The 19 Texas-led states can APPEAL! They must take their case now to the CORRECT authority for interdicting election fraud: not SCOTUS but POTUS


Conservative judicial reticence hurt Texas in its long reach for standing but it will help President Trump if he uses the Article IV guarantee of a republican form of government to order federal takeover of the January 5th runoff elections in Georgia.

Texas has teed it up perfectly. When President Trump brings in the Army to conduct model open and honest elections to select the next two U.S. senators from Georgia he’s going to need a political army behind him and that is what Texas and the 18 states who joined Texas v. Pennsylvania give him.

The left will denounce us as tyrannical and Georgia will immediately sue over the election interference: “No fair forcing us to have honest elections!” But the Supremes should be no more interested in getting involved than they were in the Texas case.

Finding the correct constitutional authority

Texas was unable to overcome the fact that the Constitution gives it to the states to set their own election rules. “Texas has not demonstrated a judicially cognizable interest in the manner in which another State conducts its elections,” ruled the Court.

Texas is right that the fraud-enabling states didn’t establish their fraud-enabling election rules the way the Constitution specifies: via legislation, but it is the legislatures of those states that were wronged by being unconstitutionally bypassed and they aren’t suing.

Texas is injured but what hurts Texas is not how PA, GA, WI and MI put fraud-enabling rules in place. It is the fact that they did put fraud-enabling rules in place, and nothing in the parts of the Constitution that Texas sued under says that these other states can’t set up phony elections, no matter how much it hurts the honest states.

Stopping phony elections was left by the founders to a different part of the Constitution: the Article IV guarantee to the states that each of them “shall have a republican form of government.”

Republicanism means “that the people should choose whom they please to govern them” (Alexander Hamilton, cited in my previous discussion of the guarantee clause).

Since phony elections usurp the people’s choice they are a definitively unrepublican form, meaning states can’t have phony elections, and if they do The United States is supposed to go in and change their form of government.

The president can do this on his own authority. He has a constitutional duty to do it, and he does not have to wait for any court okay. He just can’t wait too long to step up to the tee or the opportunity will be missed.

The obvious first guarantee clause action: not letting Georgia use its rigged electoral system to steal not just the presidency but also the Senate. This one should not even be controversial.

Federal takeover of the Georgia run-offs is simple because it doesn’t require invalidating any already-conducted election. That is a big hurdle in itself and having a guarantee clause action that can be taken without having to clear that hurdle offers a clean entry for establishing the presidency’s never before used power to enforce the republican guarantee.

The recent general election provides plenty of evidence of Georgia’s election-stealing unrepublican form. First are Georgia’s huge self-created vulnerabilities to election fraud: Dominion election machinery custom created for communist dictator Hugo Chavez for the express purpose of stealing elections; multiple ballot applications helicopter-dropped to every address in the state with next to no verification required for voting these easy-to-harvest out-of-custody ballots, etcetera. There is also massive evidence of executed election fraud: observers kicked out so that large dumps of nearly all Biden votes could be mass processed with no verification, to mention one.

Only after Georgia sues will the courts come in and take a look at the steps the president is taking and his justification for them. The justifications are super strong. Action is warranted, so the imposed remedy just needs to be thoroughly republican: a model of open and honest elections.

Judicial reticence should do the rest

This time reticence should be on the side of letting the president do what he thinks needs to be done. That is because the Court’s established precedent on the republican guarantee is to say that the questions it raises are properly left to the political branches of government to decide.

Georgia would have to make a strong case to overcome that, convincing the Court that it is being hit with great harms that the Constitution does not allow. What, for having to endure honest elections?

Georgia could only point to the constitutional provisions that give the states control over their own elections but that power is checked by the guarantee clause. Once a state government goes the phony-democracy route then their control over elections becomes something to purge, not protect, according to the guarantee clause.

“The United States,” which includes SCOTUS, has a duty to strip any such state government of its election power. That is what the guarantee clause guarantees. Thus if SCOTUS does not demur it should back the president.

Texas just needs to make that next appeal. Go to President Trump. Ask him to enforce the republican guarantee. Demand that he enforce it!

It is the unrepublican nature of Georgia’s phony-democracy that is hurting Texas and the other honest states. The power to remedy that harm comes through the guarantee clause and the agent of that remedy is the president.

Georgia must be free!

Just re-file your case in the right venue Texas, and all of us will win, most directly the great people of Georgia whose voice has been usurped. We are coming to free you Georgia, and restore your great state to popular control!

Contact Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton

Texas hero Ken Paxton can be reached by phone, by snail mail, or by online contact form. His contact page says he wants to hear from you!  A possible short message to send:

Dear Attorney General Paxton:

Please appeal Texas v. PA to the CORRECT authority for interdicting election fraud: not SCOTUS but POTUS!

It is the unrepublican nature of the phony-democracies in PA, GA, MI and WI that hurts Texas and the other honest states. POTUS can remedy that on his own authority under the Art. IV republican guarantee. No suit necessary.


Paxton might be the only person we need to reach. If he in turn reaches out to President Trump and asks for guarantee clause enforcement then our great president will finally be alerted to this possibility and can use it to save the country. Let’s give our fighter the weapon he needs to win!

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Texas was unable to overcome the fact that the Constitution gives it to the states to set their own election rules.

But…. WHAT about the federal government telling individual states how that can and cannot run their elections regarding protecting civil rights? I don’t believe a state can change their election rules in violation of their own Constitution or fraudulently allowing illegal mail in votes that cannot be verified. THAT violates the civil rights of those voring LEGALLY.

The recent general election provides plenty of evidence of Georgia’s election-stealing unrepublican form.

The problem is that no one has presented a shred of credible evidence that any significant election irregularities actually occurred in Georgia or anywhere else, because there isn’t a damn bit to be presented.

Trump lost the election by over a 7-million-vote margin because a majority of American voters want to be rid of him. The dangerous way he has reacted to rejection is just one more example of why.

@Greg: Off topic as usual.
Back to paper and hand count at precinct.

Here is a website where all the evidence of 11/3 election irregularities is gathered in one place. After the page loads, the scroll bar on the right becomes tiny (you would have to scroll a long way to the bottom of the page):

@Max Kuenkel: Please, I hope you won’t be disappointed when little Greggie ignores that site. See, there are no cartoons to explain it to him.

@Max Kuenkel, #4:

The Here Is The Evidence database is nothing but a compilation of links to 1,327 articles on political sites such as InfoWars and American Thinker, local news stories, opinion pieces, YouTube videos, assorted Twitter posts, random “infographics”, and opinions turned into affidavits. One of the stories that came up dated from 2019. There’s even an included UFO report under the Claim header that makes reference to “leftist corporations”; it’s an article explaining that objects sighted were high altitude Google balloons that were part of an experimental project to provide internet access to remote rural areas.

I clicked on dozens of the listed source links and got nothing but this sort of material. The volume is very large, but the individual items aren’t what any court would consider to be credible evidence.

If credible evidence had actually been provided anywhere, it wouldn’t require huge volumes to get serious attention in a courtroom; just a few such proofs would have sufficed. It can’t really be argued that the courts were biased against seeing and considering it, either; many of the 60-plus lawsuits were presented to republican-appointed judges. Credible evidence just isn’t there. What has been going on is a calculated disinformation operation that’s part of an attempt to overthrow America’s constitutional democratic process. Trump wouldn’t left a finger to prevent it from turning violent if he thought that would keep him in office. The damage to the nation that his behavior causes simply doesn’t concern him.

December 12, 2020 – Violence flares in Washington as far-right Trump supporters clash with counter-protesters – Four people reportedly stabbed and 23 arrested in the aftermath of a march to denounce Joe Biden’s election victory

Violence has broken out in the streets of Washington DC after far-right groups clashed with counter-protesters in the aftermath of a march by conservatives protesting against US president-elect Joe Biden’s election victory.

The trouble flared as darkness fell and crowds began to disperse in the wake of a largely peaceful demonstration on Saturday by Trump supporters who allege without evidence that the 3 November election was tainted by fraud.

Groups of pro-Trump Proud Boys protesters and Antifa counterprotesters brawled in the city’s downtown streets and although police used pepper spray on members of both sides, the rivals regrouped and violence continued sporadically.

Four people were taken to hospital with stab wounds with potentially life-threatening injuries, according to the Washington Post, which quoted DC fire spokesman, Doug Buchanan. Police said 23 people were arrested.

An estimated 200 members of the Proud Boys, a violent far-right group, had joined the marches earlier on Saturday near the Trump hotel in the capital. Mixing with church groups who urged the faithful to participate in “Jericho Marches” and prayer rallies for the defeated president, the Proud Boys contingent wore combat fatigues and ballistic vests, carried helmets and flashed hand signals used by white nationalists.

They shouted insults at rival Antifa protesters and burned Black Lives Matters flags but police succeeded in keeping the factions apart until the evening.

Protests also took place in Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Nevada and Arizona, where Trump’s campaign has sought to overturn vote counts.

Local media in the Washington state capital of Olympia reported that one person was shot and three arrested after clashes between pro- and anti-Trump protest groups.

More than 50 federal and state court rulings have upheld Biden’s victory. The US supreme court on Friday rejected a long-shot lawsuit filed by Texas and backed by Trump seeking to throw out voting results in four states.

“Whatever the ruling was yesterday … everybody take a deep, deep breath,” retired army general Mike Flynn, Trump’s former national security adviser, told protesters in front of the supreme court, referring to the court’s refusal to hear the Texas case.

Flynn who twice pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI about contacts with the former Russian ambassador, spoke in his first public address since Trump pardoned him in November.

“My charge to you is to go back to where you are from” and make demands, Flynn told the crowd, without being more specific. The US constitution is “not about collective liberty it is about individual liberties, and they designed it that way”, he said.

Trump has refused to concede defeat, alleging without evidence that he was denied victory by massive fraud. On his way to Andrews air force base and then to the annual Army-Navy football game in New York, Trump made three passes in the Marine One helicopter over the cheering protesters.

Earlier on Saturday, Trump’s supporters carrying flags and signs made their way in small knots toward Congress and the supreme court through downtown Washington, which was closed to traffic by police vehicles and dump trucks.

Few of the marchers wore masks, despite soaring Covid-19 deaths and cases, defying a mayoral directive for them to be worn outside. Several thousand people rallied in Washington, fewer than during a similar protest last month.

As some in the crowd echoed far right conspiracy theories about the election, a truck-pulled trailer flew Trump 2020 flags and a sign reading “Trump Unity” while blaring the country song “God Bless the USA”.

“It’s clear the election has been stolen,” said Mark Paul Jones of Delaware Water Gap, Pennsylvania, who sported a tricorner revolutionary war-era hat as he walked toward the supreme court with his wife.

Some protesters referenced the biblical miracle of the battle of Jericho, in which the walls of the city crumbled after soldiers and priests blowing horns marched around it.

In his speech, Flynn told the protesters they were all standing inside Jericho after breaching its walls.

Ron Hazard of Morristown, New Jersey, was one of five people who stopped at the justice department to blow shofars – a ram’s horn used in Jewish religious ceremonies – to bring down “the spiritual walls of corruption”.

“We believe what is going on in this county is an important thing. It’s a balance between biblical values and anti-biblical values,” Hazard said.

Reuters and Associated Press contributed to this report.

We must not allow this election to be stolen by Biden The Democrats and the Globalists


Reuters and Associated Press contributed to this report.

Gee we couldnt tell..Seems they couldnt be there to see what it was about mostly.Tens of thousands mostly prayer groups. The demon possessed roaches crawled out to again to punish those that have different opinions as them left to their hotels or busses to go home. OMG some fought back, so were stabbed. The police were there to protect not those that for the entire day caused no problems but Antifa. The Proudboys and others kicked some Antifa asses, but it was Antifa and BLM that brought the deadly weapons.
The citizens will not back down to democrat thugs ie brownshirts. There was an assassination attempt in MI of a witness to the crooked election held in Wayne county, I think its the 4th one involving those that signed affidavits.
Did your china owned media report on any of them?
Democrats ruin everything they touch and companies are fleeing NY and Cali. shitholes for Republican run states. Oracle, Tesla and Goldman Sachs.
My warning to Texas decentralized vote counting, ID and paper ballots, an automatic 500 dollar fine for ballot harvesting much like speeding. No dominion or like machines, if you have to dip fingers in dye.


The problem is that no one has presented a shred of credible evidence that any significant election irregularities actually occurred in Georgia or anywhere else, because there isn’t a damn bit to be presented.

Schiff only WISHED he had 1/1,000,000th of the evidence that exists PROVING election fraud to support his lying claims of Trump’s collusion with Russia. Democrats are now officially the racist socialist party of fraud and corruption.

@Deplorable Me: In whatever state of the union they may be!!!

@Deplorable Me, #10:

Don’t you mean one-quadrillionth?

60-some judges have seen what Rudy & Company characterize as credible evidence. It isn’t, and unless he’s turned into a complete idiot, he knows it. It’s so far off the mark that legal experts have suggested the ethics and competence of lawyers bringing it to court should be questioned. They’re attempting to pervert the law they practice to the benefit of crooked politics, undermining confidence in the integrity of our nation’s constitutional election process as part of their game. That’s a step toward sham democracy masking authoritarian rule. They ceased to be patriots a long time ago. They’ve made the issue all about Donald Trump. Traditional GOP republican principles don’t even figure in.

@Greg: Asterisk Obiden, the Fraudulent President and his WHORE Vice President. Just a taste of how much respect you’ll be seeing me show this illegitimate, sorry, corrupt excuse for an administration.


And how do you respond to the Wisconsin Supreme Court justice that referred to President Trump as a “king” and the election fraud case smacks of “racism.” She should be impeached. If not, the fine people of Wisconsin need to vote her out of office.

But I’m sure she is your kind of jurist.

@retire05: The LOVE it. They LOVE the blatant bias, prejudice and bigotry.

@Deplorable Me, #14:

And how do you respond to the Wisconsin Supreme Court justice that referred to President Trump as a “king” and the election fraud case smacks of “racism.”

I would say that it’s a case of justices stating very clearly in a courtroom exchange precisely what is on their minds.

Justice Rebecca Dallet:

“You are alleging to this court that there were improper procedures taking place. Yet the only votes you want to throw out are the votes in the two largest counties — the two most diverse nonwhite, urban counties — and the two counties that have the most significant votes for Joe Biden.”

Justice Jill Karofsky:

“This lawsuit, Mr. Troupis, smacks of racism, and I do not know how you can come before this court and possibly ask us for a remedy that is unheard of in American history. This is not normal.”

“…you want us to overturn this election so your king can stay in power. This is so un-American.”

The goal of Trump’s attorneys isn’t to protect the integrity of the election process by establishing the reality of and rectifying any specific irregularities; the goal is to overturn an election by whatever means possible to keep their losing candidate in office. Had Trump won in November as he did in 2016, they wouldn’t have had a problem with anything. If something had aided them, they would have approved of and defended it.

Trump himself voted by mail in Florida. He encouraged his supporters to vote by mail in Florida, while simultaneously suing to prevent it in Nevada.

@Greg: You can see this Judge has no defense but the over the limit race card, we have no idea of the color of the voters skirting the ID laws are but in her racist mind it could only be blacks. So chuck them all out Statewide, we have no idea who they voted for unless she is saying only blacks cant get an ID another racist angle, we dont know who they voted for they could all be Trump votes, in that case Biden won in a landslide not just a skinny 20K.
She is totally unhinged or a soft racist but for sure a liberal who has a limited bag of same ol bullshit to peddle.

@Greg: The Democrats, with the help and at the behest of the communist Chinese, have perpetrated a massive fraud. It is clear, obvious and apparent. YOU know it, otherwise you would have some explanation for why there was a counting pause in Atlanta due to a phony water main break, which cleared the counting center of observers and then, instead of “stopping work and coming back in the morning”, counting resumed and, VOILA! Biden surges ahead. More suspiciously, the same scenario took place in other areas, with the same result.

But, hell, who would get suspicious over that? Or, no matter how many more votes Trump got than his last run, the votes for Biden just keep showing up. Nothing fishy there, either. Nor internet connections to tabulating machines, machines that votes for Trump go in, votes for Biden comes out or mailed in votes that get to the tabulating center before they were mailed. The more it looks like fraud, the more it is supposed to be believed it is legitimate.

Again, you actually think a turd like Schiff is trustworthy. Nah… I’ll believe my lying eyes.

@kitt, #17:

The Wisconsin areas where Trump’s lawyers want thousands of ballots thrown out are both the most democratic-leaning and the most racially diverse in the state. What a coincidence.

@Deplorable Me, #18:

The Democrats, with the help and at the behest of the communist Chinese, have perpetrated a massive fraud.

That’s complete nonsense. Democrats view China as a competitor and geopolitical rival. Trumpists want to turn China into America’s new boogeyman, and are looking for a story to mirror Russia’s election meddling in 2016.

@Greg: No, it isn’t nonsense. Trump is tough on China, demanding fair trading terms. China wants NOTHING fair, for like Democrats, they can’t compete in a fair market. They have to steal technology and control imports and tariff what competes with them. They have their blood-sucking fangs in Biden, Kamala, Pelosi, Schiff, Schumer and, of course, Swalwell, who has been feeding them House intelligence. They tell the media what to print and what they can’t print. Democrats side with China and support the weakening of the United States. They’ve made no secret of it.

This is real, not something Hillary bought from some drunken Russians and peddled to Obama’s CIA.

Meanwhile, Russia…

December 13, 2020 – Russian government spies are behind a broad hacking campaign that has breached U.S. agencies and a top cyber firm

The Russian government hackers who breached a top cybersecurity firm are behind a global espionage campaign that also compromised the Treasury and Commerce departments and other U.S. government agencies, according to people familiar with the matter.

The FBI is investigating the campaign by a hacking group working for the Russian foreign intelligence service, SVR. The breaches have been taking place for months and may amount to an operation as long-running and significant as one that occurred in 2014-2015.

The group, known among private-sector security firms as APT29 or Cozy Bear, also hacked the State Department and the White House during the Obama administration.

All of the organizations were breached through a network management system called Solar Winds, according to three people familiar with the matter, who spoke on condition of anonymity because of the issue’s sensitivity. Solar Winds could not immediately be reached for comment.

It is not clear what information was accessed from the government agencies.

Reuters first reported the hacks of the Treasury and Commerce agencies Sunday, saying they were carried out by a foreign government-backed group. The SVR link to the broader campaign is previously unreported.

The matter was so serious it prompted an emergency National Security Council meeting on Saturday, Reuters reported.

“The United States government is aware of these reports and we are taking all necessary steps to identify and remedy any possible issues related to this situation,” said NSC spokesman John Ullyot. He would not comment on the country or group responsible.

APT29 has also been linked to attempts to steal coronavirus vaccine research.

The Washington Post reported last week that the Russian hacking group, APT29, breached the cybersecurity firm, FireEye, according to three people familiar with the matter.

At Commerce, the Russians targeted the National Telecommunications and Information Administration, an agency that handles internet and telecommunications policy, Reuters reported.

The campaign is said to be quite broad, encompassing an array of targets, including government agencies in the United States and other countries. It has been running for months, one person said.

In 2015, the same group compromised the servers of the Democratic National Committee. But unlike a rival Russian spy agency, which also hacked the DNC, it did not leak stolen material. In 2016, the GRU military spy agency leaked hacked emails to the online anti-secrecy organization WikiLeaks in an operation that disrupted the Democrats’ national convention in the midst of the presidential campaign.

The SVR, by contrast, hacks for traditional espionage purposes, stealing information that might help the Kremlin understand the plans and motives of politicians and policymakers. Its operators also have filched industrial secrets, hacked foreign ministries and gone after coronavirus vaccine data.

On the bright side, the Electoral College will cast their votes in all 50 states tomorrow.

@Greg: Only our foreign adversaries see that as a positive.


according to three people familiar with the matter, who spoke on condition of anonymity

You never learn.
Key factor of disinformation and deflection of the release of the list of CCP agents.
Ya Yogibear and booboo hacking away in Jellystone park.


according to three people familiar with the matter, who spoke on condition of anonymity

Equals “We made it up.” Democrats don’t really care as long as it is an accusation against a Republican.

@Deplorable Me: There are 2 big stories Biden and the CCP agents leak. Both the MSM needs to bury.
Cozy Bear ,Fozzy bear, no proof the DNC was ever hacked, Set Rich’s laptop in FBI possession waka waka.
I dont think Greg believes this shit he just drops it in for comic relief.


Oh, Comrade Greggie knows exactly what he is doing. It is the old shell game. Don’t look over here, look over there. Ignore what China is doing and instead, Russia!!! Russia!!! Russia!!!.

And the Washington Compost is no different. It is obligated to it’s Chinese handlers to misdirect any information against China. A few times a year, the Post comes out with it’s China Watch which has this disclaimer:

This supplement, prepared by China Daily, People’s Republic of China, did not involve the news or editorial departments of the Washington Post.”

@kitt: None of those loser liberals believe the shit they support. They know it is all lies but it gets them power. The ends justifies the means and means is lying, fraud and corruption.

@Greg: copy/paste ..


Correct. That’s what the blockquote indicates. Because the article might not be accessible to non-subscribers.

Biden snaps at civil rights leaders, telling them they need to sit down, shut up and accept what they get. He tells them he is the “only white boy” that has ever done anything for them. Yep, that’s the racist, deluded, lying bastard all you stupid liberals voted for. You can’t say we didn’t warn you… A LOT.

Biden Snaps at Civil Rights Leaders in Leaked Call

@Alec Rawls:

No surprise that Democrats are A-Okay with election fraud in black districts.

That’s what desperation does to you. How else would you win an election with a boob like Biden, even keeping all his corruption, rape and racism hidden?

@Alec Rawls:

They started out fighting for the enslavement of one race: blacks. Now they are for the enslavement of all races: communism. Their fundamental character as proponents of slavery is unchanged.

I taught my boy growing up that there are two kinds of people in the world: those who value both their own liberty and other people’s liberty; and those who want to enslave other people. This has always been the great divide and the great struggle: for the liberty-lovers to win out over the liberty-haters.

I didn’t fully realize that the left really is pro-slavery (slavery in the broader sense of anti-freedom), and that this is a moral problem or a moral decision. But the left would disagree that it is a moral problem, because the left does not use a “moral compass” (and instead uses 3 other types of compass). This is what the latest PragerU video talks about: