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20 Oct

Arlington’s Streetcar of Desire (Guest Post)

How would you like to buy an expensive toy for some one percenters, many of whom don’t even want the toy? If you live in 49 of this country’s states, the Federal Transit Administration let you off the hook. But if you … Continue reading

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12 Oct

Suggestion to the Left: Don’t Make the Same Mistake that the Tea Party Did (Guest Post)

In the fall of 2013 the subject of Syria and President Obama’s handling of the situation, or lack thereof, was a news item, and there was an interesting side story that slipped under the radar. The Conservasphere had some fun pointing out … Continue reading

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8 Oct

The Latest in the Left’s War on Women Is… Restricting Access to Birth Control Pills? (Guest Post)

First off, technically the left isn’t trying to restrict access to birth control pills. But if they’re allowed to use the dishonest mental gymnastics of equating “access” to mean “forcing someone else to buy something for you” then I can take … Continue reading

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6 Oct

Let’s be Honest about what the “Yes Means Yes” Law is – It’s a Jobs Bill (Guest Post)

California just passed a law whose stated intent was to stop sexual assaults on college campuses, basically known as the “Yes Means Yes” law. The law, SB967, was signed over the weekend by Gov. Jerry Brown, D-Calif. It requires state-supported colleges to mandate continuous … Continue reading

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2 Oct

The Left’s War on Women Returns to Northern Virginia (Guest Post)

We’ve already seen how the Democrats have been waging their “War on Women”. On a national level we’ve seen the left making efforts to have more women infected with Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs), how leftists like to insult women by suggesting that they’re not … Continue reading

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26 Sep

Two Seemingly Unrelated Stories that Explain the DC School System (Guest Post)

There was a brief dust up in the Conservasphere a few weeks ago when it was learned that a DC teacher gave his sixth grade class an assignment comparing George W. Bush to Hitler. D.C. Public Schools Chancellor Kaya Henderson … Continue reading

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22 Sep

School Lunch Statism – The Republicans’ Latest Blown Opportunity (Guest Post)

School lunches are hardly the most pressing issue facing our country at the moment. However, it shows another case of how the Republicans never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity. As you’ve probably heard the healthy eating initiatives pushed … Continue reading

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20 Aug

Even a Drunken 22 Year Old Can See the Problems with Medicaid Expansion (Guest Post)

Many years back, shortly after graduating from college some buddies and I went out to a surf-bar themed club somewhere near Philly. I was wandering with my friend Maury and his buddy Parker1 when I came up with an ingenious … Continue reading

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13 Aug

Impeachment? Lawsuits? Why bother? (Guest Post)

Oh Republican Party, why do you bother to exist? Speaker Boehner is ready to file a lawsuit against President Obama over his unwillingness to uphold the laws he took an oath to uphold. We’re hearing Sarah Palin lead a (thankfully) … Continue reading

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