Irrefutable scientific proof (in pictures) that masks are unnecessary


The following is irrefutable scientific proof that masks are unnecessary. I felt that a visual presentation would be a more convincing than would be a textual one. So here you are.

Stacey Abrams demanded that children wear masks, so she didn’t have to wear one.

What you’re seeing is a randomized trial. The data is conclusive, and it doesn’t get any better. Thank you to all the democrats and liberals who participated in this study. I am not sure if anyone was harmed or not in the development of this research.

Reprints available upon request

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Rule for thee, not for me.

The hallmark of authoritarian scum in every age, and every place.

The same goes for making sacrifices before the altar of climate change or reining in inherent racism. Democrats, like all socialist totalitarians, believe the rules are for the ignorant peons, not the privileged elites like themselves.

Plenty of data shows the masks are useless. It is fully apparent that it is the mere pleasure of forcing people to wear the pointless accoutrements is the reason for the mandates. One despot actually stated out loud that forcing pre-school children to wear the masks without reason teaches them obedience and makes them more easy to manage. It’s about conditioned control.

Shifting Narratives, Leading CNN Political and Medical Voice Says Time to Drop the Mask Mandate

Something has changed in the past several days. Likely the private COVID fear polling continued to show an overwhelming number of Americans are just done with the constant COVID-19 fear porn and mandates.

Today, several states including New Jersey and California announced they were dropping their mask mandates and many COVID-19 regulations. In the past week there appears to have been a big shift in the narrative. To highlight that point, the biggest fear porn and mandate seller on CNN, Dr. Leana Wen, completely reversed her position, and said it’s time to let people make their own choices.  WATCH:

Notice also how there’s been virtual silence on any further White House efforts to push the booster or vaccination program. Last we saw the booster compliance effort, it was less than 50% of those who were previously vaccinated. There’s definitely been a change in narrative engineer pressure for more COVID pushing overall – vaccinations, regulations and/or masks.

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So what is up with the look on the face of the host? Looks like he is puckering up to keep the gerbil from coming out of his ass…

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Agree wholeheartedly

Credit to the Canadian truckers and a couple of brave European countries

Credit to the Canadian truckers…

It’s just one more example of the power of organized stupidity. Tantrums seldom solve anything.

Canadian truckers shut down busiest border crossing in North America, back up Detroit roads

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All on the watch of Donald Trump, Inciter in Chief…

It’ll be back… just in time for the 2022 elections.

The narrative is shifting because circumstances are shifting. COVID is fading as all pandemics fade, but it has left 904 thousand Americans dead in its wake.

It is political. The propaganda pushing authoritarians are reversing course before it gets too late. The CCP virus was over almost before it began. The purpose was to institutionalize obedience The masks do not work, lockdowns did not work and now we are learn the vaccines actually kill people.

The house of cards of the pandemic has crashed. It is over.

It is time to tell these moron to peddle the fear porn science somewhere else.


Shove it, Fauci… 
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Zach on Twitter had been searching for a video for quite some time that he just recently found again and shared. It’s a video of Dr. Leana Wen from several years ago. It really makes you stand back and think. The video is very weird

Zach (nine meals from anarchy)

Nothing to see here folks. Move along. Just a coincidence, I’m sure. She went on to become president of Planned Parenthood before becoming CNN

That’s the same Dr. Leana Wen, back in 2013, who just happened to be the CNN voice for the Boston Marathon bombing. Dr. Wen went on to become the CEO of Planned Parenthood, and then arrived at CNN again as the public health expert for all things COVID. Weird how that happened, huh?

China operative?

Suspicious cat remains, well, suspicious

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Of course there’s something in the science that justifies protocol changes: 64% of the US population are now vaccinated; around 1/5 of the population have had COVID and have a degree of immunity as a result; new COVID cases have dropped by 53.1% since January 15; and Omicron, a less lethal variant than original COVID-19 and Delta, now represents 99% of all cases.

Too little, too late
biden, the albatross is hanging around each of their necks

Been that way for months. Democrats don’t know what to do; they just react to polls.

The SCIENCE has shown masks to be ineffective and useless for over a year. Democrats would keep inventing new mandates as long as it doesn’t hurt them politically but we see from the leaked photographs just how seriously the mandaters themselves regard the mandates.

The problem for the democrat authoritarians is they ignored the science. Their science was “scientism” Anyone who presented the real science was demonized. Now, the cowards that they are, they will continue to lie and obfuscate the truth.

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