Biden’s America hating puppet master takes the reins of Biden’s campaign



Yesterday was marked by two events in greater New York City which could not have been more polar. Donald Trump attended the wake of a murdered NYC policeman in Massapequa. Joe Biden attended a far-left wing star-studded campaign fund raiser at Radio City Music Hall.

The 81-year-old commander-in-chief — who is struggling with a dismal 40% approval rating just a few months ahead of the November election — is hoping to rake in a staggering $25 million, which would make the event the most successful political fundraiser in history.

More than 5,000 people paid between $250 and $250,000 to attend the event, a Democrat familiar with the planning said.

In addition to Obama and Clinton, Biden has recruited some star power to give oomph to his faltering campaign — including “The Late Show” host Stephen Colbert, who will guide the trio’s “armchair conversation.”

Queen Latifah, Lizzo, Ben Platt, Cynthia Erivo and Lea Michele are also slated to perform.

Biden has not yet addressed the death of Officer Jonathan Diller. Priorities, you know.

Upon arrival in NY Biden was brought down the short stairs of Air Force One to preclude another embarrassing fall debacle and closely followed by his puppeteer Barack Obama.

Not wanting to see his goal of destroying the US disrupted, Obama has taken to keeping a tight leash on Biden recently.

Former President Obama is holding regular calls with White House chief of staff Jeff Zients amid growing fears that former President Trump will win the 2024 election, the New York Times reported Wednesday.

Obama’s calls with Zients and top aides at Biden’s campaign reportedly center around election strategy and relaying advice from Obama’s team. A senior aide on Obama’s team told the Times that the former president has “always” been concerned about a Trump victory, and he is now working to bolster the Biden campaign any way he can.

A source familiar with Biden and Obama’s interactions told Fox News Digital that the pair “speak regularly on a range of topics from 2024 to health care.”

The source added that Biden also has frequent discussions with former President Clinton, and he has aides follow up with both of the former leaders’ teams on a regular basis.

Frequent discussions- as in giving Biden his instructions. Obama is running the show

TIME Magazine also reported on Obama’s increased concern about the 2024 election last week. The publication reported that Obama met personally with Biden on at least two recent occasions and expressed concern that he could lose the 2024 election.

Obama reportedly advised Biden to become more aggressive and make the upcoming presidential race a referendum on Trump.

During a private lunch, Obama told Biden his campaign was unstable, persuading unhappy voters would be a challenge and defeating Trump would be more difficult than 2020, according to a Democrat briefed on the discussion.

Make no mistake as to what is going on here. If it seems like Biden is driving the country into the abyss, it’s because he is. We are sliding into a Chinese Communist style country, complete with an elitest ruling class (as witnessed by last night’s fund raiser) and a life dictated by social credit for the rest of us all made possible by the establishment of a one-party state made up of the horde of illegals being drawn into the US.

And yes, the erosion of democracy is exactly what Obama has in mind. He is the protege of Bill Ayers.

Thomas Massie sees the same thing

The coming election is about saving the country and saving democracy. Trump is no threat to it, but Biden and his puppeteer Obama are monstrous threats. Each day brings us closer. Biden is throwing money at people to distract them from the freedoms he is stealing. He is behind the fever to imprison Trump, he has the FBI visiting those who dare publicly voice their displeasure with him (and the reports are adding up), he is taking away freedom in the guise of climate change (notice he never, ever criticizes the world’s worst polluter- China), his DOJ overcharges and over-sentences Jan 6 protesters, he is making us more and more dependent on China as he takes away ICE vehicles. The state of Washington is but the first to offer a reward for you to turn in your neighbors for hate speech. Soros backed DA’s (with the tacit approval of ObamaBIden) are allowing criminals to run roughshod over innocent people. We’re getting buried by the cost of illegal aliens in blood and money. They’re even making videos on how to steal the homes of Americans and laughing at Americans for working. Biden has normalized aberrant trans behaviors and is forcing children’s exposure to it. Trans women are ruining women’s sports and Biden loves it. Biden the convenience Catholic wants abortion up to birth. His cracking down on diesel trucks will see more and more increases in the cost of food. Biden is allowing a Chinese army to establish itself in the US while allowing Communist China to infiltrate all of the US. Biden finances drug cartels and mules by pleading with foreign nationals to come here illegally.

Biden could not attend the wake of slain NYPD Officer Jonathan Diller because he had a fundraiser with the wealthiest elites in the country. He was so busy he could not call Officer Diller’s widow but he did call NYC Mayor Eric Adams to offer his condolences.

Like I said, the coming election is about saving democracy. The real thing. The next canary in the mine will be the digital dollar. Liberals will tell you how much more efficient this will make life while not telling you that should you cross the elites they can shut down your life.


Watch for it.



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There are those who are known by both their friends and enemies. Then there are those who are known by their empty promises, endless lies, hollow worlds, meaningless pledges, and endless threats.

While they definitely can’t have the election a referendum on Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden’s record because his record sucks buttholes. But, what they will trot out on Trump will be their concocted version of reality, which is composed 100% of lies.

How many of career criminal drug dealer George Floyd’s, who killed himself by eating his own fentanyl, funerals did Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden attend? How many times did he express his condolences for Floyd’s suicide? Just as with all Democrats, Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden puts criminals and illegal immigrants before citizens, law enforcement and military. This hateful piece of shit puppet of Obama and Soros should have NO authority in our country.

Since when does someone who allegedly received 81 million votes need two former presidents to bail his sorry ass out?

Dr.John you spot on in your assessment. The only way to get out of Communism is to shoot your way out of it. People best wake up to that fact BEFORE it comes to that. These cultists can be stopped as long as the rest of us stick together and fight back at every level. There are a lot more of us than there are them. The history of the American people is also on our side. Unlike other countries that succumbed to tyranny, this one was founded on escaping and saying ‘no’ to tyranny.

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