What ANWR Really Looks Like [Reader Post]


McCain could travel all the way to Alaska to see what ANWR really looks like, and after the visit he may change his mind about drilling there. Or he can save himself the trip and watch this video. Once again, if the Republicans can use this stuff to show the American people how the whack-jobs are running the Democrat Party, he may have a chance.

Then again, if he skips the trip to Alaska, he’d miss out on a field trip with the governor, Sarah Palin.

Palin 5

Pack the bags. We leave in the morning.

More photos, video, and stuff on Sarah Palin, rumored to be on McCain’s VP list, at this post, Gov. Sarah Palin: Good Looking and Good for You.

H/T Intercept Point (no link) at Free Republic

From The Patriot Room

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Palin for VP!!!

Not only is she well qualified, with successful executive leadership at local and state levels (a lot more experienced than Obama or even McCain on the executive front), but her conservative credentials are solid where they count – which is what McCain needs.

In addition, all the PO’d feminists who wanted to see Hillary in the White House would now have another option – as there is a real possibility that McCain might not get through a full one or two terms.

Not to mention she’s a hottie. 🙂

I think Team McCain has already made the calculations, and it’s gonna be Sarah Palin, with whom McCain also happens to feel very comfortable and compatible. McCain/Palin should make for a very powerful ticket.

Sarah’s extremely hot (in a girl-next-door kind of way) and a great woman/lady.

I hope she goes far in American politics.

But would she run with McCain and have to defend his baseless opposition to drilling in the ANWR wasteland?

From an ALASKAN of 66 years [I was very small] who is very involved in HER future: YOU MAY HAVE SARAH Palin, she couldn’t do as much damage with McCain as she has in a year and half in ALASKA—conservative she is NOT! SHE is willful and like a little girl wanting everything HER way, as she bashes the finest men and women of Alaska in her bulldozing manner! You can have her, I’ll even VOTE FOR THAT TICKET!

Be sure you also TAKE the the UNION organizer on the north slope, hubby too–“The First Dude”.

And, I have spent some time on this one: John McCain HAS been to Anchorage, BUT HE HAS NEVER EVER been to the north slope oil areas, nor has he ever been to ANWR–he has always refused. That’s really well informed, huh? It ‘s a FREE trip , you and I pay for it!!

Dozens ans dozens of Congressmen and women have visited the NS and ANWR over the past 40 years!

We are talking about 2000 ACRES [a nice farm size] of actual drilling area–the head of a proverbial pin on the backside of an elephant!!!

DRILL NOW AMERICA to PROTECT OURSELVES, DRILL ANWR, DRILL OFFSHORE in AK and around our country: more oil is leaked on to the EARTH and into the SEAS by nature, than MAN has ever ACCOMPLISHED!!! The earth and seas also HEAL as well as after fires, and nature’s other disasters.

I like her… No… I love her. She’s my Queen now.

As long as John don’t sneak on her, I will allow her to pick my Queen as VP.

If he does, I’m gonna shoot him with my rifle.

McCain/Palin 2008. Coming to us in January 2009. Stay tuned.

On serious note,

Palin has 10 years now of Executive Experience as a mother and wife. Both governor and mayor.

The two candidates are just legislators.

Palin has better qualifications than the two.

Vote for Palin for President! err… VP only for the mean time.

Palin has 10 years now of Executive Experience as a mother and wife.

I hope that you wingnuts will jump all over this just as you did with Hillary.

John McCain to support drilling in ANWR, biggest news from Palin/Gipson interview.