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22 Oct

Final Debate and Waxing Nostalgic [Reader Post]

I have to hand it to Team Romney. I didn’t think they had a cohesive plan. The first debate fully illuminated the small steps they had taken behind the scenes to build momentum. While many on the right were giddy with the whipsaw results from the outcome of the first debate I would wager that few anticipated the size, velocity, and residual wave of positive sentiment for Romney.

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20 Oct

What Media Bias?

What media bias? These guys have no shame:(h/t The Weekly Standard) But Mr. Obama kept his eyes on his Republican opponent, whereas Mr. Romney’s gaze kept straying over to the moderator, Candy Crowley of CNN, peevishly calling on her to … Continue reading

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19 Oct

Obama & Clarke On Libya: Just Shameful

Clarke, Clinton’s terrorism czar, put out an article a few days ago that set me off a bit:

The last of the presidential debates will focus on national security and will surely produce another round of sniping about what happened before, during and after the raid on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi,Libya. Voters, therefore, ought to think about this issue in context.

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18 Oct

Obama: Four Americans Killed "Not Optimal"

Obama : “Here’s what I’ll say. If four Americans get killed, it’s not optimal.

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18 Oct

Insight On Obama From The Debate Sidelines [Reader Post]

The second debate between President Obama and Mitt Romney delivered few surprises, including the obviously planted questions as well as a moderator purposely helping the Democratic candidate. However, from the sidelines, and following the debate, the first questioner Jeremy Epstein talked about his interaction with the candidates once the cameras had been turned off.

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17 Oct

Rewriting The Debate Rules, We Must Be Fair

If we continue to give Democrats extra time because they need to express their “important points,” we need to change the rules; otherwise, it looks suspicious to the casual observer expecting the debates to be fair and honest.

In the first presidential debate, Obama took advantage of an extra three minutes and fourteen-seconds. If we accrue that time in Super Bowl dollars, each second is extremely valuable. Biden was cut back slightly, the reason is obvious, he was only allowed an extra minute and twenty-two seconds and the whole Democrat Party was holding its breath during the excess time. In the second presidential debate, Obama required four minutes and eighteen-seconds to dance around the different questions.

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17 Oct

The Obama victory strategy: Lie, cheat & steal…[Reader Post]

I would suggest that if Mitt Romney avoids shooting himself in foot he will win this election, and will win by somewhere around 10 points. That’s good news. The bad news however is that he will likely have to win by double digits in order to survive the Obama campaign’s plan to employ a phalanx of lawyers to somehow wrest victory out of the jaws of defeat. Of course employing underhanded tactics are nothing new from this administration.

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16 Oct

Romney/Obama Debate Open Thread

A few posts to check out while we await the debate:

Debate: Look For Obama To Play Hero, Take ‘Full Responsibility’ For Libya

Town-hall presidential debate: what to know about Candy Crowley’s rules

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8 Oct

Next presidential debate: Mitt vs. O’s Teleprompter?!?!

President Obama’s faithful want him to take the mittens off in his next debate and trounce his Republican opponent by bringing out his secret weapon: The Teleprompter!

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