Why the AC130s were grounded: Obama didn't want voters to find out that he had armed the jihadists with SAMs [Reader Post]

It’s simple logic. In Libya there is only one possible threat to an AC130 gunship: surface to air missiles. Thus this is the only way Panetta wasn’t lying when he said that it was lack of information about the threat environment that kept him from sending defenders into “harm’s way” in Benghazi. He must have been afraid that the jihadists were lying in wait with surface to air missiles, and he had good reason to suspect such a ploy.

War BY women follows the pattern of affirmative racism [Reader Post]

The Democrats have always been the party of racism. Long after fighting on the wrong side of the Civil War, they provided the bulk of the opposition to the civil rights movement and the ending of the web of Jim Crow segregation laws. Then as soon as they lost the battle for anti-black racism the party immediately switched to anti-white racism with its embrace of affirmative action (the race-conscious favoring of blacks in hiring and promotion). Their one constant: they never gave liberty a chance.

Permit-barring for Chick-fil-A vs. permit-ramming for the Ground Zero Mosque [Reader Post]

Matt Drudge and Michael Graham both note the hypocrisy of left-wing mayors who want to ban Chick-fil-A from their cities for opposing gay marriage. (“GODFATHER WELCOMES FARRAKHAN” and “Imam Who Inspired Menino’s Mosque Lists The Many Ways To Kill Gays”.) Hey leftists, how about first breaking away from your bromances with Muslim demagogues who want to put homosexuals to death?