Floppin’ Aces Annual International Talk Like a Pirate Day Open Thread

‘Tis t’ annual international talk like a pirate day here at Floppin’ Aces- somewhat o’ a tradition, I suppose.

This be an open thread for ye band o’ scurvy scallywags t’ link t’ tales that interest you; and discuss whatever t’ hell ye want. T’ only request be that ye form yer sentences in piratese; or at t’ least, end some sentences in at least one hearty “aaar!”

How do you know if you are a Pirate? You don’t, you just AAARRRRRGH!

Romney/Obama Debate Open Thread

The third and final debate is tonight at 9pm EST. A few topics to consider in this open thread is what is missing from tonight’s topics:

So two-thirds of the debate will be about the Greater Middle East. Two-thirds. Schieffer has generously allowed that China and Tomorrowland the entire Pacific Rim should get fifteen minutes. Here are the following areas and topics that apparently won’t be discussed: