Jews For the National Socialist Workers’ Party? (2 of 3)


Well, that headline probably set a record for invoking Godwin’s Law, now didn’t it? But sadly, in this case it does not seem to be inappropriate. To back up a bit, even before their party became completely radicalized, Democrats liked to use the condescending term “Voting against their own interests” to describe any group of people who generally voted Republican. Of course, aside from the EVIL super wealthy, everyone benefits for voting Democrat instead of Republican! Or so the story goes, anyway.

Some years back a popular mantra among The Left was “What’s the matter with Kansas?”, from the leftist screed of that title (read the reviews – the 1 & 2 star reviews confirm that the book is exactly what you’d expect). The bottom line of that phrase is that these stupid yokels from Flyover Country would rather have their stupid freedom and faith instead of the bliss that would have come had they simply not submitted as subjects to Big Government. You get silliness like this piece from 2016 in The Washington Compost about how Kansas’ tax cuts were ruinous while California’s tax increases led to Nirvana. That didn’t age well. Or that somehow states that don’t impose punishing taxes that drive out the wealthy (like Kansas) are against the working class. The map embedded in that 2015 article did not age well, either. While this is a tangent, it serves two purposes: 1) It shows how intellectually dishonest the “Voting against their interests” is, and 2) It let me clear out a few links to a topic I’ve wanted to write about for years and couldn’t get into my schedule. Thanks for indulging me this paragraph, and back on topic.

Actually, that last paragraph was not that off topic. The “voting against your interests”  argument is quite relevant here. It’s no secret that Jewish Americans swing predominantly Democrat. And I totally get the (however misguided) argument one Jewish friend gave back in the day as he honestly presented himself as “The bleeding hear Jewish Liberal”. But that was then this is now. To recap events that have occurred since 10/7:

We get the Progressive Jewish Angst of having your beliefs upended.

American Jews never had to learn how to fight The Radical Left’s Jew hatred.

Or maybe American Jews are feeling politically abandoned?

Jewish parents and students have to give some serious thought as to which colleges they might attend.

Of course, what did you think the kids formed by Leftist indoctrination would  grow into?

As much as I know this pains you, Donald Trump offers you some tough love.

I have one word for you: Exodus

I can go on, but you get the point. And I’ll be unusually succinct in summing up your choices:

The party you despise and would never align with is having a spirited debate as to the extent that the US should support Israel’s response to the 10/7 massacre.

The party you (almost) unconditionally support is having a deep discussion about whether it should indifferently support you or align with the side that calls for the destruction of Israel and a Holocaust on a scale that would make a certain German failed artist blush in humility.

Look, I’m not trying to go “What’s the Matter with Kansas” on you. But you no longer have that luxury. You don’t have to like my views, nor agree with any of them. For that matter, you can hate me. But ask yourself this: At the end of the day, which political party not only does not want to murder you, but will stand against the people who want to murder you?

As crazy as this sounds, when the 7th Century barbarians are in your home gang raping your wife to death, kidnapping your children to be sold into slavery, filming the murder of your ailing mother on her phone and posting it to her social media before murdering you, somehow pronouns, paper straws, and gas stove bans become lower priorities.

Vote accordingly.

And on an admin note, if you’re wondering where part one of this series appeared, it actually dropped in (checks notes)… January. So why did it take so long to get here? I can honestly say that my writing was impacted by a wave of whatever illnesses have been making their way around the country combined with an unusually busy family schedule. But at the end of the day, I have to agree with Robert Plant as to whose fault it is. Part three that closes out this series is already being drafted.

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The Workers World Party(WWP)is Communists bi time they like to appeal to the working man then betray them once their in power

Its anti-semitic to point out who invented communism, and where that went.

Before the “pandemic,” 52% of American Jews reported attending synagogue “seldom or never.”
Most who do go are older.
American socialist Jews are mostly secular.
Few keep a “kosher” home or kitchen.
Of the political stances that Jews mostly adhere to, abortion is a forbidden thing in their religion, yet they cling to it.
“Open borders,” is another stance they love altho their Scriptures are replete with them being told to separate themselves from foreigners.

Jews are a mystery to me.
Even having some in our extended family hasn’t helped.
But they only seem to look favorably on Israel when it suits them.

Even at that most carry dual citizenship (just in case they have to go to Israel if things get too anti-Semitic here.)

Gun Control hats why the Jews were so easlly rounded up into Concentration Camps now Liberal Democrats want all us who oppose the NWO and the UN/USSR(Gun Control,Open Borders, Private Property open to illegal aliens) Global Control to be rounded up into Concentration Camps/Gulags that’s why the UN was founded