Obama’s latest EO… nipping conservative hysteria in the bud

It’s so very important for the GOP and conservative voter to stay focused on the winning issues this year… that being it is, and remains, “the economy, stupid”. The path to winning is one solid plan to propose – a broad, all encompassing energy policy that exploits all US resources to drive down current and futures barrel prices, create jobs and boost revenue, and liberate the US from dependence on crazy, violent Middle East despots and tyrants.

That said, I’m quite sure that the Canadian Free Press’s article will start the stampede to characterize Obama’s latest Executive Order as an intent to seize assets during peacetime, and dole them out to favored private industries (i.e. donors), and declare peacetime emergency martial law on a whim.

Obama’s “Mission Accomplished” as HHS Sebelius pronounces private insurers in “a death spiral”

We have another of those “death panel” tail-chasing debates coming up … only this time it will be a “death spiral”. Just as many erroneously characterized the “death panels” of O’healthcare as the proposed approved payment for end of life counseling – when it was really the creation of the czar appointees on the IMAC/IPAB Medicare board – the defenders of the private insurer “death spirals” ride a dizzying vortex of distraction and mistruths as well.

Geithner confession: Plan? We don’t need no stinkin’ plan… and thanks for not noticing

Now that Obama has successfully shifted the GOP campaign off of the economy, jobs, debt and spending, and into a bizarre form of acceptance of federal intrusion into national health care criteria, events that should be good news for the GOP are getting buried under passionate rhetoric. I’m not sure if any one has spent time, pondering the convenient timing of this contraceptive mandate’s rise to prominence, two years after it’s creation and in a hot election year. But does the usual Alinksy bait and switch maneuver come to mind? How convenient to steer the conversation away from Obama’s past and looming future fiscal failures, and into a predictably divisive conservative arena…. to the exclusion of most everything else.

That’s not wise…

…from the GOP with “love”

This was worthy of sharing the grin… Grace Wyler over at Business Insider has shared some RNC Valentine’s Day cards to their pals and gals across the aisle. And since …