Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas Exposes Hypocrisy Of The Left, Raises Questions of Presidential Immunity and Prosecutions in Landmark Case


by Simon Ateba

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas asked perhaps the best question of the day that shows the hypocrisy of the left in prosecuting former President Donald Trump.

During oral arguments on presidential immunity, Justice Thomas showed with a question that although absolute immunity is not clearly stated in the US Constitution for the US President, all of them have enjoyed absolute immunity. None has been prosecuted for apparent crimes they committed at home or abroad.

“In the not so distant past, the presidents or certain presidents have engaged in various activities, coups or Operation Mongoose when I was a teenager, and yet there were no prosecutions. Why?” the 75-year-old African American, who is not considered black by the left because he’s a conservative, asked.

“If what you’re saying is right, it would seem that that would have been ripe for criminal prosecution of someone,” he told the Justice Department lawyer Mr. Michael Dreeben.

The government lawyer then responded, shockingly and outrageously, “So, Justice Thomas, I think this is a central question. The reason why there have not been prior criminal prosecutions is that there were no crimes.”

AND THERE YOU HAVE IT. Nothing is as outrageous and false as that statement.

During the same hearing, Justice Samuel Alito wondered why Trump is the only former President charged, and asked, “What about President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s decision to intern Japanese-Americans during World War II, couldn’t that have been charged?” The same DOJ lawyer, Michael Dreeben, who claimed former Presidents committed no crimes, then responded, “Today, yes.”

MY TAKE: Today’s heading exposed one fundamental thing about the powers of a US President: they are almost absolute while in power, even though the Constitution has not explicitly granted absolute powers to the President. The proof is none has been prosecuted for coups, for bombing civilians to death all around the world, for toppling government, for lying, for their words or speech, none, until now, with Trump.

NOTE: Operation Mongoose was a covert operation conducted by the United States government in the early 1960s with the aim of destabilizing the Cuban government led by Fidel Castro. It encompassed a variety of activities, including sabotage, espionage, and attempts to assassinate Castro. The operation was part of the broader U.S. efforts to undermine communist influence in the Western Hemisphere during the Cold War. While it did not achieve its ultimate goal of overthrowing Castro, it had significant implications for U.S.-Cuban relations and Cold War dynamics in the region. Operation Mongoose was not legal as it was not approved by Congress. It was conducted covertly by various U.S. government agencies, primarily the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), under the direction of the executive branch, particularly the Kennedy administration.


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“Today, yes”

Meaning that if a Republican had done it and he Democrats were such absolute failures, disasters, corrupt, incompetent fools as to have Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden as their figurehead, then it would have been prosecuted. Under Trump we didn’t see unprecedented lawlessness and corruption as has been accused (under Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden… totally different story), yet we see the unprecedented act of prosecuting a former President with tortured, stretched, twisted, abused codes that have nothing to do with reality. Only the depths of Democrat hatred for the Constitution and their willingness to undermine it to keep their hold on power is unprecedented.

A complete embarrassment for the government lawyer yesterday. 6-3 or 5-4 in the affirmative.

greg hardest hit.

And after Fisher v United States, three of jerk smiths charges go bye bye.

Just recall all the nasty things liberals said about Thomas because he don’t agree with them supports the 2nd Amendment opposes racial prefrences (Affirmative Action)and is Not a Liberal Democrat like Jackson(Jessie) and Riot Instigator Sharpton