If Obama embraces misogyny, then so should we all [Reader Post]

In the wake of Rush Limbaugh calling Sandra Fluke a “slut” there has been no end to furor. The Washington Post, in full piety mode:

IN A DEMOCRACY, standards of civil discourse are as important as they are indefinable. Yet wherever one draws the line, Rush Limbaugh’s vile rants against Georgetown University law student Sandra Fluke crossed it.

The Democrat’s political rhetoric; so full of crap [Reader Post]

During the one-sided health care “debate” Nancy Pelosi found an interesting source for funding the program- cuts in Medicare.

(CNSNews.com) – House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said today that Congress will pay for half of the $1 trillion health care reform bill that President Obama wants enacted by “squeezing” Medicare and Medicaid to wring out what she called “waste, fraud, abuse, redundancy, obsolescence and whatever it is.”

Obama was against raising the debt before he was for it [Reader Post]

In the sparring over the issue of raising the debt ceiling BArack Obama weighed in with “harsh language.”

In some of his harshest language to date in the fight over the deficit, President Obama warned today that the debt ceiling should not be “used as a gun” against Americans to extract tax breaks for the wealthy.

Democrats Hold The Hypocrisy Banner High

We must not forget the heroic words of Nancy Pelosi in 2006, when she vowed that if she became Speaker of The House that she would, “drain the swamp of corruption.” It was a noble phrase that Americans were waiting to hear and Nancy surely paid a speech writer well for his effort. The phrase could have been a pledge to be honored, bringing bothb honor and integrity to a House that has been marred with corruption and scandal. Instead, it became another empty slogan of a campaign, to be forgotten amid wars and an increasingly vulnerable economy. Unfortunately, the dirty Weiner arose from his pulpit of sanctimonious indignation and served to remind the public of the outrageous hyperbole of Pelosi’s proclamation.