Democrats Hold The Hypocrisy Banner High


We must not forget the heroic words of Nancy Pelosi in 2006, when she vowed that if she became Speaker of The House that she would, “drain the swamp of corruption.” It was a noble phrase that Americans were waiting to hear and Nancy surely paid a speech writer well for his effort. The phrase could have been a pledge to be honored, bringing bothb honor and integrity to a House that has been marred with corruption and scandal. Instead, it became another empty slogan of a campaign, to be forgotten amid wars and an increasingly vulnerable economy. Unfortunately, the dirty Weiner arose from his pulpit of sanctimonious indignation and served to remind the public of the outrageous hyperbole of Pelosi’s proclamation.

Even after the multiple ethics infractions of Rangel, she and the Dems protected both Rangel and Waters, but comparatively speaking, she is utterly impotent and powerless when she comes face to face with the Weiner. Waters and Rangel deserved their day in court, but more importantly Americans deserved to see them in court for those same crimes, lesser Americans often receive prison time. With Rangel, we see ethics charges that amounted to little more than a slap on the wrist and still he claims he was railroaded. Waters’ trial, has seemingly been placed on indefinite hold until she is defeated or it is forgotten.

Now, we have Weiner who refuses to quit when nearly everyone except Rangel has asked him to step down. Rangel in an extraordinary example of Democratic logic and ethics, has stated that since he wasn’t texting little boys, there was no foul. Thank you Congressman Rangel, your sage wisdom will now become a part of history that will be held up as a modern day equivalent of Nathan Hale’s “I only regret that I have but one life to give for my country.”

Still the indomitable Weiner and his refusal to accept rejection is causing an extreme embarrassment for the Democrat Party; an embarrassment that will cost them votes in 2012. Will Pelosi be forced to actually to pull the imaginary plug to get rid of the rotten Weiner. It is a true conundrum (a problem with more than two solutions) for Pelosi. If she ignores his perversions and refuses to act, the Democrat Party may well cease to be a significant force after the next election. If she moves to have him removed there will be political fall out among the Democrat ranks and even more attention will be focused on the scandal. He has now entered “recovery”, a word that by definition implies he will win over his sexual perversions by paying his dues and by being treated; thus he will never be compelled to commit these perversions again and with a few extra sessions they may convince him that lying and making false criminal accusations is wrong as well. It is amazing what a little treatment can accomplish these days. Honesty, integrity, morals, and honor are all available if you just pay for your hourly sessions. It is amazing we even send people to prison these days. There is one slight hitch in this grand giddy-up, Americans don’t like or trust Perverts; especially, lying perverts in positions of leadership. If Pelosi is willing to claim that the Lindsay Lohan cure will make Weiner into a brand new “Member” the American people will laugh at the absurdity of Pelosi and her hare brained logic. Of course the Democrats will suffer serious defeats no matter what direction Pelosi chooses, as a direct result of her indecision in dealing with the corruption she boasted of ending and of not knowing what to do with a misbehaving Weiner. However, perhaps she originally meant to only get rid of Republican corruption.

In 2010, Pelosi maintained that Democrats implemented ‘the toughest ethics reform in a generation’ when they took the house 2006. “Drain the swamp we did, as this was a terrible place” was part of her 2010 speech, but from there her speech became more like Obama without a teleprompter; especially, when she tried to explain “Drain The Swamp” did not include individual ethical violations like those committed by Rangel.

In fairness to Pelosi, she did finally see the corruption in a congressman being caught with a freezer full of cold cash in Louisiana and after an interminable phase of time, she asked Congressman Jefferson to pack up and leave. In sharp contrast to Congressman Lee, whose picture of a “naked” torso made Speaker Boehner tell him to pack his tack the same day. A much tamer photo that appeared on the internet than the famous Weiner photos, that featured a nude Weiner and an out of control ego.

Lee gets an immediate bum’s rush and Weiner gets Pelosi as leader of the Minority calling for another fake ethics investigation while she recovers from an attack of vapors.

The American public is seeing the difference between Republican actions and Democrat hypocrisy. Pelosi and her Weiner Member are taking the brunt of the criticism, but in 2012, there will be plenty to go around.

The clock is ticking Nancy…

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That woman is so ugly I bet her own dog bites her.

They tell them what they want to hear and then when they get in they laugh at you and do just what they want…And then you vote them in again……….

@Skookum: When she goes to the beach, the tide refuses to come in.

He wrote “come in.” Heh heh.

Technically speaking Wiener is not involved with corruption. Stupidity, yes. Egomania absolutely. Messiah syndrome possibly. But not corruption.

Nancy, you are the swamp. You should have started off by draining yourself out of there, Stretch.

The number of crooked deals that this woman is engaged in, enabled by her congressional power, is considerable. “Green energy” deals that she legislates and votes on but is also invested in, real estate deals concerning old military properties in San Francisco, stuff that helps out her husband’s businesses – it goes on and on.

It’s good to be the Queen.

Say, for some reason, when I read that Weiner was taking a leave of absence, for a brief moment I read it as “leave of abscess.” Like he was going to take a couple of weeks to fester and become even worse.

Oh yeah, there was also the matter of 20% of all Obamacare waivers going to businesses in Nancy’s congressional district.

Not to forget that the LSM will support wiener to the end. He’s a dimocrat so no follow up will be done after the heat dies down. Remember rangel, waters, franks, dodd, jefferson, and on and on. Being a dimocrat means never having to say “I resign due to the disgrace”.


After a decent interval, Weiner will be rehabilitated and the whole matter will be ignored by the media, or at most recounted as a calculated attack by right-wing hypocrites. They count on people not remembering the facts, or not bothering to check.

If I had a dog that was as ugly as Nancy, I would shave his butt and teach him to walk backwards…

Sorry, couldn’t help myself…

Pelosi isn’t yet motivated to force Weiner out. When she believes that he is too expensive to her Party, then he will be gone. My guess is that they let him stay, but eliminate his district, as NY is losing a congressional district due to the mass exodus to avoid that state’s insanely high taxation.

@Rich P: Let’s not forget lying about these incidents for over a week and falsely accusing others for his deeds.

Skookum Great article!
I completely agree with the comments of everyone of you here! However maybe we are being a little harsh! I am sure if we explained matters in the correct way they would come around to see our point! Heh! heh! heh!
If you really believe in something then the best way to show it is through self expression….which means setting the example by actually doing what you propose for others to do!
They want to re-distribute wealth sooooo!
1. Let’s let all of these Liberals take a pay cut to the level of the average American citizens income including Obama, so Michelle may end up pawning her $6000 purse!
2. Let them empty their bank accounts until they have what the average American has in the Bank! (little to nothing!)
3. Sell their mansions and cars and take a house at the average value of American homes and drive a car that is significant of the average American family car. (with a 30 year mortgage like all of us!)

Now if they are not willing to do this so they are Frauds with is punishable by law! So we confiscate all that they have a dismiss them from public office as felons!
If that does not work then being a real environmentalist I believe that anything that does not serve any useful purpose should be recycled….Hence thy should be shot and put out of their misery and hope that they would come back as a more productive person to this world instead of being the oversize parasites they are!

Obama’s spokesman, Carney, has said Obama has cut Weiner loose.

The president feels… this is a distraction, [and] as Congressman Weiner has said himself, his behavior was inappropriate, dishonesty was inappropriate,” said Jay Carney.

We think it’s a distraction from the important business that this president needs to conduct and Congress need to conduct. Beyond that I don’t have any comment.”

Read more:

Obama said that if he were Democratic Congressman Anthony Weiner right now, he would resign in the wake of the scandal in which Weiner admitted to sending explicit photos of himself to women online.

“I can tell you that if it was me, I would resign,’’ Obama told TODAY’s Ann Curry.

Skookum, There is an old saying”A nations leaders are a reflection of that nations Peoples values and morals.” I think that saying holds some water if you look at the poll numbers for our so called leaders. Maybe many Americans just don’t care anymore what they do up their at all. Their behavior is getting worse, not better and not just in their so called private lives either. Yet just look at how many Americans support that kind of deviant behavior, and will make excuses for them. And will vote them back into office! Which leads to my next old saying
” Every nation deserves its leaders, for better or worse. They put them there and keep them there.”

@Nan G: In that case, do you think you find some Weiner-like photos of Obama? I mean he did say he would resign…

@Nan G: Nan G ,,,, Most all of the visible actions of this government are nothing but a distraction for the Public…their real business is with all of the Czars and appointed officials and committees we do not hear anything about and that the news media and the Republicans are not saying anything about! This is pure Communism! And this is how the Russian Soviet Republic kept it’s citizens ignorant and dependent on the government for 70 years……This what Obama is doing today!