Maybe Jews Should Start Wearing Yellow Stars – and so Should All of Us (3 of 3)


After I finally followed up on What We’ve Learned from the Israel / Hamas Conflict by asking about Jews For the National Socialist Workers’ Party? In the final part I thought I’d give the post a title even more incendiary than yesterday’s. It looks like each day keeps getting worse, between former President Barry-O giving a disgusting Passover message to a Rabbi at Columbia University urging Jewish students to flee the campus and head home – we’ll circle back to him shortly.

We’re seeing the progression, as the rise in anti-Semitism over in Europe arrived on a smaller scale over Thanksgiving and Christmas in New York. And let’s not fool ourselves – the Radicals have been progressively ratcheting up their aggression, and real violence is inevitable unless there is real pushback. And don’t expect any help from our government, as the FBI’s main targets are now those who oppose tyranny.

Now back to Columbia’s Rabbi Elie Buechler, CBD over at Ace had a simple rebuttal:

He is wrong.

The modern state of Israel never got the message about not fighting. Many of the people who were instrumental in the refounding of Israel were survivors of the Holocaust. They had seen first-hand the world’s indifference to the Nazi’s destruction of European Jewry, and they knew that without self-determination, it would happen again and again.

That self-determination required fighting…lots and lots of fighting. It began even before the state of Israel was formally founded, and it has never stopped. The idea that American and European Jews can insulate themselves from the world-wide hatred of Jews, Judaism, and Israel is irrational in the extreme. We will always be hated by some; we will always be attacked by some; and we will never be safe unless we embrace the historical stiff-necked attitude of Jews and say, “NO!” We will not cower. We will not run. We will fight.

Read the rest – it’s a short piece. At the end of the day, if you’re Jewish and living in one of these hotbeds of Leftist Extremism I actually don’t blame you if you don’t want to stick around at a campus with everything going on today. But that leads to the uncomfortable question – what happens tomorrow?  And a month from now, and a year from now? Going unchecked, the radicals won’t stop with the cities and campuses. What happens when they start coming to your homes and the police arrest you for agitating the mob? What follows? Back when one campus wouldn’t put up it’s usual Chanukkah Menorah out of fears of vandalism, on his radio show Chris Plante suggested something to the effect of “The campus Jews should organize a 24 hour vigil of the menorah that would include a contingent of strong young men.”

Exactly. So wear your star of David openly, and travel in numbers. Give strength and support to your friends who are afraid. Let the barbarians know that they won’t intimidate you. Go on the offensive. For that matter, use the system against them. Where are the Jewish lawyers filing lawsuits against the groups funding and organizing these hate mobs? It won’t get any easier.

But Brother Bob, my Jewish friends may be saying, easy for you to say from a position of being unthreatened. You’re not the one who’s life is on the line. Fair enough, but I don’t know for how long that will be. After 10/7 the old phrase “The Jews are society’s canary in the coal mine” got revived. Keep in mind one disturbing fact: There has never been a society in world history that is hostile to Jews that is also a place that is safe to live and raise a family – for anyone. Take a look at the disturbing trends:

The left has also overplayed its hand on both race and sex and considerably weakened its moral standing. Progressives used to defend nice churchgoing blacks against Klansmen and friendly gays against bigoted Christians. Today they’re defending criminals and the mutilation of children. The legitimization of pedophiles, or minor-attracted persons as they now are called, is already underway.

So where do I fit into all of this? 10/7 really shined a light in my eyes, and I’ve talked with Sister Babe about preparing for the event that things go sideways. No, I’m not in full prepper mode, just being prepared. I’ve talked some to Little Bob about this, age appropriate of course. As I drill home with him, I tell him that I do these things not because I’m afraid something bad will happen, but that if something bad happens we don’t have to be afraid. One simple step over the last few years has been becoming a semi-prepper. While there is no room in our house filled with ammo & MREs, I do keep a bigger supply of non perishables and some essentials (like dog food) than I used to prior to the Fauci Flu changing everything.

Another element is something I hate the idea of doing, but my politics will be on display this fall. No, I won’t be wearing a MAGA hat, nor will I have any Trump signage in my yard. But I will have a yard sign for some Republican candidate, probably the most local one that has an actual chance at getting elected. I’ve never been one for yard signs, as I don’t like the idea of getting into politics with my neighbors. For a few years we had a couple living next to us who were hardcore Climastrologists, and we were never anything but good neighbors to each other. I’ve always avoided broadcasting my politics, although neighbors can guess by our patriotic displays around the appropriate holidays.

The other action I’ll be taking to raise the colors is that I’ll be volunteering as a Republican poll watcher at our nearby grammar school. In 2020 I was initially planning on being an election official, as I’d learned that was where one could have a bigger impact. But as some of you might have read, my 2020 would have been an (excrement) show even without the Fauci Flu. Dr. Kevorkian’s handywork next leveled that year for me, and taking the time to get qualified to work on election day fell by the wayside. So why a poll watcher? Because of what happened in Arlington during our 2023 elections, that’s what. An unhinged Lefty decided to harass his polling station’s  GOP rep, who also happens to be the chair of the Arlington GOP. Will the same happen to me? Maybe, maybe not. I’m not doing this looking for a confrontation, although if it happens, so be it. No, in The People’s Republic of Arlington, I want any other Normals to know that they have an ally in me. Likewise, if someone I had considered a friend suddenly informs me that they must now hate me, sooner is better than later. I’d rather learn their true colors now versus when they’re part of a mob outside of my home.

Will my planned activities compare to what’s happening at Columbia? Nope, but we don’t really know how crazy The Left will get after the election in November. And as that woman so skilled at pretending once observed, “My future enemies – I’ve got to flush them out!”

It’s easy to armchair quarterback and tell Western Jews that if you’d stood up and publicly united sooner this insanity could have been stopped by now. Believe me, I’m starting to ask the same of myself if I should have made a public stand sooner. Hopefully I’m not too already late. Hopefully we’re not all too late.

*Minor update * – The first tweet below included a woman labeling herself clearly as Jewish and standing in front of a crowd of masked Anti-Semites. The original video got taken down somewhere in the hour after this post was published. If I learn any more info as to why further updates will follow.

Brother Bob is no longer on Facebook (although you can see his archives there), and is back on Twitter again, but is ramping up on Minds and Gab, and has his biggest presence on MeWe.

Cross posted from Brother Bob’s Blog

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Welcome to Germany 1933

Things are shaping up for a tumultuous next seven months. I have zero confidence in the current federal government to act in an appropriate manner to quell the chaos we are soon to see.
It goes without notice that the mob in front of schemers house was quickly addressed. Not so with the violent abortionists protesting outside the Supreme Court justices homes.

Anti-Israel Mob Assembles Outside Home of Chuck Schumer, Arrests Begin Almost Immediately (VIDEO)

The left supports this type of hatred and they promote it by acquiescing to the demands of the mob.
Everyday American citizens are not safe in their own country while these miscreants are allowed to reign terror upon the law abiding.
This is the chaos biden wants.

Last edited 1 month ago by TrumpWon

Interesting they are willing to arrest these people but not those that tried to burn federal officers in Portland. Or the riots of the summer of love.
Some are more equal than others?

They are MK ultra victims they have no idea, oh so was the uni-bomber.
I remember when protests were against war not for extermination, Ya we saved the whales and cool stuff. Then they stopped civics and taught social studies.
comment image

Last edited 1 month ago by kitt

Universities are cultural rot. They do not educate. They brainwash and indoctrinate. All federal funding should be cut off. Let them survive on their own.

Last edited 1 month ago by TrumpWon

All War is evil always has been.
Once you choose a side you join the insanity of it all.

Defund the Campuses cut off/Ban all Forgeirn support