Outsourcing The Power Position

We head into New Year celebrations enjoying a few extra dollars to spend, or put away for future needs, grateful that gasoline prices at the pump have eased enough to be felt. We also wish for continuation in this trend so that each of us can bask in a little relief from the ever-escalating costs on foods and daily necessities. Grateful, yes, but to whom, and more importantly, why?

I honestly don’t know how anyone can respect a democrat [Reader Post]

A few days ago Politico ran a Chuck Schumer dog and pony story as Senate democrats summoned oil company executives to Congress so they could use them as punching bags.

Chuck Schumer: Democrats to aim at gas prices

Senate Democrats this summer will roll out their recipe for dealing with high gasoline prices, emphasizing conservation and alternative energy to wean the nation off oil.

No oil, no Obama [Reader Post]

Protests in Syria have claimed 120 lives over the last two days.

BEIRUT – Syrian security forces fired on funeral processions that drew tens of thousands Saturday, one day after the bloodiest crackdown so far in the uprising against President Bashar Assad. The shootings pushed the two-day death toll to more than 120 and two lawmakers and a religious leader resigned in disgust over the killings.