A preview of Biden’s slimy 2024 campaign


The weekend came and gave the country a pretty good idea how the Biden campaign is going to conduct itself. Biden has a low approval rating and has screwed pretty much everything up. Americans need an extra $11,400 just to stay even under Biden.  Biden keeps lying about the number of jobs created and it’s actually worse than realized.

Foreigners have scooped up most of the new jobs, and Americans have lost jobs. The Biden regime has routinely overstated the numbers as the revised numbers show far fewer than originally claimed. And many of the new jobs are government jobs, which adds nothing to the economy. About one fifth of the new February jobs were government jobs.

With nothing much to run on, Biden’s campaign has to run consisting mainly of smears and lies.

AOC was apparently designated to handle the smear portion of the weekend campaign. She made the assertion that Donald Trump ordered the “terrorist” attack on January 6.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) said Sunday that the January 6, 2021 Capitol riot was a ‘terrorist attack’ and blamed Donald Trump for ‘ordering’ it.

Many claims have been made about Trump and the events on the day certifying the 2020 presidential election, but Rep. AOC saying the former president directed a terrorist attack against the U.S. government is a lofty claim.

In a rambling, almost incoherent statement she added that it would be risky not to seize Trump assets

Whoever thought it was a good idea to make her the point person should look for another line of work. Or maybe not.

Then we come to chronic calumniator Joe Biden. With fellow fabricators Obama and Pelosi by his side, he told a whopper:

Biden, flanked by Obama and Pelosi, again peddles the debunked lie that “Trump told us to inject ourselves with bleach.” pic.twitter.com/tJKLIzAwmD

Which then was parroted by the left-wing mind collective. As are most things Biden says, it’s completely false. So false that even the notoriously left wing biased Politifact had to call it out.

Trump posited a question

And is there a way we can do something like that, by injection inside or almost a cleaning.

That was it.  This is giving us a good notion as to how this fall is going to materialize.

Biden 2024: Lies, smears and innuendo because that’s all he’s got.

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I used to stipulate that the ridiculous, idiotic non-entity “0bama,” who never should have been in the United States let alone the White House, at least did one thing right, namely killing Bin Laden.

Grudgingly. Both his killing and my stipulation.

This useless, brain-dead son of a bitch, however ….not one damn thing. He has not done one thing right that’s benefited the United States or its people. Not a single thing. I struggle to come up with a single good move made by the regime in the last 3 1/2 years.

Obviously, at some point, we have to admit that this is a feature, not a bug, sabotage masquerading as incompetence.

Over 68% believe biden is illegitimate. This is what happens when some one is put is office and not elected by the people.

Bullshit. Actually only 1/3 of all voters think the election was stolen. 68% percent of republicans believe that it was—the ones who support Trump.

Quoting a house organ of the Regime? Hardly reliable. *BZZT* Insert coin to die again, loser.

Where did you get whatever number you think is accurate?

You and Greg font think just open your mouths and babble out a load of total Poppycock

Let’s go with “Greg’s” number.

1/3? Seriously? A third, and he’s — and presumably you’re — OK with that?

Even when Democrats threw shit hemorrhages in 2000 and 2016 because they didn’t get their way, there wasn’t a full third of the population who smelled a rat.

Even in 1860 when the Democrat party threw a civil war, there wasn’t a third of them who thought it was stolen — it was just a tantrum because they didn’t get their way.

A third. A third is your stipulated baseline. Just let that sink in a while.

WaPo survey. Try again.

OK. A January 2024 UMass poll put the number who think the election was stolen at only 30%. All of 68-69% polls include only republicans—a point that Trump always omits when he’s yapping to his rally audiences. But what do you expect? He lies about everything.

WaPo survey. Try again.

Last edited 29 days ago by Greg

So… far, far leftist research only. I think I see why all your decisions and comments are so severely flawed.

Who bothers checking out some leftists run University in the first place? Bidens polls are the lowest any U.S. President ever had even Carter has better polls

The family of the murdered officer welcome Trump not Biden you Moron

What source would you consult for the correct information?

Just dropping in here to let you know I COULD answer your question right now… but won’t. You know… like you and Greg do.

I COULD answer your question right now

But of course.

Yeah, I was typing a response and thought, “This guy rarely, if ever, answers even the simplest questions. Why afford HIm this courtesy?” and I deleted it. Just wanted you to know that.

Your still a stupid know-nothing who thinks their a genius

Greg and Micheal the Stupid and I’m With Stupid of this here webpage

Democrats are miserable and pathetic. They do nothing but lie and they assume (with some reason) their constituents are stupid enough to believe the lies without question.

Polls can be deceptive what are the questions, I wouldnt bother with polls I dont stay on the line for stupid customer service surveys either.
I only put in 1 custmer feedback on a product, only to tell Dyson their cordless vacuum cleaner was of terrible design for both bare and carpet and cheapo swiffer sweeper did a better job. I gave mine away for free to my niece for her cottage.

Biden, flanked by Obama and Pelosi, again peddles the debunked lie that “Trump told us to inject ourselves with bleach.” pic.twitter.com/tJKLIzAwmD

Not only was this a recycle of an old lie by joe, it was touted as “live.”
But there were 6+ cuts in that 1 minute bit of video.
joe couldn’t get his lines out even at that, slurring words and repeating things, even ending with his “end of quote,” mistake.
Nancy and obama just stood there and stifled laughter.
No public.
No reporters.
Just a canned sound bite of an old retread of a lie.

It’s no surprise those two traitors would participate in the effort to keep this destructive trash in office. There’s nothing anyone can do towards that goal BUT lie.

Dr. John,
”Slimy” is an appropriate adjective for the avalanche we’re enduring and will endure over the coming months. It is slimy because it is sourced in malevolence oozing out of all the puppets who do the bidding of Globalist puppet masters.

The O&Biden crowd didn’t become millionaires from creating companies, or inventing anything to benefit humanity. The millions they received, ocean-front mansions and all, is pocket-change to billionaires to run the game and a minor expense.

The Malevolence justifies all means to achieve its end objective. Sadly for America, the big target is the American Constitution. Higher levels of the Bureaucracy have been corrupted and so has the Judiciary. A major telltale rose from the sludge when a Supreme Court Justice this past week, who didn’t understand the First Amendment, couldn’t defend it because it might Impede the Governments ability to stand on the necks of Citizens.

The brilliance of the First Amendment is that the Framers understood that much flows out of ability to speak freely, which means you can Think freely, which means you’ll be challenged to Think Critically, etc. — resulting in a more Productive society.

We have a challenging eight months ahead and much Slime to wade through and push aside.

It started with shaming people for using the deplorable “N” word. Then certain jokes ( think polock) became taboo. Then other jokes like blond jokes became unspeakable. The problem with this is that soon you’re not allowed to think certain things for fear that you will slip up and say the unthinkable by mistake. This is thought control. If these words and thoughts are so bad, then make a law against them complete with proscribed penalties. That is coming. Take my word for it. Remember all of the things that people emphatically declared could never happen here have happened. Before you start calling me a loon, remember that I said it when the left makes certain thoughts illegal. Hate crimes, anyone?

Already in place in the UK and Canada, Here go to jail for internet humor.

Absolutely right. Canada crossed the Free Speech Rubicon a few years ago when Ottawa was passed by Majority in Parliament (including Conservatives) a bill against Islamophobia.

The Bill did NOT define what that term meant, so almost anything could be construed as being Islamophobic including a statement against polygamy.

Not surprisingly, the Bill had been introduced by a woman who had immigrated to Canada from Pakistan and who had been swept into office along with the socialist wave that heaved Trudeau Junior into the Prime Minister’s Office.

Once that Rubicon was crossed, more insanity rushed in, free speech is now NO MORE. At least there are people like Dr. Jordan Peterson pushing back hard against this tide of insanity.

Last edited 27 days ago by James Raider