Trump’s Long Term Vision

Well into his second year in the Oval Office, President Trump has, by any objective measure of pro-freedom and applied common sense, accomplished more that most Presidents in memory.  That is, “more” with respect to moving America positively forward as a successful Nation, rather than allowing it to recede into stagnant oblivion, rushing over the cliff of socialism and into the abyss of communism.

Congratulations President Trump

June 1, 2017 President Trump stood at a White House podium and announced that he was standing up for America, for Americans, and for American jobs. He proved he was against the globalist, no-border crowd occupying much of California and New York, as well as Europe, as he withdrew from the Paris Climate Agreement. President Trump’s stand even drew Goldman Sachs CEO Loyd Blankfein out of his globalist closet long enough for his first tweet ever, stating “today’s decision is a setback for the environment and the U.S.’s leadership position in the world.”

Sessions Recusing – A First Big Mistake

Jeff Sessions, President Trump’s just appointed Attorney General, recused himself today from the investigation into the left’s fake pretence that Russia meddled with the Presidential elections and had ties to …

The MSM’s Destruction Of The Democratic Party

Swept-up in the energy created by President Trump’s journey to the Nation’s podium to take the oath of office, is a sea of grateful Republicans. Across America Republicans have leaped to majorities in 67 state legislatures and control of 37 governorships. Over the past eight years Democrats have relinquished 800 seats in state legislatures, relegating the party to its weakest condition in almost a century. Is the fate of the Democratic party sealed? Not yet.

The Coming War On America — by Soros/Obama/Democrat

The Obama departure from the Oval Office is going as expected. Landmines have been laid, grenades have been jettisoned, lies have been repeated, and “I’m the greatest President in history and I’m not going anywhere,” has been proclaimed. Bloating of the dangerously large government bureaucracy with entrenched operatives is getting some final bloating gas to ensure a protraction of the socialist mindset which will make a reversal all but impossible.