8 Aug

‘I Said I’d End the War in Iraq — I Ended It’

By now everyone should know that anything Obama says today is void tomorrow. Despite the fact that far too late Obama is doing the right thing in Iraq, this is a good time to crank up the Wayback Machine and … Continue reading

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7 Aug

Caption This

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6 Aug

Obama celebrates dictators and homophobes

Michelle Obama said it: ‘The blood of Africa runs through my veins’ Then Obama said it: ‘The blood of Africa runs through our family’ Gee, that’s great. Exactly why one might be proud of it is a good question. For … Continue reading

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6 Aug

Liberty, Security, Privacy, Big Brother, and the Concept of the Common Good (Guest Post)

The outrage is palpable and the increasing realization by the average American that they really, truly are now living in an Orwellian surveillance state has been an eye-opening experience for many across the fruited plain. The once mocked conspiracy theory … Continue reading

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5 Aug

The Cult of Barack Obama – Eight Questions to Help Identify Members

I’ve never quite gotten the cult of Che Guevara. Colleges across the country are crisscrossed with students wearing Che tee shirts and dorm rooms are decorated with Che posters. Sometimes if you ask the student wearing a Che shirt about … Continue reading

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4 Aug

Pentagon Official: The Facts Are In, And Obama’s Policy Is A Direct Danger To The United States (Guest Post)

A bi-partisan panel, partially appointed by Obama Secretary of Defense appointee, Chuck Hagel has found that his policies have left America vulnerable and should be reversed immediately. Strange how the MSM is silent on this one… This article is by … Continue reading

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4 Aug

Obama’s Coming Coup d’etat?

This is essentially the nexus of three articles that caught my eye. Barack Obama is on the edge of forcing a Constitutional crisis. Obama has already acted in an unconstitutional manner when he unilaterally rewrote IRS rules regarding Obamacare. Now … Continue reading

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4 Aug

The Food Nazi now quashes bake sales.

Michelle Obama has taken it upon herself to decide not only what children in the country will eat but what they can sell in fund raisers: Put Down the Cupcake At Chapman School in Nebraska, resourceful students hawk pizza and … Continue reading

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3 Aug

Sunday Funnies


Sunday Funnies contains 46 photos.

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2 Aug

Dear President Obama, About Those Tunnels

Dear President Obama, I hope you are doing well, during these trying times. Most everyone sees Obama Health Care is on the rocks and only seems to be surviving because you were smart enough to have it come into full … Continue reading

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