Biden DOJ Says Droning American Citizens Is Totally Fine Because Obama’s DOJ Said So


by Brianna Lyman

Biden’s Department of Justice (DOJ) argued Thursday before the Supreme Court that droning American citizens is permissible because Obama’s DOJ said so, whereas questioning election results isn’t OK because the government also says so.

The Supreme Court heard arguments on the scope of presidential immunity after special counsel Jack Smith alleged that former President Donald Trump should be tossed in jail for questioning the administration of the 2020 election.

Justice Brett Kavanaugh posed a series of hypotheticals to DOJ attorney Michael Dreeben about the scope of presidential authority, asking whether Gerald Ford’s pardon of Richard Nixon in 1976 could have been investigated for obstruction of justice “on the theory that [Ford was] interfering with the investigation of Richard Nixon.”

Dreeben suggested that particular case would fall under “presidential responsibilities that Congress cannot regulate.”

“How about President Obama’s drone strikes?” Kavanaugh asked.

“So the Office of Legal Counsel looked at this very carefully and determined that, number one, the federal murder statute does apply to the executive branch,” Dreeben said. “The president wasn’t personally carrying out the strike, but the aiding and abetting laws are broad, and it determined that a public authority exception that’s built into statutes and that applied particularly to the murder statute, because it talks about unlawful killing, did not apply to the drone strike.”

“So this is actually the way that the system should function. The Department of Justice takes criminal law very seriously,” Dreeben continued. “It runs it through the analysis very carefully with established principles. It documents them. It explains them. And then the president can go forward in accordance with it. And there is no risk of prosecution for that course of activity.”

In other words, Obama could not be charged for his use of more than 560 drone strikes that murdered somewhere between 384 and 807 civilians because his own DOJ cleared him to do so.

Obama’s Attorney General Eric Holder admitted to Congress that at least four Americans were murdered by the drone strikes. Three of the four were “not specifically targeted.”

The other conservative justices expressed skepticism about the lack of presidential immunity throughout oral arguments, with Justice Samuel Alito saying a president would be in a “peculiarly precarious position” if he had to worry about being indicted for actions taken while in office.

Trump’s lawyer, D. John Sauer, argued that “without presidential immunity from criminal prosecution, there can be no presidency as we know it.”

“For 234 years of American history, no president was ever prosecuted for his official acts,” Sauer argued. “If a president can be charged, put on trial and imprisoned for his most controversial decisions as soon as he leaves office, that looming threat will distort the president’s decision-making precisely when bold and fearless action is most needed.”


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Biden and Obama would make very good Cellmates at Rikers Island right with Bill Clinton George Soros Bill Gates and Clause Schwabe and lets throw in Biden and Gates Sons make it a Father/Son adventure in the Slammer

The absurdity of questioning Presidential immunity falls on it face for any student of history who knows past Presidents have taken actions right or wrong that were deemed necessary at the time to administer responsibilities of the office of President.

Hindsight can always construe an argument that might oppose an action taken by a President during their time in office. The framers put a check in the Constitution for Congress to apply constraint of a President while in office, it is impeachment.

Arguing now for lack of immunity for a President while in office is Republic ending. A President unable to act based on advise from available intel would render a President neutered and put the Country and its citizens in grave risk.

But never before in history have we had such cowardly chickeshits in government as these Democrats.

I would like to FOIA white house/Biden communications with Barry. We know Joe aint running this unconstitutional, anti-American lawless shit show.
Sam Brinton may be stalking Adam Schiff, not that he wants his clothing but maybe its a nice bag.

Last edited 1 month ago by kitt

Schiff always thought Sam was pretty hot.

Thats not what Ed Buck says 😉

The DoJ seeks to justify what the President wants to do. That doesn’t mean they can justify murder. Basically, they make the case for what they accuse Trump of “wanting” to do.

The DoJ may tell the President he can kinda sorta take student loans and transfer the burden of payment from those who signed the note to taxpayers and that might get struck down. That’s a little different from killing someone. Their basic premise is that Democrats are above the law, which is only suitable to be used as a weapon against political enemies.

The DoJ seeks to justify what the President wants to do. That doesn’t mean they can justify murder. Basically, they make the case for what they accuse Trump of “wanting” to do.

And that policy was never more obvious than when Obama was in office. Eric Holder was, in his own words, Obama’s “wingman” and he did everything he could to provide cover for the illegal crap Obama did. And not one person has ever admitted that Obama was given total immunity for what he did in office, such as killing an American citizen on foreign soil with a drone. And maybe our resident commie bastard would like to tell us when the nation will finally get ALL the documents on Fast and Furious. Oh, but presidential immunity, don’t you know?

So it’s not what Trump did, it’s what the left tries to accuse him of doing so they can keep him out of office again.

The left needs to remember this; a president can be impeached AFTER he leaves office, according to their radical leftist lawyers. That means when another Republican president takes office, and it will happen, Joe Biden, the senile old man with a bad memory, will be prosecuted for the violations he has already committed like refusing to enforce immigration law and withholding educational funds for those schools that won’t adhere to his child mutilation programs, not to mention violating election laws with an EO that gives federal departments the ability to register voters.