The Manchurian President [Reader Post]

Events in the world are spinning Barack Obama around like a top. Barack Obama is ill-suited to be the President of the United States. His worldly sense is really only that of a Chicago mayor, but what Obama really should have been was the Secretary General of the UN. There he could pontificate, bluster, moralize and agonize all without meaning or intent. He could carry on the UN legacy of uselessness and failure and likely scoop up another Nobel Peace Prize for achieving nothing, to bookend his first Nobel Peace Prize for achieving nothing.

The EPA waivers begin [Reader Post]

And you’ll never guess who got one.

The Obama adminstration has issued over 700 waivers granting employers exemptions from participating in Obamacare. Among them is the SEIU, which lobbied hard to have Obamacare implemented so health care costs would be lowered. Now SEIU is exempt because complying with the new cost-lowering law would be too expensive. The SEIU contributed $28 million to the Obama campaign but has no money for Obamacare compliance.