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26 Jan

Mixed Feelings About the Backlash Against the Press (Guest Post)

The news cycle has been dominated by the events in Paris and Charlie Hebdo from last week, but there’s another story about backlash against the press that’s fallen by the wayside. In late 2012 a small New York Newspaper, The … Continue reading

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24 Nov

There May Be Hope for our Government After All (Guest Post)

I recently wrote about the County Board’s efforts in Arlington, Virginia to force a streetcar onto its residents that the majority don’t want. Opposition became so fierce that it allowed an Independent (although Republican leaning) candidate, John Vihstadt, to be elected to a board seat … Continue reading

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20 Nov

What Lena Dunham Taught Us About… Minimum Wage Chickenhawks (Guest Post)

First off, this post is not here to join the “What Lena Dunham did to her little sister” pile on. There’s nothing I can possibly add that hasn’t already been written, and if you’re new to this story you can … Continue reading

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17 Nov

Why are the Gruber Videos a Big Deal? (Guest Post)

Michael Kinsley’s definition of a gaffe is when a politician gets caught telling the truth. As of this writing we’ve seen four videos surface of Obamacare Architect Jonathan Gruber. Pejman Yousefzadeh gives a good summary of what was revealed through the first three … Continue reading

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7 Nov

Denial Is More than a River in Egypt (Guest Post)

I always enjoy reading Ace of Spades’ morning link roundups. There are usually around a dozen links with some catch line embedding a link to the story itself. One day three stories sort of lined up together with a similar theme – … Continue reading

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3 Nov

The Radicalization of the Left, As Explained by the Catholic Church, MADD, and the NAACP (Guest Post)

During the early 2000’s I remember talking with a few friends and the subject of the Catholic Church sex scandals came up. Not that they were the most serious sex scandal of that time of course, but theirs was the one most … Continue reading

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20 Oct

Arlington’s Streetcar of Desire (Guest Post)

How would you like to buy an expensive toy for some one percenters, many of whom don’t even want the toy? If you live in 49 of this country’s states, the Federal Transit Administration let you off the hook. But if you … Continue reading

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12 Oct

Suggestion to the Left: Don’t Make the Same Mistake that the Tea Party Did (Guest Post)

In the fall of 2013 the subject of Syria and President Obama’s handling of the situation, or lack thereof, was a news item, and there was an interesting side story that slipped under the radar. The Conservasphere had some fun pointing out … Continue reading

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8 Oct

The Latest in the Left’s War on Women Is… Restricting Access to Birth Control Pills? (Guest Post)

First off, technically the left isn’t trying to restrict access to birth control pills. But if they’re allowed to use the dishonest mental gymnastics of equating “access” to mean “forcing someone else to buy something for you” then I can take … Continue reading

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