Obama suffers from Presidentile Dysfunction


We can all agree that the one thing Barack Obama is skilled at is blaming others for everything. He wanted the most responsible job on Earth yet he takes no responsibility for anything. Before he was elected Barack Obama was Superman.

He was faster than a speeeding bullet. He was more powerful than a locomotive. He was able to leap tall buildings in a single bound. He could bend steel in his own hands. In fact, he could bend steel with his mind.

Once he he was elected and he fell victim to Presidentile Dysfunction- a very special type of impotency. It is caused a by a particular and uncommon type of Kryptonite – not green, red or white, but Blame Kryptonite. Blame Kryptonite that has claimed little Barack. Exposure to Blame Kryptonite results in the afflicted blaming everyone else for everything.

He blames George Bush

He blames ATMs

He blames speculators

He blames Europe

He blames energy costs

He blames Fox News

He blames Congress

He blames the GOP

A search “Obama blames” comes up with 37 million hits.

He’s powerless. He can’t get anything done- not in three years, two of which with a democrat-controlled Congress, and not even with $5 trillion dollars.

Why re-elect an impotent man? He says he needs more time, but since everything is someone else’s fault and it’s all beyond his abilities why give him more time to be unsuccessful?

What we really need is George Bush. That guy was powerful. He was so powerful that he makes Barack Obama look like a poster boy for Viagra.

Bush could control the economy, but Obama cannot.

Bush could control gas prices, but Obama cannot.

Bush could control world events, but Obama cannot.

Now he wants to be re-elected because he’s impotent. Maybe Obama could use some of these:

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A day or so after Obama met with GW and Laura Bush for the unveiling of his official portrait at the White House, Some spokesperson of Obama’s claimed that Obama was only the President and couldn’t really help or hurt the economy.
Oddly ironic, because for over three years Obama (and all of Obama’s spokespeople) have been blaming Bush for causing the economic recession Obama inherited. And even AFTER this statement he and they went right back to blaming Bush for the poor economic recovery.

I think people who do not know history are bound to repeat the mistakes of history.
2008 Americans, untaught about what it means to ”not to buy a pig in a poke,” chose Obama.
Obama was a framer, an empty frame whereupon one could look and see whatever he or she wished.
Empty frames have been charismatic enough to become leaders before.
If schools went back to teaching the 3 r’s and HOW to think rather than WHAT to think this never would have happened.
Our union-taught under 40’s are victims of revisionist/propagandists who have forced the cards of liberalism, white guilt, and central planning on them.

No need to go into such detail, incompetence covers it all!!

Yep. What this country needs is a man who really wears some magic underwear.

Faster than a speeding rabbit, and over twice as prolific. It’s a bird! It’s a plane! IT’S BAIN MAN!

Bush could control the economy. . .

Really? And all this time I’ve been giving Bush the benefit of the doubt, assuming that the 2008 economic train wreck wasn’t deliberate.

@Greg: What in the world are you trying to say now. Are you saying Bush was or was not responsible for the economy?? Are you saying 0-bama, although given over $830 Billion to waste, has no responsibility for the economy? Let’s see, Bush had 9/11 and 0-bama had $830 billion. Hmmmm.

@Common Sense: Bush was or was not responsible for the economy?? Are you saying 0-bama, although given over $830 Billion to waste, has no responsibility for the economy? Let’s see, Bush had 9/11 and 0-bama had $830 billion. Hmmmm.

I love your point.
Remember after 9-11-01 when Bush took criticism for telling America to exude confidence, to get their lives back to normal, to go shopping?
What has been Obama’s response to our national recession?
Give whatever money you might have spent on that wedding gift, that graduation gift, that birthday gift to ME!
And Obama wasn’t joking!
He even set up a way to prove you really had given to HIM instead of putting your money into our flailing economy!

DrJohn – I love the Pic of Ofraud with the same stance as Superman! What a chuckle I got…That’s great!!

I’m thinking perhaps a lot of people who ‘don’t see through’ OFraud and his incompetence….are perhaps made out of the same mold…which may be why the [dysfunctional] gravitate to him….or they are so desperate to ‘believe’…they cannot [or don’t want to] ‘see’ beyond their nose….

I saw a Leader who was ‘hands off’ and not directly ‘involved’ in matters, passing much off to his congress…and administration – getting ‘briefed’… in between – Golf Games… and campaigning..

BTW for all the Bush blamer’s out there…. there was a Democratic Congress/Senate for much of 2 years prior to OFraud coming into the Picture – It seems to me there is Plenty of Blame to go around….aside from that, a ‘true Leader’ would shoulder the blame him or her self…fix it and move on…not dwell in it.

I give credit to Ofraud [for the decision only] in getting Bin Laden….other than that, he’s an empty suit…

… Oh, wait! His suit isn’t empty!!…. it’s filled with platitudes, talking points, lots of ‘me’ me’ me’, ‘I’ ‘I’ ‘I’ …and.. platitudes and talking points..and ‘me’..

@FAITH7: As usual, well said FAITH7!! When 0-bama was elected I think there was such a HATE BUSH BAD BUSH atmosphere created by the Democrats and the idea of a Black Messiah was just too appealing to pass up. In addition it was and is very very clear that this guy was not vetted AT ALL by the MSM. Consequently we got what we voted for. Yes, an empty suit. Sadly we got much much worse. We got lie after lie to get elected and then cover up, corruption, and racism to add on to the mess. Some things to remember was his committment to the unemployment rate which he failed, closure of Gitmo which he failed, shovel ready projects which did NOT exist, Solyndra,o-bmacare, Fast and Furious and on and on. Every single time 0-bama got nailed for his failures he just blames Bush and the Republicans and continues to fail. He has proven to be the most disgusting and disgraceful President in history and that’s saying a lot given the likes of Carter, Slick, LBJ, and maybe even Nixon. Sadly 0-bama has proven to be worst ever!! Hopefully America will realize what a failed President this guy is and change course before it’s too late for America!!

Common Sense – You say: “Every single time 0-bama got nailed for his failures he just blames Bush and the Republicans and continues to fail.” I say: “my point exactly” … And you are correct to keep putting out there all his ‘failures’…even though it’s beginning to become ‘cumbersome’ we must not let people forget those, so thanks for posting them.

I see your frustration in some of your comments of late…you are not alone in your frustrations…the issues we face these days can no doubt become overwhelming at times…especially for patriots who really love America…and it is these times where real ‘hope’ and ‘action’ is needed…so keep the Faith…