WaPo suffers self-inflicted wound in the war on the Koch brothers



It’s become very obvious that Saul Alinsky continues to live on in the democrat party and among the decerebrate left. Rule 13 says

“Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.”

The 2014 Democrat Party target is the Koch Brothers. Private citizens, they are the 2014 left wing whipping boys and the left has donned its asshats in unison.

An article in the Washington Post screams:

The biggest lease holder in Canada’s oil sands isn’t Exxon Mobil or Chevron. It’s the Koch brothers.

You might expect the biggest lease owner in Canada’s oil sands, or tar sands, to be one of the international oil giants, like Exxon Mobil or Royal Dutch Shell. But that isn’t the case. The biggest lease holder in the northern Alberta oil sands is a subsidiary of Koch Industries, the privately-owned cornerstone of the fortune of conservative Koch brothers Charles and David.

The Koch Industries subsidiary holds leases on 1.1 million acres — an area nearly the size of Delaware — in the oil sands region of Alberta, Canada, according to an activist group that studied Alberta provincial records. The Post confirmed the group’s findings with Alberta Energy, the provincial government’s ministry of energy. Separately, industry sources familiar with oil sands leases said Koch’s lease holdings could be closer to two million acres. The companies with the next biggest net acreage positions in oil sands leases are Conoco Phillips and Shell, both close behind.

Now check out this Abert Einstein quality question:

What is Koch Industries doing there? The company wouldn’t comment on its holdings or strategy, but it appears to be a long-term investment that could produce tens of thousands of barrels of the region’s thick brand of crude oil in the next three years and perhaps hundreds of thousands of barrels a few years after that.

The above article derives from the this pathetic screed:

As seen above, trashing the Earth is inherent to Canada’s tar sands trade, and the proposed Keystone XL (KXL) pipeline would accelerate tar sands “development” across Alberta, including the 1.1 million acres now discovered to be owned by the world’s two wealthiest men, Charles and David Koch.

New research from the International Forum on Globalization (IFG) confirms that Koch Industries has a huge financial interest at stake in KXL’s approval, which could become “stranded assets” if KXL is not approved. The Koch Brothers’ combined net worth ($100 billion) is far more than Bill Gates’ ($78 billion), allowing Koch to outspend all other oil companies—even Exxon—in blocking climate change policies. Koch has repeatedly denied any interest in KXL, but we now see that the very opposite is true.

There’s only one thing wrong with the WaPo story.

It’s false.

Over at Powerline, John Hinderaker dismantles it.

So the fundamental point of the Post story, which relied uncritically on a goofball far-left report, is dead wrong. Moreover, the Post story itself acknowledges that the tar sands encompass 35 million acres, so Koch’s 1.1 million comprise less than 3% of the total. The whole point of this exercise is to make the Keystone Pipeline all about Koch, and that premise is implausible from the start.

But there is much more. The Post more or less endorses IFG’s theory that the Keystone pipeline somehow would benefit Koch, even though the Post notes that there is zero evidence to that effect:

Koch’s oil production in northern Alberta is “negligible,” according to industry sources and quarterly publications of the provincial government. Moreover, Koch has not reserved any space in the Keystone XL pipeline, a process that usually takes place before a pipeline is built. The pipeline also does not run anywhere near Koch’s refining facilities. And TransCanada, owner of the Keystone routes, says Koch is not expected to be one of the pipeline’s customers.

Hinderaker continues:

And that still isn’t the worst of it. The new report by IFG, on which the entire Post story is based, merely supplements another report that IFG produced last October. The only change in the current report is that it reduced the estimate of Koch’s Alberta leases from 2 million acres to 1.1 million acres. But last October’s IFG report was a laughingstock. I wrote about it here. The astonishing thing about the IFG report is that it admitted that the Keystone Pipeline will damage Koch’s economic interests. Keystone would funnel Canadian oil to the Midwest, thereby driving down oil prices in that region. The original IFG report admitted that this would cost Koch $120 billion! Now, that is a stupid number based on a 50-year projection. But still, the basic point is correct: the Keystone Pipeline would hurt Koch Enterprises economically, which is why Koch has never come out in favor of the pipeline or lobbied on its behalf.

The IFG report hypothesized that despite this $120 billion hit, Koch would come out ahead in the long run–the very long run!–by selling two million acres worth of Alberta oil. Just one small problem: they forgot to consider the fact that the size of the Keystone Pipeline, 830,000 barrels per day, limits the speed with which Koch can recoup its $120 billion loss. As I calculated in my post, it would take 476 years for Koch to break even, using IFG’s own numbers. Now that IFG has reduced its estimate of Koch’s leasehold acreage by one-half, it will take Koch just about 1,000 years to break even if the Keystone Pipeline is constructed–again, using IFG’s own assumptions.

You can’t help but notice the source for this anti-Koch garbage:

The material about Koch and its oil sands leases has been provided to The Post by Victor Menotti, who was arrested during the anti-WTO demonstrations in Seattle back in November 1999. But he says the IFG concentrates on research and education, not direct action.

And who funds the IFG?

The group receives funding from a variety of non-profit foundations, including Park Foundation, Tides Foundation, Janelia Foundation, Tarbell Family Foundation, Cloud Mountain Foundation, Klein Family Foundation, Susie Tompkins Buell Foundation, Buckley Foundation, and European Climate Foundation.

Tides Foundation, you say? As in George Soros?

And the WaPo reporter?

Who is Post reporter Juliet Eilperin? Among other things, she is married to Andrew Light, who writes on climate policy for the Center for American Progress. The Center for American Progress is an Obama administration front group headed by John Podesta, who is a “special advisor” to the Obama administration. CAP’s web site, Think Progress, has carried out a years-long vendetta against the Koch brothers that has focused largely on the environment. Ms. Eilperin’s conflict in writing about environmental issues has already been a subject of controversy at the Post. The paper’s ombudsman should examine this latest example of Ms. Eilperin throwing facts to the winds in her eagerness to promote her (and her husband’s) far-left agenda.

So why would WaPo put on its asshat for this? You know the answer. John Hinderaker does:

Because that is a Democratic Party talking point, and the Post is a Democratic Party newspaper.

The Washington Post cheapens itself with these partisan fabrications.

The oil from the Alberta Sands is going to get sold, Keystone or not. The entire premise of the hit piece is false. And stupid. A pipeline is the safest means of transporting the oil. By the way, I was in Edmonton last week. Their economy is booming.

And as a matter of note, the single largest beneficiary of BP Oil political money as of 2010 was guess who?

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What’s facts to a liberal?

Zero has targeted the Koch brothers.
WaPo is just following orders.
No harm, no foul.
WaPo has been publishing lies for years, and not suffered for their tergiversations.
The lo-fos will read the WaPo and say, “see, Zippy was right.”
Don’t let that nasty old data confuse you. To follow Hinderaker’s argument, you have to be able to read and interpret a map. Public school grads cannot do this. So appeal to maps is invalid.
Destroy the Koch Brothers, and you send a message to anyone who contests Commander Zero and his “dismantle the United States” reconstruction.
Saul Alinksy would be proud.

It should be noted here, that unions are larger donors than the Koch brothers, and Act Blue, “the online clearinghouse for Democratic action,” is number one.

It’s also important to note, that three prominent senate Democrats, have taken Koch donations.

Maybe there’s another hospital that Collective Drones can march and chant in front of.

This is par for the course.
Too good to fact-check.
Rich Lowry exposes another one.
Which quote is from ”a racist?”

1.“Fewer young black and Latino men participate in the labor force compared to young white men. And all of this translates into higher unemployment rates and poverty rates as adults.”

“In troubled neighborhoods all across this country—many of them heavily African American—too few of our citizens have role models to guide them.”

“We know that more than half of all black children live in single-parent households…. We know the statistics—that children who grow up without a father are five times more likely to live in poverty and commit crime; nine times more likely to drop out of school and twenty times more likely to end up in prison.”

“We know young black men are twice as likely as young white men to be ‘disconnected’—not in school, not working.”


2. “We have got this tailspin of culture in our inner cities, in particular of men not working and just generations of men not even thinking about working or learning the value and the culture of work.”

Note the first quote is explicitly racial, mentioning which race is doing what over and over.
The second quote is generic, having to do with behavior, rather than race.
Both remarks are correct, btw.
So, who said #1?
Paul Ryan.

Ryan has been denounced by the Left as racist.
But not Obama.
Plus Google Search.

It’s amazing how shortsighted teabaggers are when someone is spending billions to buy our Democracy…THEIR Democracy becasue it seems to fit with their narrow and selfish agenda and and lunatic narrative. Wait and see what they do to you down the road.

You guys need to put your partisan crap away and wake up soon. Stop the stupid shit, they’re counting on us to remain divided so they can destroy the middle class

Rolling Stone had it right years ago:
The Koch Brothers – Exposed!

The Koch brothers’ real target: The entire government


Learn something….

Oh, lookie!
The WaPo tries to fight back!

In this morass of hogwash is this:

First, regarding the political leaning of the group that brought this story to our attention, our article makes clear its left-wing origins, the controversial nature of its earlier claims, and its political agenda.

Oh? They make it clear that the group was left-wing?
No, they do not.
Here’s what the original article says about the group:

The Koch Industries subsidiary holds leases on 1.1 million acres — an area nearly the size of Delaware — in the oil sands region of Alberta, Canada, according to an activist group that studied Alberta provincial records.

An “activist” group — no political leaning specified.

Second, regarding whether Koch would benefit from the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline, we make clear that many of Koch’s leases pre-date the pipeline plan, that Koch has not bid for space in the pipeline, and that Koch would not be a customer.

The activist group that is publicizing the figures about Koch holdings in the oil sands – the International Forum on Globalization – is arguing that Koch will benefit indirectly.

Note that this same group has estimated a $120 billion loss to the Koch’s economic forecasts over the long term (50 years). It takes an awful lot of “indirect benefits” to make up for $120 billion loss.


Then they claim their original statement that the Koch’s are the largest leaseholder in the province is close enough:

Third, if Koch’s lease holdings are 1.1 million acres, that would make it one of the region’s largest, rivaled only by Shell (1 million net acres through an Athabasca joint venture and perhaps 1.3 million net acres altogether), Cenovus Energy (1.5 million net acres), and perhaps Canadian Natural Resources (717,000 net undeveloped acres plus an undetermined number of developed acres). Shell declined to release its total acreage figures.

Even the “activist” group has retreated from the 2 million figure!

Finally the WaPo attacks Powerline Blog:

The Powerline article itself, and its tone, is strong evidence that issues surrounding the Koch brothers’ political and business interests will stir and inflame public debate in this election year. That’s why we wrote the piece.

Why is it that only Powerline’s tone and attitude suggests political agenda here, rather than the “activist” group’s? Or the WaPo’s?

Blaming George Bush has lost it’s glimmer. It’s a dead horse. So they had to find someone or something else. It’s the game they play and the lemmings on the left follow without question.

Right now all that diluted bitumen/tar sands oil can only be sold to Midwestern oil refineries which pay Koch bros 30% less than they would get on the world market accessed through a pipeline port this keeps the price down for American consumers
It is quite obvious that Goebbels is still alive in the hearts of the uber radical right as they continue with their attacks on Jews and the use of lies and half truths

@This one: You cite the daily kooks, rolling stone, and CNN for opinion? I need translation. I don’t understand moronese!

The Oil Sands has a present investment of over 150 billion. If the Kochs want to invest there, they are very welcome. Land leasing is the start and is very expensive at auction.

Shell has a detergent system that pipes to Edmonton and back to Fort McMurray. Its all drilling(fracking and detergent solution) and pipelines. The drilling is done on huge concrete pads. These pads have 8 to 12 legs that are directionally drilled. This much more environmentally friendly than open pit mining. Syncrude is reclaiming land at a huge rate and engineering the landscape to better than it was naturally.

On the refining front, octane can be produced at a quarter of the heat needed from distilling crude. Research has provided us with new catalysts and condensing plates.This is where investments should be made instead of Don Quixote windmills and myopic solar panels. At the moment, green energy is graft and cronyism. I hope the moonbats enjoy the latest energy news.

oil guy from Alberta says: 9

@This one: You cite the daily kooks, rolling stone, and CNN for opinion? I need translation. I don’t understand moronese!

See what I mean? You’d rather revel in your ignorance and misinformation than learn something new. Read them and show me where their facts are wrong.

@This one: You do not know the difference between facts and horse pucky. Why should anyone bother?

@This one: wow copy and paste have made this one a rocket scientist

Ah, the right is condemned to dummies and losers.

@This one:
Hey clueless the US is not a democracy. I’d give you a clue as to the correct answer but you aren’t so good with clues.

You are exactly right…continuing to blame Bush six years in has become an embarrassment. The MSM and the Left (but I repeat myself) need a new boogeyman…they thought that the Koch’s might work.

Reid began the onslaught on the floor of the Senate earlier this month…MSNBC and the Washington Post picked it up. Unfortunately, the Post’s “reporters” took it too far by making claims that are easily confirmed…or in this case not confirmed.

Wonder if Jeff Bezos will fire them? Or does he even care?

any right they mention is my right,
they are the smart of this AMERICA, WHO WILL SAVE YOU ALL,