Only the deceit is transparent [Reader Post]


Barack Obama promised his administration set a new standard in transparency:

I will also hold myself as president to a new standard of openness …. Let me say it as simply as I can: Transparency and the rule of law will be the touchstones of this presidency.

Obama even issued a memo

My Administration is committed to creating an unprecedented level of openness in Government. We will work together to ensure the public trust and establish a system of transparency, public participation, and collaboration. Openness will strengthen our democracy and promote efficiency and effectiveness in Government.

He declared his to be the most transparent and ethical administration- ever:


Perhaps it wasn't clear what Obama meant when he said it would be a “new standard.” Richard Windsor, aka Lisa Jackson, head of the EPA, is doing things that one might not consider “transparent.”

The name Richard Windsor may sound innocuous, but it is allegedly one of the secret “alias” email accounts used by Obama EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson.

“That is the name — sorry, one of the alias names — used by Obama’s radical EPA chief to keep her email from those who ask for it,” Chris Horner, senior fellow at the Competitive Enterprise Institute and author of the new book “The Liberal War on on Transparency,” told the Daily Caller News Foundation in an email.

In his book, Horner revealed the existence of “alias” email accounts used by EPA administrators. The first such transparency dodge, he writes, came from Carol Browner, former director of the Obama White House Office of Energy and Climate Change Policy and Bill Clinton’s EPA administrator.

“You remember Ms. Browner, the lady who suddenly ordered her computer hard driv

e reformatted and backup tapes erased, hours after a federal court issued a ‘preserve’ order … that her lawyers at the Clinton Justice Department insisted they hadn’t yet told her about?” Horner told TheDC News Foundation. “The one who said it’s all good because she didn’t use her computer for email anyway? That one.”

And apparently it isn't an isolated incident:

Horner said two former “fairly senior” EPA officials contacted him while he was researching his book, and gave him the name of one of the email alias names used by EPA Chief Jackson.

“Richard Windsor” was just “[o]ne of the alternate email addresses she used,” according to Horner, meaning there could be more.

Congress has caught wind of this:

A House committee has launched an investigation into whether EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson used an email alias to try to hide correspondence from open-government requests and her agency’s own internal watchdog — something that Republican lawmakers said could run afoul of the law.

The science committee has asked Ms. Jackson to turn over all information related to an email account under the name of “Richard Windsor,” which is one of the aliases identified by a researcher looking into the EPA.

The committee has also asked the White House’s lawyer and EPA’s inspector general to look into the matter and report back by the end of this month, saying that the secret email accounts could have been used to keep key information from official watchdogs as well as the public.

Let's be clear. There's only one reason people do this- to avoid scrutiny and oversight. It is the epitome of deceit. It is the antithesis of transparency.

If indeed this is happening it means that Jackson and this administration are actively subverting the transparency process and it cannot be for the good. Given the heavy-handedness of the EPA, Jackson's actions serve as a red flag warning us against the continued trashing of democracy.

But since Obama has declared his administration ethical and transparent don't be looking for the Obama lapdogs like Brian Williams, Chuck Todd, Lester Holt, Scott Pelley to even question it. It's a settled issue.

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Look back on Obama’s promise.
He ONLY said “New Standard.”
He did NOT say his new standard would be MORE transparent.
Only that it would be new.
Apparently it is a pretty LOW standard.
I seem to recall White House officials meeting with lobbyists off the White House grounds just so the lobbyists didn’t need to be logged in.
And Obama has gotten around that fairly specific promise to put legislation on-line for three days for public reading/comment by simply never having any legislation. (Except ”ObamaCare,” which he ignored the 3 day rule on.)
He does almost all his work by going AROUND Congress.
Those Constitutional checks and balances would just slow him down.

“………..the most transparent and ethical administration- ever”:

@Nan G:

Well, it seems that “transparency” isn’t much of an issue any more. Seems Umbama has let slip his true intentions (again?)

Which businesses support whom?

@plainjane31: Thanks for that, Jane!

You’re really stretching to find fault with the Obama administration.

@Liberal1 (Objectivity):

If the accusations prove true, there would be only one reason for them to happen- to escape oversight. You might also remember this:

Biden has closed door meeting on transparency

I don’t think anyone will believe in his transparency, just by the secrecy he used to be elected,
his group of scientist came from GOOGLE to work UNDERNEATH A WAREHOUSE which was hidden from all the top floor where multiple laptops and young students working only on the election,
but down below they where using the high theck most advance sheem to win the election,
by controling millions of people.,
it was known only after the election votes declared.