Alinsky Perfected Part III: Palin complaints 10-18


Read Part I: How the Palin attack machine is
funding their agenda on the backs of Alaskan citizens

Read Part II: Palin complaints 1-9


10: Dec. 2, 2008: A charge that Sarah violated ethics laws by campaigning for GA Republican Senator, Saxby Chambliss, and filed by Alaskan resident, Anthony Martin of Talkeetna.

The expenses for both Palin and her staff employee, Kris Perry, were paid for by the Chambliss campaign. Additionally, it was the first stop to a second destination for a Governor’s meeting with then PEBO Obama.

As a result of the ethics investigation by the Board’s investigator, Michael Geraghty, stated:

The Act does not prohibit a public official from engaging in political pursuits independent of their position as a public officer and the campaign efforts undertaken by Governor Palin are not prohibited by the Act.

That wasn’t enough, as there was also lip flap about Kris Perry receiving per diem while with Sarah in GA. Now I’m pretty sure that Ms. Perry’s per diem was pennies on the C-note when compared to the price of investigating this BS, but that aside… Geraghty agreed with the nature of the trip have benefit to Alaskan issues. Most specifically Perry’s assigned task as liaison to the Alaskan State government officials… plus Alaska’s vested interest in seeing ANWR developed. However Geraghty also stated that, even if he disregarded the Alaskan benefit to campaign for ANWR support, the complaint validity didn’t measure up. On Perry’s per diem, he stated:

[The] trip to Georgia was undertaken to further an issue impacting the state of Alaska. Thus, the conduct alleged does not support a violation of the Ethics Act and the facts do not otherwise support an independent violation by Ms. Perry.

He further stated:

“To constitute a violation of the ethics act, the facts alleged would have to support a finding that Governor Palin coerced Perry to benefit her own personal and/or financial interests. The Martin complaint does not allege facts suggesting coercive conduct by Governor Palin.”

Watch for Ms. Perry to come under assault again by Andree McLeod in late January.

As for Mr. Martin, the man who filed the complaint. He’s relatively low profile on the Internet. Even the pro and con Sarah Alaskan blogs don’t give much detail on him. What we do know is he certainly doesn’t appear to be a Palin fan.

There are a couple of comments by an Anthony Martin that may be tied to the same individual, as they relate to Palin and MudRacker… er, Mudflats.

The first comment by an “Anthony Martin” was Feb 4th on a post by MudFlat having his/her knickers in a twist about Palin endorsing Rick Perry for Texas Governor. Mudflats then referenced Chambliss, expressing his thanks and stating that Palin’s support was key to his victory via a Huffpo piece.

This, of course, had one of the Mudflats echo chamber devotees pondering if this endorsement may have constituted another ethics violation…. i.e. “was it on State stationary?” The “Anthony Martin”, the same name as the man who filed an ethics charge INRE Chambliss just a couple months earlier, responded:

Unless Governor Palin dictated her letter to a state employee or or wrote it it on the ‘actual’ Governor’s desk or used a state owned computer to print it (on piece of paper with the state seal) or used a state bought envelope and stamp to send it, then there’s no ethical problem in Mrs. Palin, on her own time with her own money, engaging in ‘partisan politics’ ( did she sign the letter Sarah Palin or Governor Palin?) . And , her newly formed PAC (independent slush fund) inserts a layer of murkiness into all her political actions. It’s the ‘on the state’s time’ and ‘with the state’s dime’ that don’t mix with ‘partisan politics’.

I’d lay a strong bet it’s the same “Anthony Martin”, which would mean… unsurprisingly… that he hangs on Mudflats’ site for info.

One month later, another “Anthony Martin” posted a comment on a the March 17th Washington Examiner piece by Noemie Emery titled, “Palinphones and the audacity of type”. Summarized, it’s a satire on the leftist hysteria over Palin’s experience and judgment… which looks inordinately foolish when compared to the Community Organizer in Chief’s actual record of faux pas and ineptitude during his first three months (i.e. treasury openings not filled, a stock market plunging 2000 points six weeks into office, DVDs to the British PM that can’t even be played, etal).

To which, this “Anthony Martin” commented:

“Check out the March issue of Portfolio & to get an in depth scope of Governor Palin’s accomplishment (or lack thereof).”

The same guy? If not, it’s another Anthony Martin with the same attitude.

11: Dec. 18, 2008: Oddly enough, none of my resources I’ve used seem to know who filed a complaint that accused Sarah – who’s image was used in advertisements by the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute last year in National Fisherman – of using the funds and ads to promote her political Veep ambitions. Of course, the problem is that Palin’s only involvement was to give them permission to use her image, and that was done long before she was named as running mate to McCain.

Yep… another one dismissed. This one on Jan 12th.

12: Jan. 12, 2009: This one may be my favorite… there was a complaint alleging that Sarah had interfered in hiring for a position. Problem is, it was filed by someone who wouldn’t use their real name, and insisted on using Edna Birch…. a fictional character in a British soap opera, Emmerdale.

Edna is the hard-faced, plain-speaking type. She is in her seventies, very religious and easily outraged. She would never dream of drawing attention to herself with powder or paint and her femininity is not something that she would ever dream of flaunting. Her top button is always done up and she would never touch a mascara brush.

Edna is somebody who, speaks her mind and doesn’t care what the consequences are. Her age and experience somehow lend her an air of (spurious) authority and she knows it. She is a fast talker (snappy and strident in equal measure) and is forever commenting on the behaviour of others in the Woolpack.

Complaint dismissed Feb 20th… buh bye.

13. and 14. Jan. 26, 2009: Ah yes… we’re back to Andree McLeod. And I hope that you caught my correction on Part II, because I just realized McLeod, herself and alone, is reponsible for four of the 15 complaints that aren’t related to Troopergate. (originally said three). See also complaint #15 below. But back to #13 and #14.

Once again McLeod goes after some staffers. This time she names Kris Perry, director of Palin’s Anchorage office. (Remember she was also named in the Chambliss complaint by Anthony Martin). And another complaint filed simultaneously against Bill McAllister, the (then) Press Secretary. Again just as before, Ms. McLeod is accusing the Palin staffers of misusing their positions to promote the governor’s political ambitions.

INRE Perry, McLeod concentrated on Perry’s travels with the Governor on the campaign trail. This actually tag teamed Anthony Martin’s complaint charge above INRE Kris Perry’s stay in GA while Palin was campaigning for Chambliss. Ms. Perry’s complaint was sent on to the AG’s office because it was against a state employee, and not a Governor or Lt. Governor.

Palin’s office stated that Perry’s position was as the liaison with State officials, and was instrumental in making sure she was staying abreast of her gubernatorial duties and responsibilities.

Makes sense… and apparently the attorney for the AG’s office, Julia Bockman, agreed when she sent a letter and a report to Kris Perry, informing her they were dismissing McLeod’s complaint on June 17th, and finally making the ADN news on the 23rd.

McLeod’s not taking the news well, calling it an in-house “whitewash”… especially when told she couldn’t appeal.

“Beyond a shadow of a doubt this dismissal demonstrates a breakdown in the complaint process. All the evidentiary documents I have point to Kris Perry campaigning on the public’s dime and time.”


McLeod’s beef with McAllister is her accusation he was doing “partisan work” on State time… suggesting “…”an ongoing collaboration with Republican National Committee convention staff.” To prove this, she cited an email to Palin on Aug. 27, shortly before the Republican Nat’l Convention, and two days before she was picked as McCain’s running mate. Per a Jan 27th ADN article, one day after the complaint filing, the email text to Sarah is:

“The convention itself is requesting you [Palin] to act as a surrogate for McCain for national media. Available blocs of time, daily, are 5-9 a.m., 11 a.m. – 9 p.m. Within those, they ask when you might be available for this purpose,” McAllister wrote in the e-mail, which he copied to Perry and other staffers.

As McAllister pointed out, he was not working for the RNC, the McCain Campaign or any partisan organization. He was, as Press Secretary, fielding and passing on requests to Sarah.

McLeod also zero’d in on an interview McAllister did with a local Alaskan TV station, KTUU, at the Convention site in St. Paul.

“The McCain folks definitely know what they want. They’re working with her all day long on various aspects of how this is going to go,” McAllister said in the television interview.

McLeod charges this proves McAllister was involving himself in partisan convention politics, and also cites his criticism of statements made by Bob Poe, a Democrat who is running for governor, after the conclusion of the McCain/Palin campaign. McAllister states the only items he responded to were the Democrat’s criticisms of Palin’s job performance… as is his job as Press Secretary.

Wow… wonder if McLeod knows Robert Gibbs? Imagine holding him to the same standards she demands of McAllister? LOL

This one I’m going to label still pending… as is one other (#18). I haven’t heard any news since the dismissal of the complaints against Perry, filed the same day, so perhaps word will come soon.

Worthy of repeating is McAllister’s comments about McLeod’s personal motivation when he had heard about the charges…

McAllister said the claims are just part of an ongoing vendetta by McLeod, a former state employee.

“This is a person who I think was disgruntled because she wasn’t considered for a (Palin administration) job, has some time on her hands, apparently, and wants to wreak havoc with people’s lives and reputations,” McAllister said.

This, BTW, is Andree “The Cleavage Queen” McLeod’s “Custer’s last stand”… meaning it is the last of her personally filed complaints remaining… at least, for now. So far, she’s 0 for 4.

15: March 18, 2009: Another complaint that Palin was misusing State staffers, property, time and equipment for partisan political purposes. Filed by… say it all together now… Andree McLeod. One of her grievances this time? Sarah posted notice of her VP candidacy on the Governor’s website.

The Board found the complaint “without merit”, and dismissed it May 27th.

16: March 24, 2009: Self-described progressive blogger, Celtic Diva – aka Linda Kellen Biegel – comes in with the #2 brain fart of a complaint. Sarah demonstrated conflict of interest when she wore a jacket to the Iron Dog Snow Machine Race that bore “Team Arctic” on the back… One of Todd Palin’s largest sponsors, Arctic Cat.

The wannabe “diva” certainly lives up to her name with her own post about her complaint, insisting Palin was there, acting in the capacity of Governor, as starter of the race.

Not only was she well aware that there would be extensive Alaska media coverage, the Palins also knew that international magazine Sports Illustrated was coming to do a story on Todd.

Biegel [Mata note: don’t you love how people write about themselves in the 3rd person?] provides links to the Palins’ APOC Financial Disclosure Statements for the last two years, which reveal the thousands of dollars Todd Palin receives in sponsorship benefits from Arctic Cat. While there is nothing illegal in actually receiving sponsorship money, this makes the Governor’s wearing of Arctic Cat gear while representing Alaska the equivalent of a walking billboard, providing benefits to a private company from whom she and her family derive income.

Here’s the “scene of the crime”…


Palin, of course, has no agreement to advertise and market Arctic Cat. Her comment upon hearing the wannabe “diva’s” complaint filing back on March 24th? And BTW, notice the recurring theme of the costs of this stuff to the State….

Yes, I wore Arctic Cat snow gear at an outdoor event, because it was cold outside, and by the way, today, I am wearing clothes bearing the names of Alaska artists, and a Glennallen Panthers basketball hoodie,” Palin said in the release. “I am a walking billboard for the team’s fundraiser! Should I expect to see an ethics charge for wearing these, or the Carhartts I wear to many public events? How much will this blogger’s asinine political grandstanding cost all of us in time and money?

Are Alaskans outraged, or at least tired of this yet — another frivolous ethics charge by a political blogger? This would be hilarious if it weren’t so expensive for the state to process these accusations and for me to defend against these bogus harassments.

When the complaint was dismissed June 2nd, the “diva” deferred much of her own commentary to Robert Wechsler of (no, not an Alaskan…). She took great pleasure in passing on he didn’t consider the complaint “frivolous”… but forgot to mention he considered it “minor”.

In fact, his main thrust of the column was aimed at Sarah for what he considered *her* harassment of a blogger. Personally, I don’t consider labeling this bloggers “minor” complaint “asinine political grandstanding” personal harassment.

Mr. Wechsler, like most of the Lower 48, was unaware of just how many of these… yes, asinine… complaints were flooding in over a period of months, and the Personnel Board costs that were adding up to a third of a mil in that short time span. Nor was Mr. Wechsler aware of this same political grandstanding blogger’s venomous demeanor and her assistance and support for Andree McLeod – she of the FOUR complaints.

Quite in fact, Mr. Wechsler doesn’t admit to reading thru the complainants blog to “get to know the rabbit”, and was only aware of what he read in the complaint. This means he was a far cry shy of full facts which Palin was addressing.

And if he considers asinine political grandstanding as “harassment”, he should keep his eyes peeled for the real thing now. The slander, libel, and general attempts to destroy a family based on rumors, harassment and lies, will be met with legal response.

17: April 22, 2009 Another short lived complaint filed by Anchorage resident, Sondra Tompkins. Tompkins says Sarah’s role in her SarahPAC is a conflict of interest with her gubernatorial duties.

The complaint was brought by Anchorage resident Sondra Tompkins, who describes herself an advocate for children with disabilities and mother of a special-needs child. Her son has autism.

The complaint says the governor abdicated her governor duties at a critical time — the end of the legislative session, when she went to Indiana for two events, a Right to Life banquet and a breakfast for families with Down syndrome children.

“The recent partisan trip to Indiana by the Governor was purely to benefit personal interests, had no benefit for the State of Alaska and was in direct conflict with her official duties,” the complaint said.

It could be that it’s just late, and I have one more dang complaint to go… but aren’t they are starting to sound repetitive? If the Governor’s office response is correct, this is all about 36 hours that Palin spent out of the State.

But is it about that at all?

From the April 22nd ADN article:

McAllister said Palin left Alaska during the legislative session for just two trips — a total of four days — and conducted state business both times. For instance, he said she stopped in Chicago on a leg of the Indiana trip to meet with officials from TransCanada, which has a state license to build a natural gas pipeline.

But the new [Tompkins] complaint noted that during Palin’s trip to Indiana, the Legislature voted down her nomination for attorney general, Wayne Anthony Ross, and other critical business was left unfinished, including whether Alaska will accept all the federal stimulus money.

Mudflats seemed to do some live blogging of a radio interview with Tomkins on KUDO back on April 22nd. But something has me scratching my head…

Mudflats’ cyber scribbles:

CC notes that Tompkins has a special needs child, and that Palin had attended the SMILE breakfast for special needs kids. Tompkins responded that she’d like to be paid a state salary to go advocate for special needs children. Advocacy is good, but what can you do at home with our own children with challenges? She is not supportive of stimulus money for special needs children.

Let’s see… on her blog, Celtic Blue emphasizes Tompkins is a “child disability advocate”, but Mudflats reports this woman doesn’t want stimulus money for special needs kids??

Well that’s a first.

There’s an avenue I’d like to see explored. Tomkins was pretty up front about her dissatisfaction with Palin and the stimulus cash. Considering that Palin was “refusing” it (at least at first), wouldn’t that fit in with Tompkin’s attitude towards the “no” stimulus for special needs bit… at least in the world of Mudflats?

And speaking of… the radio station turned into an old home week of usual suspects. Celtic Diva calling in and welcoming Mr. Tomkins to the “ankle biters” club. (formerly comprised of the “diva” and the every busybody, McLeod) Mudflats then ponders why they don’t refer to any of the others complainants like that.

Hint, Mudflats… because between McLeod, and her cheerleader/verbal body guard, Celtic Diva, they are responsible for 1/3 of the total complaints that didn’t evolve from Troopergate… 5 out of 15. Ankle biters is kind… “unsightly warts” is what comes to my mind.

And yes… this is another dismissal. Lasted a big 16 days before going down in flames for lack of merit. Statement with excerpts from the Governor’s office here. The ADN article is here.

In fact, for all those who are thinking this is in-house, love Sarah slam dunk stuff, the Board’s investigator, Thomas Daniel, did have some pointed opinions about the complaint…

“The recent partisan trip to Indiana by the Governor was purely to benefit personal interests, had no benefit for the State of Alaska and was in direct conflict with her official duties,” the complaint said.

Daniel, an Anchorage attorney, said that’s a political issue, not an ethical one.

“The governor’s decision to leave the state at the end of the legislative session, may have been unwise. But the voters should express their opinion on that subject at the ballot box – not in an ethics complaint,” he wrote.

Daniel also wrote that “the fact that the Governor traveled to Indiana to attend a dinner (and a breakfast meeting the next morning) did not take significant time, if any, away from the Governor’s duties…the Governor has staff members who interface with the Legislature, and the Governor herself can communicate with members of the Legislature by phone or email, even when she is in another state.”

He also noted that the SarahPAC was lawfully set up, rejected Tompkins assertation that Palin was an “employee” of the PAC, and noted that Tompkins has no reasonable explanation as to why this PAC relationship was in conflict with the Governorship.


And now for the finale…

18: April 27, 2009: Eagle River resident, Kim Chatman, accuses Sarah of “…misusing the governor’s office for personal gain by securing unwarranted benefits and receiving improper gifts through the Alaska Fund Trust.”

Governor Palin is using her official position for personal gain and to intentionally secure unwarranted benefits to state workers who are poised to derive benefits from the Alaska Trust Fund; a newly formed group whose primary purpose is to collect huge amounts of money from people in Alaska and the Lower 48 for the Palin’s and selected state officials’ personal use for a time in perpetuity, under Alaska law.

Governor Palin is perched to improperly receive an enormous amount of money for herself and her family and position a pool of pre-paid defense lawyers organized to deflect consequences of wrongdoings, among other things. This fund corrupts the integrity of the Governor’s Office, the governmental and public process. It corrupts the people’s right to hold their governor and administration officials accountable. It increases Palin’s conflicts of interests and erodes the faith and confidence of Alaskans in their public officers. This fund violates
the intent, purpose and spirit of the Alaska Executive Branch Ethics Act.

Ms. Chatman is objecting to is the official site of the Palin legal defense fund. Following the above, Ms. Chatman then launches into a diatribe and personal assault, stating Palin’s legal bills were brought upon herself for “misconduct” by the Governor, her husband and her staffers…

…. serious chutzpah considering all the complaints up to hers, save McAllister’s, have been dismissed (and one settled – the Palin travel expense reimbursement). Most often, in the civil litigation world, the prevailing party can sue for attorney expenses. In lieu of the defense fund, where citizens from all over the nation can donate, perhaps Ms. Chatman would prefer Palin lodge a lawsuit against her, McLeod and ilk?

What’s most notable about the site is the Alaska Fund Trust has a dedicated webpage to compare it to other fund trusts. Those linked, and offered for comparison belong to Hillary, hubby, Bill Clinton, John Kerry, Ted Stevens, and Dick Gephardt.

Ms. Chatman’s lengthy tirade in her complaint exposes her core belief that Palin is guilty, despite the findings of the Board and various investigations (including the FEC INRE “the wardrobe), and thereby deserves no opportunity to engage in what other politicans do.

Instead she insists “…this fund interferes with Alaskans’ right to address the wrongdoings of their public officials.”

Really? Just what does she think these investigations and reports were about except the “right to address the wrongdoings”. However, there is no guarantee you will be finding the “wrongdoing” of your dreams.


That’s it for the ethics complaints for now. Enough typing, surfing, linking and reading to make my eyes both glaze and roll. I have not yet located a single source for all complaints plus their final reports, but Alaska Pride’s got a May 9th post with some, and a link to at least one story or blog on each. The ADN has some, and not others. It’s a hit and miss right now. If any of you find some in your travels, do feel free to contribute with links in the comments below.

Once you’ve piled thru all this, you should have a fair idea of what Palin and her admin were up against on a daily level, the costs, and the nature of the “complaints”. Personally, it’s amazing that got anything done in the Governor’s office in between it all.

And obviously whatever anyone “wore”, emailed or said the next day was going to be material for the next day’s complaint from the Palin attack machine.

Now that we who the players are… and how some of them have most certainly been interacting for a common cause… you have to wonder if this is really a “me, too!” event by random Alaskans. Or… is there some cooperative collusion behind the scenes to keep this complaints coming at a breakneck speeds? … and organized by whom?

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My hypothesis would be that Soros is the grand organizer.

You call them “unsightly warts”, I’d go with “festering shancres”.

Ought to be funny watching them all scurry now that Sarah is out of the Governor’s office and a private citizen. Libel suits, etc.


The government of Alaska, ie the tax payers, has been footing the legal bill for those filing the complaints. So there is no disincentive for the likes of the overly prudish McLeod from pursuing their petty little vendettas. Perhaps ethics laws need a bit of amending, loser in a complaint pays the legal bills. Or charging a filing fee, some prisons enacted a modest fee and cut down on lawsuits over peanut butter. Might work here also.

As for organisation. Is there a master manipulator? When Palin was the VP candidate it was coordinated by the DNC and hanger ons. Now? I think its merely a bunch of hyper partisan ankel-biters who figure they can keep Sarah down for their cause.

Now that Palin is leaving the governorship, the government ethics laws no longer apply so these mosquitos loose this free blood bank of tax money to drain the Palin finances dry. And the libel laws change to be more protective of Palin and her family which will make poo-flingers such as Mudflaps or Celtic Diva much more circumspect least they get sued. Like a burglar casing two houses, they will abandon such blatant attacks because the cost-benefit ratio will become adverse to them. If their hatred has left them a shred of common sense that is.

Mata, you put in much hard work to document all the dealings with Sarah Palin. I see you have a sympathetic eye for her plight. Everyone is entitled to support whomever they like, and Mrs. Palin does have alot of support, no question there.

It strikes me as a bit strange how she is somehow perceived as a victim here, since she herself tossed out the first bombs in her speech at the Republican National Convention. Soon enough, she was saying Obama “pals around with terrorists” and things to paint others as Un American. Fair enough, she can say anything she likes. But it is a certainty that there will be a response, If that’s fair game for politics, and I’m not arguing that it’s not, then why isn’t her Husbands membership in the America hating Alaska Independents Party just as valid an issue? Why should she be exempt from the same type of treatment that she herself was involved in?

The point is that she has no problems tossing out political bombs, accusations and insinuations, but she, like all, has some vulnerabilities that she opens herself up to. She is not a victim, she is being treated with the same standard that she herself has set up. She had no problems going after other for political advantage, why would she expect this not to be a two way street? Much of the criticisms of late has been, not from the Liberal Media, but from fellow Republicans. Yeah, the going has gotten tough for Sarah, and she has shown what she is made of after all the tough talk.

If she is the leader of the Conservative movement now, we then have a new party of “Cut and Run” by her own example. Hillary has went thru more crap than Palin can ever imagine, but she hangs in there, it is sad to see Sarah cut and run like that and spin it like she is doing Alaska a favor. It’s not about Alaska, it is about her, it is all about her. Conservative principles and commitment? She talks it great, but the fruits show that she can dish out the tough talk, but can’t take it. If she can’t take it, then she did the right thing and cut and run for good reason. She has helped to show that under fire, she wilts, love or hate Hillary, but that is a women who demonstrates TOUGHNESS, more than most MEN will ever possess. Sarah could learn something from Hillary on that count.

I think Sarah will have to start her own political party to be viable, and maybe she will. I think better than half of the Republicans don’t like her, but she has a very strong base of support that will not go away, no matter how many commitments she cuts and runs from, I hope she goes for it. It will be interesting to watch it all unfold, and who knows? She may be the new Conservative Community Organizer who rises to the top.

Fantastic work MataHarley!

No one should ever imagine that the complaints were anything other than a planned attack on Palin.

I agree with poster #1–Soros has a hatred for the USA that surpasses all understanding–I think he is behind a lot of the systematic destruction of our country and its economy now that he has his puppet in the White House. He and his people naturally would not want a strong individual like Sarah Palin to get into a position where his policies could be reversed.

My conclusion about the Palin-hating left is that feminism and womens movement for 40 years was really just about making sure women support abortion rights. That is all. All the other stuff about dignity for women and glass ceilings was just chit chat to buoy their only real concern: abortion.

I also agree with poster #3 that Palin resigned to stop the bogus lawsuits, which was the only way the haters could have a tangible effect on Palin by draining her’s and Alaska’s finances. I suspect these attacks are far worse than we can even imagine.

mooseburger, start Your Own Party. I will raise $1,000,000 to defeat You or anyone that is of Your insipid mindset or Socialist Political vision. I can do that.

I don’t have any Grandchildren yet. I don’t want them to grow up in Your Socialist and incredibly stupid version of America when they arrive.

The actions against Sara Palin, by left-leaning media and communist-socialist radicals, only goes to show that there is a machine in place to, with all the resources they can obtain, fight the kind of ideals that Palin represents: honesty, forthrightness, respectable civil servitude, caring and sincere expression of feelings, upholding the virtues of national pride, patriotism, love for true liberty and freedom, upholding the constitution of the United States as written, reaching out to the public for grassroots consensus, love for family values, a fundamental understanding of what governance should be – a servant of the public, and other ideals that have become very foreign to the liberal socialists in this country.

The attacks on Sara Palin have been and are relentless because the plan for America that liberals little-by-little want to impose on Americans is anything but freedom and democracy. That a president, such as is Obama, could dictate the ouster of the president of General Motors bespeaks of the kind of socialism, or at least fascism, that is an indicator of the direction liberals are pointing to.

Conservatives, and decent people in America, are on notice now that the tactics of the caustic liberals are non-stop, repugnant, not co-incidental, and certainly not comedic. The cold war has ended world-wide and has begun in earnest within America.

The fight is real. Americans need to sternly oppose the likes of Obama, Pelosi, Letterman, etc. They are vial and repugnant in their crossing-the-line of decency.

Ok, Palin became a lightning rod for criticism, we can agree on that. So What? If she wants to quit for the good of her family, no body should be upset about that. If she is quitting because she says she is bravely putting the good of Alaska first because the attacks on her are costing the state money and time, that doesn’t ring true at all. Nobody in their right mind, who has the support of the people who elected them would do that. This isn’t about running for higher office, or standing on principle, or fighting for what you believe in. It sets a bad example for leadership. It is cut and run, and it is about her disinterest in doing the job she was elected to do because the going got rough. First she quit that Energy Commission because she said the bad people there were corrupt. Now she quits because corrupt people are attacking her and costing Alaska money. This is her pattern, everyone else is corrupt, I alone am above such corruption, and I Quit!

I understand your post is about what has been going on with Sarah and some of her Alaskan constituents, and my comments are about Sarah’s reaction to all the charges, the McCain campaign’s leaks of late, and the recent article in Vanity Fair. I am not the only one who is critical of her decision for the reasons she has stated. Many in the Conservative movement and the GOP are on the same page, Mata. It’s not just a “paint the Mooseburger as a liberal and his opinion becomes invalid” issue as you and Old Trooper want to portray it as. There is a very large and significant portion of the Right that thinks the same thing that I do about her decision. Even Fred Barnes of The Weekly Standard has this to say:

As for your concern and admonition about not being a conservative, so I should not voice any opinion about Sarah, it sounds like your going a bit “Ailinsky” on me there…..since when did voicing an opinion, even one you don’t like, been such a sore spot for you? By that reasoning, since your not a Liberal, why don’t you quit crying about Obama and Barney Frank? I wouldn’t presume to tell you that’s non of your business, where do you get off telling me that the leader of the conservative party is no concern to me?

If you don’t like different opinions on your postings Mata, I am sorry to hear that. I probably won’t “cut and run” like some famous high minded Conservatives have done, but you do have every right to edit/banish any of my posts if you feel that the world here at FA is too small for an opposing view now and then. In the case of Sarah and her quitting before finishing her first term as Governor, My opinion is also shared by many Conservatives, and it a valid criticism, one that you yourself would not hesitate to level against a Liberal if only the circumstances would apply. Your partisan slip is showing…oops

I still contend that Sarah Palin has herself now crossed the ultimate Bridge to Nowhere…..

MataHarley, thanks for documenting these vicious and nonsensical attacks on Sarah Palin. We know about them in general, but to get clear documentation of their ridiculousness is very helpful. They come from demented left-wingers and the instigators should get their just rewards. I hope there is plenty of money for countersuits.

When I heard that Governor Palin had resigned, this “real” liberal — there are very, very, very few in government these days — sent her PAC a donation. She is one of the most successful governors today and I send my best wishes to her and her family.

Unfortunately, envious so-called Conservatives had their go at her, too. I hope she returns to lead a centrist (right-of-center) movement to clean up America, restore support for our troops and our international endeavors, put a stake in the heart of cap-and-trade, restore excellence in education and excellence and moderation in government, and, finally, help us develop energy self-sufficiency using all our actual resources — not computer-modeled fantasies or those needing eternal government subsidies.

Comrade Moose…Stalin would be proud of You!

He’s Dead and in 2010 the folks Your heroes in Congress might ALL be out of office and unemployed. By 2012, You and Your Kenyan Pretender will be unemployed. If you live in the burbs
You just might be dumpster diving for meals.

Communism is dead. Socialism does not work anywhere. It never has. Your Free Ride has an unhappy ending. Go away and get smarter.

I have a problem with opponents filing spurious lawsuits against a public official and everyone expecting said official to ante up lawyer fees on their own dime. Palin has spent more than $500,000 on legal fees during this mess and it’s not over yet. Her salary is only $125,000 a year. This $500,000 represents approx. fourars’ or more gross salary. since she has only been in office for two and a half years that means she willbe paying about double her salary for the privilege of being the govenor of Alaska. Under these circumstances how can we expect normal and ordinary people (ie not millionaires) to run for public office while these tactics are in place? I can understand her paying her own legal fees if the lawsuits had any merit and she was actually guilty but this is ridiculous.


This is an excellent article. Very informative. Congratulations.

My point is, she is either a public figure or she is a private citizen. People cannot have it both ways. If she has to be careful not to endorse any one company, if she cannot leave the state under any circumlstances, and she does so leave the state her staff cannot keep her informed about the business of the state then she is not a private citizen.If every public figure, not just Palin, is accused of wrong doingin the ethics of doing her job, the state should pay her legal fees. If the federal government can pay the legal fees of anyone filing a complaint or suit about civil rights, then the state of Alaska can pay her legal fees. This is a very rich state and has the resources to do so. And maybe, if everyonje realized the state would have to pay these fees it would stop some of this crap. That is, if the tax payers know they will be footing the bill for the benefits of political controversary. I contributed to her defense fund becaus I felt that it was wrong to expect her to pay legal fees for falsely filed complaints and political harrassment. I have been appalled at what the progressives and their media has put the woman through. I have never seen anything like it. But this is what any conservative and/or republican can expect in these days.

Palin (in her own words):

When I hear a statement like that coming from a woman candidate [Clinton] with any kind of perceived whine about that excess criticism or you know maybe a sharper microscope put on her, I think, “Man that doesn’t do us any good — women in politics, women in general wanting to progress this country.” I don’t think it bodes well for her, a statement like that. Because, again, fair or unfair, it is there, I think that’s reality, and I think it’s a given. I think people can just accept that she is going to be under the sharper microscope. So be it. I mean, work harder, prove yourself to an even greater degree that you’re capable, that you’re going to be the best candidate, and that of course is what she wants us to believe at this point.

Yes, “So be it.” …and what was the reason she quit her office?

Old Trooper said:
“Comrade Moose…Stalin would be proud of You!

He’s Dead and in 2010 the folks Your heroes in Congress might ALL be out of office and unemployed. By 2012, You and Your Kenyan Pretender will be unemployed. If you live in the burbs
You just might be dumpster diving for meals.

Communism is dead. Socialism does not work anywhere. It never has. Your Free Ride has an unhappy ending. Go away and get smarter.”

Interesting take there Old trooper….since I have an opinion on Sarah and her cut and run move in Alaska, this equates to me being a Socialist or Communist? I will refrain from slandering you, since no matter your views, I respect your service to our country. We all as Americans play a part in either building up or tearing down our country, and many folks do honor their country with the service they render, even if they did not serve in the Military. Some make the Country and the World a better place by raising their children to know right from wrong and to be good moral people in their own right. That doesn’t happen by pushing hot air around, it happens only if you set the example.

I’m no Communist or socialist, I live in Southern Indiana, home of super conservative viewpoints, I totally understand what those views are all about, and I do retain many of those views. I am self employed, run my own business, and have worked damn hard for 35 years to provide for my family. My wife moved on to other things after 20 years of marriage, My son was 13 and my daughter was 15, she gave up custody, and I finished raising them, they are now 26 and 24, and I am damn proud of them. Their Mom moved to another state right after the Divorce and remarried, she sees the kids once a year at Christmas. I don’t live in the suburbs, I live in the sticks on a dead end road. I do not want or need hand outs from anyone. I am no socialist for having an opinion that as an American, right or wrong, I am free to have, and to change later if I find I am wrong or have been misled. Thru everything, I have held fast to the most important things in my life, and I do resent being labeled as a Socialist/Communist by folks who would rather tear down the other person rather than engage in an honest debate, or even agree to disagree.

Why do you feel so free to imply that I am some anti American Socialist/Communist Old Trooper? I know little about you, except for what you have described in some of your posts, but I don’t believe you are anti American, or a baby killer, or some Vietnam Druggie.
You would not care for someone implying that you are any of those things, based on how little they know about you, why is it so easy for you to do that to others? For you and a few others here, it is a cheap and easy way to diminish those you disagree with and you are channeling Alinsky everytime you resort to that low bar standard.

I have seen cut and run before, in regards to my kids and their Mom. You don’t just quit and leave the people who need you unless you are selfish and self centered, and lie and say you are doing it for their benefit. Sarah let down alot of people in Alaska who support her. Period.

Herman- are you trying to suggest that the media attacks that Palin has taken are any where near what Hillary experienced? Did the media attack Hillary’s little girl? I for one have never seen the likes of what the MSM did to Palin. I cannot tell you how much I resent them. And you. (and those like you)


Surprise! Sarah isn’t your wife or kids!

Speaking of Alinsky, is there not some troll playing to the book?

Rule #12 states “Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it. Cut off the support network and isolate the target from sympathy. Go after people and not institutions; people hurt faster than institutions.

I agree with #1. These people are way too numerous to be doing it gratis.Mata, Thank You! For such a brilliant expose. Last November, I voted for Sarah. Her running mate just stunk less than the other choice. In 2012: I’d be proud to elect Sarah the president of my country.

mooseburger: I have seen cut and run before, in regards to my kids and their Mom. You don’t just quit and leave the people who need you unless you are selfish and self centered, and lie and say you are doing it for their benefit. Sarah let down alot of people in Alaska who support her. Period.

While I hate that you had something of that nature happen in your personal life, I don’t necessarily think that her move was “self centered.”

Come on, can you really say it was self centered when all of these so called ‘ethics investigations’ have turned up what? The only ones I see as being ‘self centered’ are those who are STILL going after Sarah since the election is over.

What is to be gained by pursuing her now? Are they THAT AFRAID of her? I would have to say YES when I read the venom that has been vomited out of people’s mouths. I thought Bush Derangement Syndrome was bad but Sarah Derangement Syndrome has taken that to heights never before imagined. The fact that she is still being targeted is enough ALONE to show this is true.

Now, go read the comments on any article and left leaning blogs about her and show me I am wrong.

Excellent job. I got so sick of the stupid complaints — I would never have had the patience to read and research all that you did. It is amazing that anyone could read Flopping Aces and all that you researched and not have an inkling why Governor Palin decided to resign. The debt, the attacks, the inability to defend herself or even leave the state — and knowing the complaints would just manifest – assist in showing her desire to save the state that foolish expense and waste.

I was browsing and read another governor stating that he had gone through everything Governor Palin had but hadn’t quit. What a joke. No politician out there has gone through the feeding frenzy that Governor Palin and her family has. The MSM along with the blogs (somehow suddenly seen as experts) savaged her, her husband and children.

It is totally beyond me, how these people can stand their reflection in a mirror. Whether it be Trig and Downs Syndrome jokes, Bristol and teenage sex jokes, Willow and statutory rape jokes, Todd and is he running the state jokes — and Governor Palin remarks on her prettiness, intelligence, education or religion — it is beyond believable. I think she could stand the attacks against her family… but the cost to the state and continued “business as usual” was something she could not watch continue month after month.

The cost to Alaska alone is reason enough. We have an excellent lieutenant governor and he will do just fine. Besides, wasn’t being Alaska’s governor kind of a low job anyway for these elites? At least our governor does care about our state and the frivolous waste of money that was going to continue. She is willing to put ALASKA first – ahead of everything. Oh yes, you could say — she should just stay there, rack up hundreds of thousands of dollars of debt (to the Palin’s) and cost Alaska millions. No – our governor actually loves the state governs and has real moxie.

Ah, I see. The real complaint of the ones screeching “quitter” is that they had her in a position where they could keep firing on her… and she couldn’t fire back. So she’s now at a point where that doesn’t quite apply.


Thank you for your work, MataHarley.

Great work MataHarley. For some reason, Gov. Palin’s resignation made me think of Lawrence Ferlinghetti’s poem, Christ Climbed Down. The last stanza:

Christ climbed down
from His bare Tree
this year
and softly stole away into
some anonymous Mary’s womb again
where in the darkest night
of everybody’s anonymous soul
He awaits again
an unimaginable
and impossibly
Immaculate Reconception
the very craziest of
Second Comings

Mata, great post. I’ve read snippets of the various ethic complaints across the web, but haven’t seen all of them in one post. You did an outstanding job pulling them all together and letting your readers digest them. Thank you.

Moose – love that handle btw. Please allow me for a moment to enlighten your thinking regarding your judgment about her “cutting and running”. As a woman, a wife and a professional I do not believe you possess much empathy for the myriad of responsibilities women hold today. You say you are a father and have daughters which is a wonderful gift; however, broadening your current myopic understanding of the many faces women must wear in today’s world will help you in the long run with your own family.

Sarah is a mother, a daughter, a sister, an aunt, a grandmother and a wife. In her resignation speech she made it abundantly clear to any who listened or read the speech that her family is her first priority.

Second, her religious belief system is what sustains her, gives her community, hope, faith and an abundance of love. She clearly stated this was her second priority.

Her third priority is her job as Governor. She told the good people of Alaska that she was going to serve as a faithful steward and servant of the peoples money. She is a conservative which means smaller government, less tax burden, return money to the people when possible. This is the very definition of a conservative which she clearly holds as a belief system.

That said, she does not only serve the people of Alaska. She has a downs syndrome child and four other children to tend too. These types of maternal responsibilities alone keep most women at home and out of the workplace. Hell, many women choose motherhood and family life with one healthy child at home. To say her hands are full at home would be an understatement.

Then she has a relationship with the father of her children. A relationship that is extremely intimate and tended too. One would have to be deaf, dumb and blind not to see the love these two parents share for one another and their family.

To successfully manage a household with five children and to nurture a loving and giving marriage doesn’t just happen. It takes a tremendous amount of commitment and time to build such a loving home.

When she accepted to run as VP on McCain’s ticket, she lost total control of the life she had carefully built. Her handlers were directing her every waking move. If you’ve never been on a campaign or managed one, let me assure you, your life is no longer your own. She returned to Alaska looking forward to resuming her duties as Governor, Mother and Wife. Read the VF article again. The criticisms staff leveled at her according to the misoynist Purdum was her constant concern about Alaska when they thought she should have been focusing more on the campaign. There is a reason for that, a woman, such as Sarah, does not take her responsibilities lightly and I’m certain in many ways she felt as though she was neglecting said responsibilities. This is a weight my friend. One in which can tear loyalties apart.

So imagine, she returns home and is swamped with playing catch up, family responsibilities, preparing for a legislative session, reconnecting with her staff and reflecting on the last several months on the campaign trail. Losing is a difficult process under which one mulls over for some time. But then, she wasn’t afforded the luxary of simply reclaiming her responsibilities BUT is now distracted by serial abusers with bogus ethical complaints. She saw each one of these through to the end as Mata has so articulately described. She saw the legislative session through to the end. But she knows she is a target of the leftard machine and decides that she was not going to run again for Governor. So instead she does the honorable thing IMHO, she states that she is not going to milk the taxpayer for what is left of her term AND instead set’s up her predecessor, Parnell, to fill out her term betting that he will have a better shot at winning in the election as sitting Governor than as a Lt. Governor.

My friend, Moose, this is known as a win-win strategy. Everyone comes out a winner. This is known as processing with the glass half full rather than half empty. Who wins in this decision that you judge as weak?

The good people of Alaska – they will no longer have to see their hard earned dollars going to fight bogus ethic charges. They will have several months to get to know Parnell and the “lightning rod” that you so aptly described will no longer serve as a distraction to the business at hand.

Parnell – He is being handed a golden opportunity to stake out his agenda for the people of Alaska all the while benefiting from the shadows of Sarah.

The kids – they are going to have mom home for awhile. Their lives too have been in an upheavel since her VP run. It couldn’t have been easy for any of them to navigate the minefield of a national campaign. Hopefully, they will get some normalacy back in their lives AND restrengthen and recharge their family bonds.

Todd – he gets his wife back. Do you think that the spittle emanating from the left has been easy for this man to take quietly? He’s watched his best friend get bludgeoned and all he could do was to quietly support her through it all. I don’t know about you but that takes balls. They now have the opportunity to reaquaint and tend to their relationship as husband and wife and father and mother.

Sarah – she’s the biggest winner of all. She has reprioritized and will have ample time to spend with her beautiful children. She gets to be a mom again. She gets to be a wife again. She gets to be a daughter, a sister, an aunt and a grandmother again. And when she’s ready, she will lead again. This time on her own terms. She will be the one in the driver’s seat. Damn, she is one very smart lady.

So, moose, where is the downside in her decision? From my viewpoint, as a woman, she is the winner as are all of the others her decision touches. The statement “cut and run” comes out of the man’s world. I advise you to take a hard look at a woman’s world. It’s very different from yours and I can assure, if you do take such time, your daughters and wife will also be winners.

The horrible thing is that the dems and the media can do this same trick to any republican electd official they want to target. Or even to one of their own who does not toe the mark. Haven’t they, in the past few years, done exactly that. Campaigned against one of their own incumbants in punishment for becoming a renegade. I wish everyone to stop buying their newspapers and magazines. Stop watching their tv stations. Stop visiting their web sites. Put them out of business. That is the only way we can take back our country. The media in this country are the fifth column within.

Excellent take from another perspective, and I don’t question the love that you see in their family as being real and a good thing to see. That is a fine example, and you articulated things very well.

You said: “As a woman, a wife and a professional I do not believe you possess much empathy for the myriad of responsibilities women hold today. You say you are a father and have daughters which is a wonderful gift; however, broadening your current myopic understanding of the many faces women must wear in today’s world will help you in the long run with your own family.”

It could not be farther from the truth there, because I had to learn first hand the power of a Mother, all the things that were taken for granted before because there was some teamwork involved in raising kids and keeping the home together, and the fact that a Mother is one of the most powerful forces on the planet. So yes, I have learned much, and do have empathy indeed.

My main issue with Sarah is that she just doesn’t come out and say that this is for her and her family, she blames the bloggers, the media, the opposition research, the same force that is used by both sides, Dems and Republicans, to advance their causes. There was and is a whole economic sector that is thriving that rakes in big, big money digging into and tearing down anything liberal and Obama. It’s not the whole world against Sarah, it is a two way street, with our electoral process being the final arbiter of the matter. She says it is about accomplishing more in two years than most do in two terms, she says she is following a higher calling. She is fudging the truth, so she can have it whichever way will work out to her advantage. She had no moral or ethical problem campaigning last year for VP on the Alaska taxpayer dime and getting paid as Governor, and I am not knocking her for that one bit. But now it is all about not cheating the taxpayers with a lame duck Governor, that just doesn’t add up, if she really feels that way strongly, and truly believed it, she would reimburse the taxpayers for last year when she was out campaigning. She would have not “put the people of Alaska through that”. Nobody but Sarah herself has said this is a problem or an issue, and it is a lame excuse to quit that rings hollow. If she feels so strongly in those beliefs and higher principles now, where where those beliefs last summer?

When you win and have supporters, you hang in there and do the job. If you have family, health or personal reasons to quit, fine, we can all understand that, and no body would fault her for reasons such as those. You laid out some compelling issues regarding Women that are valid and understandable. She would have my support if she said that is why she is quitting. It may be why she really is quitting, it is the dishonesty and unbelievability of her reasons that is the problem, and that speaks to her true character. She just makes stuff up as she goes along. She told ABC news today in regards to having to deal with legal attacks and challenges if she were in the White House: “I think on a national level your department of law there in the White House would look at some of the things that we’ve been charged with and automatically throw them out,” she said.

What in the world is she talking about?? Who is the Department of Law? Am I attacking her for asking such a question in response to her comments? Nope, but I would bet that she will call this an attack on her when the press runs with this story. She is not one to take responsibility for her self or her words, she likes to blame others. That is my problem with Sarah, not her very nice family or her love and values towards her family.


Hey Moose,

Just because you don’t know what Sarah Palin is doing doesn’t mean that she doesn’t know what she’s doing.

Image Source,Photobucket Uploader Firefox Extension

Moose – I was hoping you’d return and read my response. Thank you for sharing a bit about yourself and moreover, your take on Sarah and her dishonesty. You strike me as a reasonable individual who enjoys discussing the political world from your vantage point and experience, which is meaningful if one wishes to hear or entertain counter arguments with respect.

I got to thinking after I wrote the above post that I failed to mention what I believe to be two characteristics women possess and use differently than a man – problem solving and process.

Taking everything I wrote above I would add that Sarah’s style of turning mud into a greener pasture is a strength rather than a weakness although many may disagree. The corner she was being backed into, had she allowed it to occur, could possibly have destroyed both her and her family. When a mother, like your wife, believes her family is being threatened she will do all that is necessary to protect her domain. I’m confident your wife has displayed such protective and loving behavior towards you and your children.

I believe this threat for Sarah was very real and not imagined. You said it above. There is a whole machinery out there digging up chit on 0bama just as their is a whole machinery out there digging up chit on Sarah. Never in my lifetime have I witnessed a Vice Presidential candidate endure such malicious attacks by the MSM or by a few nutjob constituents eight months after the campaign was over. Think about this for a second. What do you hear about – Ross Perot’s running mate? Walter Mondale? Geraldine Farraro? to name a few. Nothing. They returned to their private lives without the slightest mishap. Why was Sarah not afforded the same respect?

I’m a former Dem and changed my party affiliation in 2008 to an Independent b/c of the malicious, misogynistic, false attacks toward Hillary and I am no fan of 0bama. Unfortunately for you and other reasonable D’s, many of us moderate/centrist D’s have quietly left the Party. We’ve done this b/c we have grown weary of the supposed feminist arm of the Party, because of the hate filled bludgeoning we Hillary supporters endured first hand, and b/c we are sick to death of one standard being applied to a woman and another to a man.

I’m confident Sarah took a look at the bigger picture and struggled mightily to find a path where she did not have to resign. As she processed the strengths and weaknesses of each tentacle emanating from her soul – family, her spiritual journey and her professional life – she likely arrived at the same conclusion – to resign. I’m confident she took long walks to clear out her head, talked incessantly with her partner about her options, laid awake at night playing the game over and over again in her head, and she prayed for guidance. I’m confident her problem solving-skills coupled with the enormity of the various scenarios she played out with close associates and family that her decision to resign was the one path that everyone wins excluding her nemesis’.

She knowingly ripped the rug right out from under their feet and she sent a powerful message over the weekend through her attorney that the leftards can no longer abuse her family or else. Her decision to resign goes back to being that protective mother. Nothing more. Nothing less. She owes no one anything; especially you or me. She is freed from the shackles of the machinery from both sides of the aisle and we’ll have to wait and see how her new found freedom will play out.

And moose – do me a favor and read what Roger Simon over at Politico wrote about Sarah and her resignation

I’m sure you and I will be treated to many such stories. enjoy!

I sit in wonder of the people who cannot for one moment think that Sarah could be acting in good faith towards Alaska and her family. No politician in HISTORY has ever endured what she has in the last 8 months! That alone would be enough for most people with a large family to leave office. Does it take a mensa to extrapolate to the next level of physical threats? Hardly. On top of that there is the cost to the state of time lost by all involved with each complaint plus the actual money required to fund the system. moosepattie, please don’t even attempt to equate Hillary’s ridicule for her totally made up lies about the “Right Wing Conspiracies”, “Chelsea was jogging near the Trade Center when it was bombed”, “Whitewater”, “Being named for Sir Edmund Hillary” and the “Tullsa terroist attack” where she had to sit on her flack jacket with any of Sarah’s policy or religous positions. I believe that we may have finally discovered in “Our time” a truly decent person!

I whole heartedly agree with Mata, C-in Alaska and d21. They expressed what I have been thinking all along. How can these people who took cheap shots look at themselves in a mirror? Also, I am dismayed at the comments that suggest that this kind of ridicule is part of politics. I wonder what happened to us as a people that we have learned to tolerate this kind of uncivility and abuse as normal. I think if we as a people tolerate cruelty and civility towards our politicians and public officials then we deserve the lack of representation that we get. I have no problem with somone challenging ones views. That should be a part of public debate. However, taking cheap shots at her children. There is no debate anymore. Public discourse has become cheap unsolicited personal attacks and smear merchants. That won’t change as long as people like to traffic those smear sites. It should not be acceptable. And I am somewhat disappointed in the people who shrug their shoulders at this kind of behavior.

Thanks for letting me vent.

Moose and the other “liberals” will excuse it as long as a Rep is on the receiving end of it.

Aye: Where can I get some of that Mooseburger Helper? I need all the help I can get….

d2i: A good read and thanks for that link.

Has anyone else seen this over at gateway pundit?

It’s On!… Palin’s Legal Counsel Threatens to Sue Liberal Blogs & State-Run Media For Slander

Its dated July 04, 2009 and I have not seen this in all the stuff going on.

mooseburger:”It strikes me as a bit strange how she is somehow perceived as a victim here, since she herself tossed out the first bombs in her speech at the Republican National Convention. Soon enough, she was saying Obama “pals around with terrorists”

Obama did pal around with William Ayers & his wife Dohrn, both of whom are unapologetic terrorists. Ergo, Obama does pal around with terrorists.