Biden’s new foreign policy: trading human rights for money and oil



Joe Biden made a big deal of promising to fight for human rights as a critical part of his Presidential campaign:

The United States is committed to a world in which human rights are protected, their defenders are celebrated, and those who commit human rights abuses are held accountable. Promoting respect for human rights is not something we can do alone, but is best accomplished working with our allies and partners across the globe. President Biden is committed to a foreign policy that unites our democratic values with our diplomatic leadership, and one that is centered on the defense of democracy and the protection of human rights.

Far left Biden sycophant Al Hunt wrote:

Donald Trump long looked the other way and may even have endorsed Chinese detention camps of ethnic minorities; he referred to the oppressive Egyptian leader Abdel Fattah al-Sisi as “my favorite dictator,” and bragged that he “saved” Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman (MBS), who ordered the murder of an American journalist.

There is a new sheriff in town.

Yeah, well, it’s not working out so great. Biden said he was going to make Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman a “pariah” for his involvement in the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi. Despite evidence linking MBS directly to the murder, Biden has done compeltely the opposite. He first went to Saudi to grovel before the Prince and fist bumped him while begging for oil. MBS told Biden to shove it and then went on to cut oil production.

Biden then bowed to the Prince, giving MBS what he sought in return for more oil production- immunity in the murder of Khashoggi. This shocked left wing journalists

David Ignatius:

“What’s disturbing here is that the decision to elevate him to prime minister…came three days before the deadline that Judge Bates had set for a ruling on this question from the Justice Department and the State Department of whether he was entitled to immunity. In other words, this was the only way he was going to get it, and it came in at the 11th hour. The Trump administration, for all of its embrace of MBS, never gave him the immunity he wanted. He has been seeking immunity since 2020, 2021. The Trump administration left office without acting on that request. And it’s disturbing that the Biden administration ends up doing what Donald Trump himself wouldn’t do.”


Axios correspondent Jonathan Swan tied Biden’s decision to the fraught U.S. relationship with the Middle Eastern country over oil. Swan blasted the president for vowing to make Saudi Arabia a “pariah” on the campaign trail and then having this “dizzying reversal when gas prices rise,” as one of the “most incoherent elements of Joe Biden’s policy agenda.”

“Then the fist bump, then the retraction, it’s just completely incoherent. It’s hard to know where he stands on this policy,” he huffed.


The CEO of the Washington Post said it was granting MBS a “license to kill.”

Desperately needing the oil Biden has said ad nauseum that he wants to end, rather than seek a boost in US production Biden decided give Venezuelan dictator Nicolas Maduro a financial booster:

The Treasury Department granted permission Saturday for oil giant Chevron to produce and export oil from Venezuela following the South American country’s decision to restart talks with opposition groups.

The move could add supply to the global oil market, which may ease fuel prices and speed the declines in U.S. gasoline prices that have been a political burden for President Joe Biden since Russia invaded Ukraine in February.

But a senior administration official said the easing of sanctions was not driven by the oil market pressures and was instead a response the Venezuelan regime’s decision this week to participate in the negotiations with opposition groups. Those talks, which were originally launched in Mexico City in September 2021, are expected to focus on humanitarian programs and setting future elections.

“was not driven by the oil market pressures”


Biden’s biggest bumbles are the ones benefiting China. It’s as if China owns Biden.

As the Chinese people protest new draconian zero-COVID measures (that don’t work) Biden is silent.

There’s a chance for a regime change in China and Biden is mute

Biden met with Xi this month at the G20 in Indonesia and got tough with Xi.

Just kidding. Biden kissed Xi’s ass. He refused to take up the Uyghurs, the fentanyl flood into the US, or the origins of COVID with Xi.

President Biden on Thursday refused to answer a question about whether he pressed Chinese President Xi Jinping on fentanyl exports and the origins of COVID-19 when they met this week — as House Republicans prepare to investigate the Biden family’s extensive financial links to Beijing.

Fentanyl and COVID-19 claimed about as many American lives in recent years as all of the nation’s wars combined, but a White House readout didn’t mention either after Biden’s three-hour Monday meeting with Xi in Bali, Indonesia.

“President Biden, is it true that you did not mention fentanyl or COVID origins to the Chinese president? How could that be true after more than 1 million Americans died?” a reporter for The Post shouted at Biden on the White House lawn as he returned from Asia.

“I’m not looking for conflict,” said Biden.

Despite the FBI Director warning that Tik Tok was a “national security concern” Biden reversed Trump’s ban on the app.

Unfolding before your very eyes are two things. One is Xi cashing in on the debt owed to him by the Biden family. 300 deaths a day from COVID is a national emergency but 300 deaths a day from fentanyl is just another day at the office.

The second is his quixotic effort to increase the oil supply which he knows the US cannot sustain without but risks being ridiculed more than he is now for abandoning one of his principal campaign promises were he to allow US producers to take the far more sensible approach and pump more of their own.

Biden is a pervert. We’ve proven that repeated. The big problem is that he has proven himself to be a limp wristed panty waist when it comes to foreign policy. The only time he’s shown any balls at all was when he extorted Ukraine for a billion dollars to stop the investigation into his ne’er do well son. Now his foreign policy is all about salvaging his own ass from the mess he’s created for the country. As I have written before, Biden is a lousy politician and a worse liar. When in Congress and even as VP his idiocy could be hidden under the penumbra of others but as President there’s no hiding place for his ineptitude and mendacity.

To paraphrase The Who, Meet the new boss. Worse than the old boss.

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The CCP is the most existential threat to America and the world. The inability of biden to not speak out for the Chinese people who want freedom is because the CCP bought biden and his family crime cartel.
biden is a complete embarrassment


joe (and his cadre of admin partners) does what he’s told to do with regards policies and world leaders.
The other day an odd thing happened to impress on joe the importance of toeing this globalist agenda line….
His double went to Nantucket on vacation.
His double used RENTED cars.
His double was allowed to wander the public streets of Nantucket alone, even staring at children thru a business window.
Then his double’s 5 RENTED vehicles all burned, just hours after his double had been in one of them.
I bet joe’s going to have a tough time getting doubles after this.
So, joe’s going to have to do all the work himself.
Saudi’s honor killing of Khashogi was a common thing in the Kingdom.
The man just happened to live in the USA.
But the sands under a certain portion of the Saudi desert are thick with the unremembered daughters honor killed (quite legally) there.

According to project veritas young girls are being pimped by government officials right here. What happened to the story of minors working night shift to clean equipment?

Project Veritas Exposes HHS Involvement in Human Trafficking of Immigrant Minors

Those mules got to make the money.

biden is engaged in human sex trafficking of minors. High crimes and misdemeanors.

 Right now, it is speed over safety. Move the children — 10 to 15 days.”
The fall-back position that speed is more important than safety reminded my of the obama/joe admin’s policy of allowing anyone who applied to get food stamps (SNAP.)
they only gave the “case workers” 30 seconds per application to approve or deny benfits.

Project Veritas is doing the work a decent investigative journalist ought to be doing.
But most of the media has sold its soul to the Lefty, globalist agenda years ago.

Not a peep from those No Blood for Oil bunch of useful idiots

The Trump administration, for all of its embrace of MBS, never gave him the immunity he wanted.

Well, see, Trump, having an actual brain, was smart and made our nation energy independent so we wouldn’t have to go to other countries like Saudi Arabia and suck their d**ks to get the oil our own energy producers here at home are not allowed to produce.

Biden’s biggest bumbles are the ones benefiting China. It’s as if China owns Biden.

Idiot Biden serves the CCP. He is Xi’s bitch. Idiot Biden does not do anything unless Xi approves it. Idiot Biden, and thus the Democrats, and thus the nation, is owned by China. If anyone has any doubts as to whether or not that is a danger to the nation, you probably was one of the few that actually cast an actual vote for idiot Biden.

Like most things, because idiot Biden and the Democrats oppose anything that is good for the nation, the simplest solutions to grave problems are ignored by them. Idiot Biden would rather kowtow to dictators than face AOC’s angry donkey chompers if he allowed US energy producers to serve America.

All of the comments being made here are superfluous. With the latest corrupt election in Michigan codifying mail in and seven day voting Republicans will have a mountain to climb for even the local elections. Multiplying that times the entire country and the illusion of free elections may persist but the fascist will be in charge in perpetuity.

Biden is trafficking children.

You’re trafficking slander and lies. This is your new Pizzagate.

Last edited 1 year ago by Greg

Eat shit zipperhead.

The right is intellectually and morally bankrupt.

Last edited 1 year ago by kitt

I thought nanny pelosi and the democrats were always about “the children”

They care about enslaving them.

The right is not forcing underage illegal aliens girls into sex slave lives.

Most likely what happened to the 15000 under aged that came when Barry was caging them, they seem to just vanish without a trace.

There is a lot of money in prostitution. Do you think the big guy is getting his 10%

It wouldnt surprise me at all.
Maybe why they dont keep a vistors log when he goes on vacation he has new shower meat.

Perhaps he should register as a known sex offender. Underaged children need to be protected from sexual predators.

JUST IN: Supreme Court Will Review Biden’s Student Loan Forgiveness Plan

They will find it unconstitutional

Why the highest court has to deal with this brain fart is the real question.

Last edited 1 year ago by kitt

If that pass this, I’m not sure how they can legally tell me I owe taxes.

Uh huh. Better install another lightning rod on your house.



No son HHS is pimping out little girls to pay the cartels.

Project Veritas: HHS Whistleblower Reveals ‘Tax Dollars’ Spent to ‘Put Children in the Hands of Criminals’… Migrant Child: My Female Sponsor ‘Would Pimp Me to Men’ (VIDEO)

I wonder how many they send to Delaware for weekends of showering with the “Big Guy”?

Biden is trafficking children…and molesting them on camera.

Meanwhile, back in reality: Innocence Sold: Florida’s foster system provides dangerous sex traffickers with easy access to vulnerable children

Why doesn’t DeSantis investigate his own foster care system, instead of Mickey Mouse?

Last edited 1 year ago by Greg

Unlike with Epstein, since DeSantis was not one of their customers (as idiot Biden was with Epstein), he will find the culprits and prosecute them.

Could you explain why there are so many real photos of Trump with Epstein, while the only one of Biden with Epstein has been proved to be a right-wing fake?

Former FTX CEO – Sam Bankman-Fried – Admits FTX Didn’t Buy Bitcoin for Clients – Just Took Their Money (VIDEO)

Last edited 1 year ago by TrumpWon

Biden’s Gender Fluid “Pup Handler” DOE Employee Sam Brinton Hosted “Spanking Seminar” at Kink Conference Weeks After Luggage Theft

SO many? How many? I’ve seen one, before Epstein was permanently kicked out of his hotels.

You KNOW idiot Biden was in the Epstein express lane. If Trump was a customer, why hasn’t the customer list been released? Well, because Clinton, Obama, idiot Biden and almost every other prominent Democrat was a regular customer.

Here’s Every Time Donald Trump And Ghislaine Maxwell Have Been Photographed Together


Oddly, there’s nothing of the sort on Joe Biden—so I guess the right has to INVENT it. It’s a good tactic, when your audience can’t or won’t separate truth from lies.

Last edited 1 year ago by Greg

In the 1990s and early 2000s, all three traveled in the same social circles, and Maxwell was photographed with the future commander-in-chief multiple times. 

Guilty by association I say.

Interesting that in every photo it appears there are multiple people attending the same event. Perhaps the sleuth who uncovered these photos could find more photos of President Trump being photographed with others at the same event. Humm

“Perhaps the sleuth who uncovered these photos could find more photos of President Trump being photographed with others at the same event. Humm”

What do you imagine that would prove?

Oddly, there’s nothing of the sort on Joe Biden

Remember the laptop suppression, scooter? I guess when you are satisfied with forcing your daughter to shower with you, you could skip a trip to Pedophile Island every once in a while.

Epstein dealt in real estate. Trump dealt in real estate. They bumped into each other. Case closed.

Trump kicked Epstein out of his hotels for being a perv. THAT’S Trump’s character. Where do you think Hunter got his taste for young, underage hookers? The “Big Guy” taught him how to have a good time. The Biden’s are an entire family of scumbags.

And we know biden raped Tara Reade. biden has the mark of the beast, 666.

Last edited 1 year ago by TrumpWon

His regime has the mark of the failure, 000.

They and their wives bumped into each other—socially, at least.Trump dumped Epstein when their association became “inconvenient,” the same as he does with everyone.

Trump’s behavior makes Biden seem like a saint.

Last edited 1 year ago by Greg

How many underage girls did bill clinton have sex with?


Why don’t you tell me, since this seems to be your own special area of interest?

NEW: Tara Reade Asks GOP House to Investigate Her Claims Joe Biden Sexually Assaulted Her in 1993

Trump kicked Epstein out of his hotels when he found out what he was like. For Democrats, it only enhanced his image.

Idiot Biden would never be mistaken for a saint, by any stretch. He’s a pedophile, a rapist, a liar and a thief. Trump has none of those blemishes.

We did not invent his daughters Diary or his sons laptop, where he is referred to by Hunter as PedoPete.
Trump raised fine people, Biden raised sex and drug addicts.
You know who was Epstiens real BBFs Bill Clinton and Bill Gates.
There are flightlog lists out on the internet. Trump is not on them.
Trump didnt marry his kids babysitter.
Hunter is still allowed to hone business opportunities.
comment image

Last edited 1 year ago by kitt

Greg right now
comment image

Another swing and a miss for the imbecile known here as “greg”
Outside of the groomer, michael, no one takes greg the douchebag seriously.
He is a paid troll pushing his minders propaganda.
Unfortunately he consumes oxygen that would otherwise be more beneficial to others

Groper Joe Biden Gets His Groove On with Macron’s Wife – Embarrassing America Once Again


Have cult leaders forbidden a Google image search? Try “Trump with Epstein”. Try “Trump with Maxwell”. Then look up the phrase “willful ignorance”.

Bill Clinton took 26 trips on the Lolita express to Epstein island. That is documented

I will not vote for Bill Clinton in 2024.

You should not let some irrelevant photos cause you to become enraged to the point of serious mental breakdown.

Didn’t you provide your full catalogue of photos of Trump with these degenerates? I couldn’t help but notice how happy Trump looked when they clamored to have their picture taken with him. LOTS of people scrambled to get a photo of themselves with Trump. But nothing anywhere indicates Trump was involved with the pedophilia like about every notable Democrat has been. If he was, do you think any leftist propaganda mill would have suppressed it?

Let’s see the client lists. Let’s see who were his customers. Don’t you want to see that or are you too cowardly to face it?

Idiot Biden forced his daughter to shower with him. Idiot Biden walked around naked in front of female Secret Service agents. Idiot Biden gropes and fondles little girls and boys. Idiot Biden raped Tara Reade. Try as you might, you can’t make Trump as degenerate as idiot Biden nor the Democrat elites are.

Lawsuit filed in Maricopa County reveals “steroid-like injection” of 225,171 “inactive” voters just before Nov. 8

That’s what happens when people who have skipped a few elections suddenly realize voting matters. Seriously polarizing candidates and genuinely serious issues can do that.

That’s what happens when people who have skipped a few elections suddenly realize voting matters. Seriously polarizing candidates and genuinely serious issues can do that.

No, that’s what happens when you CHEAT.

Hunter Biden Attends His Dad’s Lavish White House State Dinner with French President Macron, Billionaires and Elites

Probably trying to peddle his money-laundering finger paintings to be able to kick back 50% to “The Big Guy”.

You give Brandon too much slack imagine if this came out under Trump. Hell they tried to pass off Barrys cages as Trumps.

Who is allowing all the illegal immigrant children into the country? Who is shipping them all over the country? Who has lost track of tens of thousands of illegal immigrant children?

Idiot Biden. Human trafficking.

My sister’s friend’s aunt says that she heard that Biden has personally killed 85 million migrant kids this year in order to harvest the adrenochrome from their systems.

She sounds like she was one of the “witnesses” fulla Schiff used in his impeachment hearings.

Are you denying over 3 million illegal immigrants (not to mention 1 million “gotaways” who, for one reason or another, don’t want to go through the processing system) have barreled across our border? Have you seen the coverage of unaccompanied minors being dropped over the wall or paddled across the Rio Grande and dumped ashore? What do you think the definition of “human trafficking” is?

To keep you from wasting more of your time, we already think you are an ignorant useful idiot; you don’t have to keep repeatedly proving it.

Oh yeah. She told me there was a “pee-tape” on Trump…and that he called vets “losers,” and that he tried to grab the wheel of an SUV, and that he colluded with Russia…and that he withheld aid to Ukraine when he invesitgated Biden actually withholding aid to Ukriane for political favors…

I’m afraid your policy of “making shit up” isn’t the strength that you people thought it was going to be.

But live your “truth”, man. The rest of us are instead going to live in the actual Truth.

I won’t click the link. Is this another truckload of bullshit, the same as your “199,995 people died in one vaccine study” 4chan extravaganza?

Exactly, he is working with cartels to move children into the country. A whistleblower has come forward and revealed this is coming at taxpayers expense. And the female children are being pimped out for payment to the cartels.
I could give a rats ass for Ukraine. They are losing and we have water over 90 billion dollars for nothing while the southern border is wide open.

We need idiot Biden’s finances investigated to see where all his income comes from. Open up everything, make every personal record public, just as they want to do with Trump on mere guesses and imagination.

BIDEN ECONOMY: ADP Jobs Numbers Released and They’re Horrible – 100,000 Manufacturing Jobs Gone

The economy is wrecked. Russia invaded because we installed a weak puppet. India has NEVER denounced Russian’s invasion, and the Media is silent.

Russia’s economy is doing just fine.

Gas is still way, way higher than under Trump, when we drilled our own oil and sold it. Biden stopped drilling, and made life harder for Americans.


There is not a metric we have for this wicked Administration that doesn’t indicate economic ruin, crime, moral decay, and total collapse.

Musk sums up why you lunatics need and WILL be stopped.

“This is a battle for the future of civilization. If free speech is lost even in America, tyranny is all that lies ahead.” — Elon Musk

Well said.

greg, everything you say, advocate for, and post garbage for is tyranny. Pure and simple.

Trump is the opposite to that, and a threat to the coming WEF death state that you are being paid by.

That’s why you can’t even type a cogent thought anymore.

You’re scared.

You SHOULD be. We’re not letting you take our freedom and letting you set up an authoritarian state.

Not on my watch.

Last edited 1 year ago by Nathan Blue

“Not on my watch.”

Not that you’re able to do anything about it, but still: not on your watch.

Gas prices were $1.89 a gallon before idiot Biden.

When the economy is in the tank, small improvements are not impressive.

Idiot Biden has wrecked all of the great progress Trump made. Idiot Biden is being paid by the CCP to destroy this nation.

The average price of gas on January 1, 2020 was $2.24 per gallon, you wretched liar.

On January 1, 2016, it was $2.20 per gallon, and under Trump it shot up to $2.79 on January 1, 2018.

On January 20, 2021 the average gas price was $2.39. What is it now, Groomer?

And I see you don’t mention the cost of diesel which affects our supply chain, farmers/ranchers and those in the trades.

I remember it as low as 99cents a gallon during Trump, Cookyfornia never would see these prices due to their “special blend”. It isnt in demand anywhere else so liited production makes the price much higher.
No 99 cents was not an average but way nice to fill er up.

Gas costs more now than it did under Trump.

Biden did that.

Biden was installed off the back of a released man-made Covid-19 meant to destablize the world so the WEF and friends can start killing people off while pretending they are “saving the planet.”

Saving it for themselves, more like. Fight these bastards back into their Tower of Babel and let them reap what they sow while we continue one with having babies, making food, solving problems, and advancing the human race.

Hey, stupid cocksucker… where did I mention “average”? When did Trump establish energy independence, stupid grooming useful idiot? It takes time to repair the damage done by Democrats; Trump had to lure manufacturing back to the US and it takes time for the energy industry to ramp up production (something you and every other Democrat are, obviously, to f**king stupid to understand). Eventually, gas prices came way down. When idiot Biden took office (by fraud), it was $1.89 here. It went up to just under $5. Diesel was $2.39 and it hovers around $4.50 now. That’s what your disastrous ideology has done to the nation. Now, idiot Biden tries to suck Saudi Arabia’s d**k (something I’m sure you endorse) and suck up to Venezuela in order to keep energy costs from cratering the economy again under his drowsy watch.

Why not solve the problem the easy, simple and US-benefitting way and unleash US production? Because idiot Biden, AOC, the Democrats and YOU are stupid dumbasses.

You like name-calling? We can all play by the same rules, you shit-bag.

“You like name-calling? We can all play by the same rules, you shit-bag.”

You all do here, and you always have. Don’t try to pretend that I pushed you into it.

Do we need to call the waaaaaaaaambulance? I respond to name calling with the same. You resort to name calling when you have nothing to support your failed ideology, such as calling me a liar for pointing out the facts about idiot Biden’s disastrous (and intentional) energy policies. Anyone that supports, defends and excuses that stupidity is totally detached from reality.

Why does micheal waste his time here? Is his life so miserable and petty that he derives some level of enjoyment here?
His arguments if one could call them that are vapid and sophomoric.
He most likely still lives with mommy. She does his laundry, cooks his meals and prepares his daily bath.

“Do we need to call the waaaaaaaaambulance?”

You tell me. You’re the one who brought up namecalling.

Sorry, scooter, but you got it backwards. You began name calling, then whined when you got some in return.

Biden’s DOE “Pup Handler” Sam Brinton Requesting His Preliminary Hearings Be Held Remotely Due to “Financial Difficulties” After Being Put on Leave For Stealing Woman’s Suitcase


“Hey, stupid cocksucker… where did I mention ‘average’?”

If you’re not, then it seems your real beef is with the gas station at which you choose to buy your fuel. You might also be living in the wrong state. Leave if you don’t like it.

Last edited 1 year ago by Michael

No, it is with the cost of fuel. It went up the same as it did all over the nation. I guess gas prices are really reasonable in California?

It is a problem caused intentionally by idiot Biden.

“I guess gas prices are really reasonable in California?”

Why are you asking me? You live in California, too. If California pisses you off so much, go somewhere else. It sounds as if you might like Nevada. It’s just across the state line. Maybe Oregon.

Last edited 1 year ago by Michael

If I lived in California, do you think I would ever see $1.89 gas? Or $1.89 anything? I live where California with intelligence and means to move wind up: Texas.

He’s Shot: Joe Biden Confuses Senator Warren and Senator Warnock – Says He’s Going to Georgia, But He’s Actually Going to Boston

Wait, one is a Native American and the other is an African immigrant. How does one’s confuse the two?

The nation is going to hell in a handbasket. Idiot Biden can go to hell, and take the racist Warnock with him.