Alinsky Perfected Pt VII(a): Sarah 6, whiner McLeod 0


Read Pt VII here to bone up on “da complaint”

Andree McLeod – better known as the serial whiner and state departments’ fashion fascist – had her sixth complaint dismissed. This was, of course, another charge that Sarah absconded with state funds illegally as a governor when she should have…. according to Ms. Mcleod…. transferred the gubernatorial duties to the Lt. Gov. while campaigning.

Makes a body casually wonder if McLeod was the least bit perturbed by this last Presidential campaign when no less than three sitting Senators… one with less than 150 working days under his belt (ahem)… were also out on the road campaigning while still collecting their Senate salaries. But we’ll probably never know. And frankly, I don’t *want* to know what Ms. McLeod thinks about that… or anything else, for that matter.

But back to the content of the complaint dismissal…. once again investigated by Thomas Daniel of Perkins-Coie.


Andree’s whine: Palin had “full intent” of foregoing Governor duties while campaigning because she signed two travel authorizations that stated “Conclusion of State Business” and another that stated “Return to Duty Status. In between, she collected full salary. Per McLeod, she should have transferred power to the Lt. Governor in her absence and… of course… more nonsense about taking Alaska money while she was engaging in events for personal gain. When it comes to Andree’s complaints, Seinfield comes to mind… yada yada yada.

Daniel findings: The Governor and Lt. Gov are on a fixed salary, regardless of hours worked, and is exempt from overtime. They are paid for performance, not hours worked. Additionally, state law are not considered employees of the state, as it relates to personnel w laws that govern sick days, overtime etal. Nor are the Gov or Lt. Gov mandated to resign office if they are seeking other elected positions in state or federal government as other state employees in the classified or partially exempt class are required to do.

Even if Palin had done no services as Governor on the campaign trail, she was still entitled to full payment of her salary… rather like all our Senate candidates. However, as Daniel notes, McLeod’s argument doesn’t hold water as there is ample evidence that Sarah was multi-tasking on the road with her Alaskan duties…. which was one of the reasons that her assistant, Ms. Perry, traveled with her on the road for conducting state business.

This should have been evident to the obviously dense and short memoried McLeod as she, herself, had assailed Kris Perry in two of her prior complaints for supposed misappropriation of funds in her travels with Sarah (McLeod complaints #13 and #14) Not only did McLeod try that route before, Perry was also named in Anthony Martin’s complaint #10 with similar whining.

Doesn’t anyone bother to check what’s already been resolved in this group? Relive the memories for all three complaints yourself in the Alinsky Perfected Pt III series. And perhaps we should send this Alinsky Perfected series link to Andree so she can remember what the hell she does from month to month…

Needless to say, per the Obama-linked investivative counsel, Palin was neither required to transfer power via any procedure, nor resign, and was entitled to her full compensation at all times.

INRE McLeod’s insistence that Palin step aside and allocate the job to the Lt. Gov, Daniel’s offers no opinion saying that’s a state constitutional question, and not an ethics issue. In other words, it’s above his pay grade.

I guess McLeod will have to lobby for a job in the Parnell admin’s AG office in order to pursue charging Sarah for violations of the Alaskan State Constitution….

This leaves only one complaint left to resolve…. That being Ms. Chatman’s complaint about the Alaska Trust Fund for Palin’s legal defense. To revive your memories on Pt VI of the Alinksy Perfected series, this is the one where the complainant filed the paperwork, and almost immediately called the media for a press release, violating ethics confidentiality rules.

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The more they (the far left) try to trash (and hate) Governor Sarah Palin, the more popular Sarah Palin becomes. When are they going to realize this? My guess: Not any time soon; they’re so ideologically blind, they see nothing further than an inch from their noses.