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22 Jul

Hobby Lobby Chickenhawks (Guest Post)

The left has got itself up in arms in its outrage of the week; can you guess what it is? Swapping a military deserter who is possibly guilty of treason for several terrorist leaders? Maybe the fact that our president … Continue reading

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14 Jun

The Left’s Unhealthy Love for the Poor (Guest Post)

As the Obama Presidency continues to unravel, he keeps looking for one distraction after another to take the focus off of the economy, foreign policy, etc. We have the Bowe Bergdahl scandal to distract from the VA scandal right now, … Continue reading

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7 Jun

Why I Support Terry McAuliffe’s Red Light Cameras in Virginia (Guest Post)

Recently, Governor Terry McAuliffe managed to fight off a veto that would have given Virginia drivers more rights to fight tickets issued by traffic cameras: Gov. Terry McAuliffe’s controversial veto of a driver-rights bill survived by one vote Wednesday. Lawmakers … Continue reading

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7 May

Identity Politics into the NFL Draft (Guest Post)

With one of football junkies’ favorite days of the year fast approaching, the big story that the left wants to focus on concerning the NFL draft is – identity politics of course! One of the players eligible for the NFL … Continue reading

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2 May

Maryland to Business: Stay Out if you Know What’s Good for You

Hola, amigos. Been a while since I’ve blogged at ya, but things have been pretty crazy here in Bobville over the last three months. To make a long story short, Baby Bob turning one and all of the side effects as … Continue reading

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19 Jan

National Democrats’ War on Women Comes to Northern Virginia (Guest Post)

The radical left is at it again, bringing their extremist agenda against women, and this time it’s coming to one of my local fights. I wrote a while back about how the left thinks that spreading disease among women and … Continue reading

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7 Jan

Is it Time to Raise the Voting Age? (Guest Post)

The short answer to my question is, “No”. So why the title of this post? A while back I read a business article about some company president (I can’t remember the source now) who liked to stoke ideas in meetings … Continue reading

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30 Dec

And Your 2013 Villain of the Year Is… (Guest Post)

This is the time every year where we see various “Best of…” and “Year in Review” write ups on every subject imaginable. This is done for two main reasons: 1) Most of the media folks want to take some time … Continue reading

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22 Dec

The Grinch who Gave America the Negative Stimulus (Guest Post)

BREAKING: Microsoft exec to oversee Healthcare dot gov. First screenshot leaked! — Caleb Howe (@CalebHowe) December 17, 2013 Sometimes I shake my head and wonder why the Republican party bothers to exist. The Obamacare debacle has given us a … Continue reading

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19 Dec

Minimum Wage Chickenhawks, Part II (Guest Post)

Our president and his lefty pals are at it again. Now that Obamacare’s failure is all but an historical fact, the president has done exactly what you’d expect him to do – take a laserlike focus on his signature law … Continue reading

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