valerie Jarrett, leaving him ineffectual. If nothing else it’s surprising Bill Daley put up with the level of disrespect he faced from the “chosen few,” in the administration.

But it seems his greatest fault was trying to work with Republicans

Daley’s downward spiral was accelerated when he tried to work with Congressional Republicans, something he learned from serving in the Clinton administration. Daley suggested Obama work with Speaker Boehner to “go big” on a deal during the summer debt ceiling negotiations while Obama’s close friends wanted Obama to take a tougher “take it or leave it,” approach.

Obama Senior Adviser David Plouffe and incoming Chief of Staff Lew were in favor of a big deal with Boehner while National Economic Council Chairman Gene Sperling was opposed. Sperling won and Daley lost.

Daley’s moderate views and his willingness to work with Republicans made him widely unpopular with White House staff leading to deterioration in his role in administration efforts. Daley’s businessman’s approach to the nation’s fiscal issues ran in direct opposition to key White House advisors that wanted more liberal policies.

Tavis Smiley says the coming election will be the “ugliest.”

You can bet on it.

People forget that this is the same Barack Obama whose people somehow managed to come into possession of Jack Ryan’s sealed divorce records and then had his operatives email supporters about it. The Chicago Tribune then piled on, suing to have Ryan’s sealed records made public. Then, inexplicably, Berkeley-educated and Grey Davis-appointed judge Robert Schnider decided that Ryan’s divorce records should be made public and Ryan’s campaign was doomed.

Obama made a pious reversal on his position about injecting Ryan’s records into the race- but only after they were ordered released. Yet he did not call on others to do the same.

Democratic U.S. Senate nominee Barack Obama reversed his position on Republican rival Jack Ryan’s divorce file Friday, calling on fellow Democrats to refrain from trying to inject it into the campaign.

“I don’t think it’s an appropriate topic for debate,” Obama said.

Obama has consistently said that his campaign would not focus on Ryan’s 1999 divorce from TV actress Jeri Ryan.

But when he first made that pledge, Obama refused to call on other Democrats to follow his lead.

“It’s going to be up to other people to determine what’s appropriate and what’s not,” Obama said the day after his March primary victory.

Given’s Obama’s past and with Axelrod, Plouffe and Jarrett behind the scenes, you absolutely can expect to see the nastiest, filthiest election campaign you have ever seen.

It’s the Chicago way.

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As long as the focus can be made to stay on Obama, he can say whatever. The simple question of are you better off then you were 4 years ago is simple and pure. The answer is No.

CHICAGO way, mean dangerous dudes, UNIONS THUGS, TACTICS
we will definitly have to protect the candidates, and the voters from intimidation targeting them. camera will be a must carry.
beside other things

I have no love for Daley but…..
Just two months ago he ordered a comprehensive review of all Department of Energy loan guarantees following the Solyndra scandal.
Daley tasked former Treasury Department official Herb Allison to lead the 60-day review into more than two dozen loan guarantees approved since the start of the Obama administration

It should be noted that Herb Allison, the son of an FBI agent and a veteran of the Vietnam War, is also a Republican – and Bill Daley chose him to head up the investigation into the failed Obama green loans program.

Virtually everyone associated with Solyndra and the rest of the crony-green loans is gone…..

Here are those who have since left the U.S. Department of Energy but who gave their seal of approved the $535 million loan guarantee:

Steve Isakowitz – The department’s former CFO. He is now VP and chief technology officer for Virgin Galactic, a commercial space flight company run by Richard Branson. Branson was a private investor in Solyndra.

Matt Rogers – Secretary Steven Chu’s point person on Solyndra. He has returned to the consulting giant McKinsey & Co in their San Francisco office.

Rod O’Connor – Secretary Chu’s first Chief of Staff who reassured President Obama he should not be concerned about visiting Solyndra. He now is the EVP to AEG Facilities in London.

Steve Spinner – A major Obama fundraiser in 2008 who was awarded with a DOE post and repeated frustrated career DOE officials who were concerned about Solyndra. Spinner is a campaign bundler for Obama, raising $500,000 in the third quarter of 2011.

Lawrene Oliver – Sat on the pivotal Credit Committee that approved the Solyndra loan guarantee while the assistant general counsel to DOE. He retired in 2009.

Ove Westerheim – He was the director of DOE’s loan program. He is now back at OPIC, a semi-public overseas investment commission.


And now Bill Daley is gone from the Obama White House…

He’s just the sort who might ”tell all.”
But he does have a lot of “Chicago” in him.

Nan G
I remember reading the insider, saying that DAILY and JARRET where in conflict and there was a confrontation about DAILY wanting to talk with OBAMA was refused by JARRET, AND DAILY INSISTING, SAYING, I’LL WAIT AT THE DOOR UNTIL HE COME, AND SUDENLY 2 GUYS SCARY STYLES arrived TOLD JARRET TO GET LOST, AND LET DAILY in the PRESIDENT SUITE.,

@ilovebeeswarzone: ever been to Chicago, Bee? it’s a beautiful, wonderful city. similar architecture as Toronto. there’s art, music, sports…and FOOD! some of the best food in America. in any case, there’s variety. there’s also amazing beaches (in the summer) and the oldest public zoo (it’s always been free, as well). Chicago is an amazing city, especially in the summer time. we have a saying. “Chicago is like Marilyn Monroe. If you can’t handle her at her worst, then you don’t deserve me at my best.

now…to comment on this post. i’m was born and raised in Chicago. i know very well about the ugly side of Chicago and Illinois politics. it’s no secret. the state has an ugly rep and the city has had it’s fair share of scandals. that being said…i’ve always had a great deal of respect for Richard Daley. during college, i lived 2 blocks from his mother’s home, in the blue collar neighborhood of Bridgeport. (ironically, after college…i lived only 4 blocks from Obama in Hyde Park). Richard Jr. was an extension of his father, who was a great mayor for Chicago. he did a lot over very good things for Chicago and it’s economy.

for example…in 1995 when the city experienced a record 5-day head wave, over 700 residents died. much of the situation was influenced by ComEd (the local power company) and serious power outages that occurred. while it was not Mayor Giuliani and 9/11 scenario…Daley showed great leadership during the chaos.

on new years eve, 1998…the city experienced its 2nd worst snowstorm, 26” fell overnite. the city was buried. Daley was chastised for “renting” de-icing equipment from O’Hare airport for $1 million, and cleaned up Lake Shore Drive and good stretches of major interstate roads. critics said he was wasteful with the spending. i was back to work the next day. Detroit was still under snow 2 weeks later.

these are just 2 nostalgic memories of Daley i have. i know very well that he was a politician, but he was also CHICAGO. and not all Chicago is mafia and Oprah.

i’m not arguing against you that Daley (or Chicago/Illinois politics, for that matter) has not done things “under the table”…but just defending MY hometown. i love that city. i believe the people there are a great representation of America. both white & blue collar, diversity, variety. the fact that in my lifetime there, i know it as a relatively safe (all major cities have crime), clean, and friendly city.

TO CUT THE ROPE. HE MIGHT Have been to good for them.
HEY you don’t have to argue on anything I said, about CHICAGO,
CAUSE i was repeating what the other story was,
don’t put word in my mouth, there is nothing to defend,

@ilovebeeswarzone: ???

have you had your blood-sugar checked lately?

@C Andrew Scott: I’m no fan of the Daley’s, but Chicago is definitely one of the cleanest big cities around. Compared to NYC, it is spotless. During the winter, they used to put a lot of the ‘burbs to shame as far as snow removal. It’ll be interesting to see how the city fares with a non Daley in there. It didn’t do so good in the past. One BIG kudo to Rich M., is that he was the only member of his party that publicly criticized Durbin when he compared the troops to Stalin, Hitler, and Pol Pot.

With all this crap coming out about the WH, how come the truth or fantasy of Obama’s possible (probable) homosexual past doesn’t get looked at?????????