Screw You! I am Outta Here G.O.P. [Reader Post]

To whomever this may concern

It’s been a relationship that has been on the skids since 2010. I tried to make it work, but after I saw that I was the only one making any concessions in our waning relationship I realized that you no longer considered our relationship worth saving. Instead of wasting each other’s time let me just pack up my vote and get the hell out of here. Goodbye Republican Party. It was fun while it lasted.

Romney-Santorum [Reader Post]

Mitt Romney will beat Barack Obama and he will beat Obama for the same reasons some conservatives don’t like him. I am well aware that some of my fellow authors here find Romney less than ideal but I do believe the future of this country depends on Barack Obama being defeated in November and a Romney-Santorum ticket is just what is needed.