The End of The Nation State America?


Signing The Constitution

On August 2, 1776, in the hushed silence pervading Independence Hall’s Assembly Room, in Philadelphia, fifty six Congress members signed The Declaration of Independence. Some signed furtively, some with aplomb, like the first signer John Hancock, President of The Continental Congress, but all signed the pivotal parchment with resolve, knowing that appending their signatures would alter their lives irreversibly and place each one in mortal danger. They validated and affirmed Independence from the British Empire in a document prepared by a Committee composed of John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, Robert Livingston, and Roger Sherman.

Thomas Jefferson’s eloquence and common sense produced the first draft and eventually under the watchful eye of its editor and the oldest signatory, Benjamin Franklin, thirteen States Declared their grievances against King George III, calling him “unfit to be the ruler of a free people” and they asserted certain natural and legal rights. They solemnly announced their independence from tyranny. Jefferson later explained that The Declaration of Independence was intended to be an expression of the American mind and persuade the world to see common sense. One Declaration declares of the King, “He has refused his Assent to Laws, the most wholesome and necessary for the public good.”

The Declaration was printed and distributed throughout the States, however it was not until January 1777, that the Continental Congress decided to print the Declaration of Independence revealing a complete list of the signatories, choosing Mary Katherine Goddard, a determined entrepreneur and publisher of the Maryland Journal in Baltimore, to do its printing.

The Declaration rebelled against a foreign force, uniting a collection of States behind a focussed struggle. It proclaimed what became the first successful rebellion against British Colonialism, and the first Nation State Republic that became the most formidable force for liberty in the world.

As we witness the purposeful disorder being perpetrated on America, the moral decay, and the political, financial and corporate corruption, the feelings imbued in the Declaration against King George III hold today for millions of Americans as much as they did 245 years ago.

A full decade passed before the Constitution of the United States was signed. The consequential event that created an independent and sovereign Nation, took place on September 17, 1787, also at Independence Hall in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Americans and millions of individuals throughout the world have understood the meaning of The Constitution and what it created and gifted to humanity. The Constitution has been and continues to be a magnet for people everywhere seeking liberty. Even if they’ve never read The Constitution, they know what it wrought and they yearn for a taste of it in their lives.

And yet, . . . the unique Nation that is America and its history changing Constitution today stand in the way of the international movement by Globalists to end the Nation State America.

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In The Big “Why” Of The Western World, I explored the mindset of the leadership manipulating the international consciousness guiding the insanity purposely degrading America, its morality, its economy, its population, and its standing.

Their opulent moral bankruptcy comfortably accepts that their end justifies their means. Such self-righteous arrogance and superiority is oblivious to restrictions, or to boundaries that might in any fashion limit their own aberrations, distortions, or perversions. Their mindsets render The Constitution and Laws inconsequential to their own actions. Those are beneath them while the government bureaucracies they have brought under their influence become weapons annihilating all opposition.

The Marxist ideology has invaded America’s colleges, universities, endless institutions and organizations from coast to coast, including the US military, unions and media, vast government bureaucracies, the FBI, and much of the judicial system, creating millions of shills. These invasive and culture-degrading accomplices are directed by those who control the money – Globalist senior bankers, central banks, particularly The Fed, trillion dollar companies and the billionaires that Wall Street spawned. The manipulators are narcissists whose words and actions betray them. Just read what the World Economic Forum leaders and attendees have to say.

To move consciousness they use all weapons in their arsenal forcing national leaders to accept such things as man-made climate change to launch a war against CO2 with religious fervour. Their key is to instill fear in all of humanity in order to install world governance as the only answer.


They promote trans humanism with equal religious fervour as if their elitist pomposity could lead to a socially and technologically engineered humanity more compliant to their whims. This conforms with their ‘traditional family’ reengineering and replacement plans where communities will raise all children. Just look up what Marx’s Communist Manifesto intended for the Family.

The ultimate shock to America is it’s Bankruptcy. Bankruptcy insinuates a complete revamping of the economic system from the ground up. If the Globalists succeed, the revamping will be complied with because of the resident, pervasive and festering Fear across America.

Through ceaseless hammering and droning of the same repetitive, negative, accusatory and savage memes, they seek to solidify a schism of dissonance amongst Americans. The lies bombarding America effectively move many citizens to question their own values, their morals, what they know and what they hold dear. You don’t need to be religious to feel confident that God exists, however, either way, you face ‘cancellation’ if you haven’t been moved to accept the left’s atheistic doctrine.

The articulate visionary and Framer of The Constitution, Thomas Jefferson, wrote, “God, who gave us life, gave us liberty. Can the liberties of a nation be secure when we have removed a conviction that these liberties are the gift of God?”

The Power of The American Constitution stands firmly in the path of the Globalist will to destroy the Nation. We have repeatedly witnessed attempts from the left to despotically and overtly stomp on The Constitution. The Democrat Justice department has ignored the First Amendment’s protection, and recently disregarded the Sixth Amendment in its persecution and prosecution of Jan. 6 Capitol demonstration attendees who did nothing more than be ‘present’. The trillions of dollars they are now creating through taxpayer indebtedness will be applied to further institutionalize the indoctrination across all of America and dissolve The Constitution.

All Americans know their cost of living has increased dramatically under the current regime, and regardless what lies are being told about temporary inflation, most Americans may not be aware that M1 (money supply) has exploded at an extraordinary 33% rate this year. This effectively ‘bakes in’ inflation for the long haul as the dollar’s debasement continues to erode the taxpayer’s buying power and confidence. This destructive trend to manipulate America’s economy by the state, can only be altered by a complete reversal of monetary policy.

All of this chaos is purposeful and committed to unravelling the orderliness that The Constitution intends for the Nation. The left and its Globalist masters infect society with fear and anxiety through abhorrent programs such as those convincing Americans and even their youngest children that they are systemically racist.

Other than screaming their favourite ad homonyms of racism and voter ignorance, the left will not present rational arguments for their actions, or even confirm their irrational, hateful and hostile positions. Too many knowingly refuse to see, or hear the lies and the malice coming from the Administration and Democrats rushing to subdue America and diminish the greatest Nation in human history to the ranks of ‘has-been,’ to be restrained under the boot of a faceless foreign global governance.

America must reaffirm its confidence that the miracle of creativity that was energized by its Constitution, and now being suppressed by the left, will spread once more, and with determination lift spirits to counter the chaos and produce a continuation of all that is positive in the American spirit.

We look forward to a widespread reappearance of spiritual and intellectual progress that will sustain the health of America, its sovereignty and the Liberty is holds sacred as originally intended by its brave and visionary signatories.

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The end of the Nation as we know it, perhaps. The Nation of America is alive and well, just with a cancerous growth on it.

There are two Americas existing on top of each other, presenting. One supports democratic processes and the Constitution (Trump and most of the GOP). The Other America supports Marxism and Fascism, by both their speech and their actions.

One America believes in the content of your character and not your race.

The Other America wants a racial caste system where a never-ending series of slights allows them to rig election and censor their enemies.

The separation of these two Americas will most likely decouple itself as people move to different states and those states start to band together, at least in purpose and stated belief.

The Federal Government, however, is compromised and does not represent the unity of the states. This false-government should be abolished and reformed if possible, without paid-Chinese plants and ideological zealots installed in the FBI.

The Other America isn’t America at all, I’m afraid.

I agree, and honestly I hope that the simple truths that America embodies will pull the “other Americans” back from their indoctrination.

Those forcing lies on us do it ONLY to disrupt and destroy unity. From the lie that boys can be girls, can become pregnant, and become mothers to the lie that white people are racist because they are white. The Marxism in the past, today and in the future, is but a tool to destroy. The American Republic was the only form of government that attempted to make ALL subject to the same laws, levels of punishment, and regulations. The elite, whether Kings, Queens, Lords, Ladies, Dictators, or government by an unelected group, are all the same. It is about a return to a nation and a world, governed by the self appointed ELITES, over the lower class. The only way to rise above the lower class is to be useful to the upper class. They will move you into a better apartment, with better food, and nice schools for children. The kicker to that is, if you piss them off, or get injured, you are out in the street like the rest of the hopeless homeless.

There is nothing like a heavy dose of leftism to wake people up and we are getting that now. Those controlling idiot Biden are enacting their agenda is the most heavy-handed methods possible and they do so despite mounting opposition and displeasure with the methods and outcomes. However, they continue unabated despite an approaching election. What do they have up their sleeve?

The indications are that the disastrous and failed first year of idiot Biden’s regime (at least from a perspective that expects government to do things to make a nation stronger and better) will result in an election defeat of the Democrats on an historic scale, yet they do not adjust, do not amend, do not change course one bit. I find this VERY concerning and disturbing, as if they have no intention of allowing a free and fair election in 2022. We’ll see, I guess, but I feel everyone should be very attentive.

However I believe the effects of 3 November are long term as evidenced by Virginia. 2022 and 2024 should replicate Virginia by having an overwhelming presence for both in person as well as absentee voting verification. Universal and at large vote by mail if still occurring should be intensely scrutinized.

I believe the left knows they are in a position to lose both houses by historical margins.
So, many of the old dogs are punching out because they do not want to end their careers in the minority. They know if they really want to fuck this country, this will be their last rodeo.

we will never get this right, biggest problem is humans, they promise & do not follow through. If the current & 100 yr old Professional Political Pimps in there now think(who are 70’s & 80’s 50+ years) it’s LIFETIME employment! n become very wealthy, when they are elected they don’t have ears for us anymore! they don’t give a rats behind what we say, because they know we are not mad enough to do anything to them. TERM LIMITS! TERM LIMITS, STOP THE GRAVY TRAIN AND THE DESTRUCTION OF OUR COUNTRY, THROW THEM OUT AFTER TERM!!

With term limits, in the final term there would be no accountability to the people who elected you at all, and the prospect of BIG REWARDS in the immediate future from any special interests that you pleased.

I wonder if a public declaration of citizens that they don’t accept the elections as legal will be in order?

There is no real reason for mail in’s. next door neighbor, “I hate standing in line to vote. all these people with germs.” What a true American can you find in him????????????????
Just a note, white bread is now racist, just like the truth being a new hate crime.

The igloo coolers stand in line now, so you don’t have to.

The nation ended when Democrats couldn’t stop themselves from just losing honorably and looking for a better platform.

They are an unelected dictatorship now.

People have multiple jobs, with inadequate time off to vote. Some parents have small children they can’t leave alone or take with them. Some people are disabled, too old, too ill, or too busy tending to people who are to travel to their polling places and wait in voting lines, which in many cases involve HOURS in line—sometimes by design. Some people have transportation problems, living many miles from their polling places. In 2020, we were in the middle of a pandemic. Informed people didn’t want to stand in lines waiting to enter crowded polling places. I realize you don’t believe 770 thousand Americans are now dead because of it in less than two year, but they actually are.

There’s no real reason why there SHOULDN’T be mail in voting—other than the fact that this would result in bigger voter turnouts, which DO NOT favor the people who want to make voter access easier. There are provisions to conduct virtually all other important and consequential business in life without being required to put in a personal appearance.

…which DO NOT favor the people who want to make voter access LESS EASY.

greggie, you are still a simpleton! Wonder why they don’t follow your advice in Delaware? You keep using the same old excuses when none are valid.

You’ll lie and game the system again when you see the majority will still vote non-Democrat with mail in voting.

Dems/Autocrats don’t win on merit, they just change the game and pretend to win.

We’ll be cleaning this up in the years to come, so make you’re employer is prepared, troll.

And there is early voting and vote by mail to accommodate the VERY, VERY few in those circumstances. However, Democrats want vote by mail to be universal and to send ballots out to everyone whether they request one or not. This provides ample opportunity to not only collect up unclaimed ballots and vote them but also, as long as they aren’t checking signatures (or even requiring them) the opportunity to simply print up all the voted ballots they feel they need.

Which is exactly what Democrats did in 2020. Democrats MUST HAVE FRAUD.

Utter nonsense. Your Party is using the poor and the dumb to harvest votes.

If you can’t be trusted to fill out a ballot and deliver it legally, you shouldn’t get to vote.

Anyone who comes to get your vote is doing so criminally.

There MUST be basic hurdles to voting. If not, you can just game the vote with mass propaganda, making it easy for the ignorant to simply vote out of their indoctrination while the indoctrinators collect their brainwashed ballot.

It’s not democracy and it’s not Constitutionally legal.

Even so, Trump won the mail-in ballot war and they still had to rig the election, telegraphing the steal with some un-knowable information like “Leftists will vote by mail more than non-Leftists” so no one questions when 100,000s of votes materialize in the night when counting is closed.

Right now, a popular vote with clean voting rolls and honest counting would have Trump winning an election, for a third time.

I’m all for mail in voting, but you losers will change the laws AGAIN when it doesn’t go your way.

Americans do not like Democrats and do not acknowledge Biden as anything more than an installed puppet.

We have no Federal Government presently, and conscientious states and citizens are deciding what to do with out Republic, moving forward, to save it from the Communist goons who are dug in like ticks in our bureaucracy.

We ARE in a cold Civil War.

People should wonder why Biden, and his minions, are doing their worst to get rid of all conservatives, and Christians, from the Military and police forces …. and to gut the 2nd Amendment.
What do ‘they’ plan to do once they accomplish this?
THAT is a MAJOR concern!

Globalist Marxism. That’s the play.

They view themselves as a monarchy and we the people are their subjects.

You VOTED FOR one one of the billionaires at the top of the food chain, James.

Odd he cared more for this country and the people than his billions. Meanwhile, idiot Biden and his son sells this country out for MORE millions than they already have. What utter trashy scum. YOU support them.

A billionaire who LITERALLY used a billion of his own money, then didn’t take a paycheck? The guy who said “no lobbyists” and then had all the big billionaires pay billions to Biden and still rig the election?”

You’re goddamn right we did.

You voted for big money, big banks, and big tech.

You’re the crony capitalist.

Trump equals normal Americans, right to pursue happiness, and the knowledge you have to give to receive. Hell, he gave a Billion in his own money to run his own campaign.

Biden equals lining pockets of donors, being bought by our enemies for political influence, and just basic corrupt crony authoritarianism.

Prove me wrong?

You can’t.

Nathan Blue,

And the Marxists cannot admit that Trump actually loves America, . . . which they hate openly.

Bullshit lies of the Marxist left:

Lie #1) People have multiple jobs, with inadequate time off to vote.

Truth: Federal law requires employers to grant employees adequate time off to go vote.

Lie #2) Some parents have small children they can’t leave alone or take with them.

Truth: Parents are allowed to take under voting age children with them to the voting booth. Those children are under 18.

Lie #3) Some people are disabled, too old, too ill, or too busy tending to people who are to travel to their polling places and wait in voting lines, which in many cases involve HOURS in line—sometimes by design.

Truth: the only places where there are long voting lines are mainly in Democrat controlled cities. If those people are too busy tending to (other) people, what do they do when they have to go to a grocery store or a personal doctors appointment? This is such a b/s lie.

Lie #4) Some people have transportation problems, living many miles from their polling places.

Truth: if transportation problems are so prevalent, how do they manage to grocery shop, go to church, visit a doctor’s office or get to the feed store?

Lie #5) In 2020, we were in the middle of a pandemic. Informed people didn’t want to stand in lines waiting to enter crowded polling places.

Truth: A pandemic caused by China which Comrade Greggie refuses to acknowledge. And what was the issue with standing in line? We were told by Fuhrer Fauci that masks were the answer to all exposure and to be double safe, double the masks you wore.

“I realize you don’t believe 770 thousand Americans are now dead because of it in less than two year, but they actually are.”

More Americans have died from the Kung flu under Biden than did under Trump. Another fact you go out of your way to ignore.

Lie #6) There’s no real reason why there SHOULDN’T be mail in voting—other than the fact that this would result in bigger voter turnouts, which DO NOT favor the people who want to make voter access easier.

Truth: Even Jimmy Carter understood that mail in voting was rife with fraud and did not support it. But of course, knowing that, Comrade Greggie, who has no problem with Democrats stealing elections, understands that mail in voting theft is a positive, not a negative.

The Founders left voting procedures up to the State legislative bodies. Marxist bastards like Greggie and Nancy Pelosi need to stay out of it.

“There are provisions to conduct virtually all other important and consequential business in life without being required to put in a personal appearance.”

Tell that to the Judge when you fail to show up for a court appearance.

Troll greg spews so much disinformation by the standards set by the left he should be imprisoned.

Your responses are predictable boilerplate BULLSHIT responses, as any actual voter having one or more of the mentioned problems would tell you.

The particulars of time off from work to vote are a STATE BY STATE determination, NOT federal. They’re often no more than a token concession to a citizen’s civic responsibility. Consider Alabama, for example, since it’s alphabetically the first state to come up.

From Alabama Code Title 17. Elections § 17-1-5:

“The necessary time off shall not exceed one hour and if the hours of work of the employee commence at least two hours after the opening of the polls or end at least one hour prior to the closing of the polls, then the time off for voting as provided in this section shall not be available.”

For a great many working people one hour wouldn’t even be sufficient to get to and from the polling place, let alone stand in the long lines that OTHER calculated policies have created.

I’m happy to hear only democrats are too stupid ,low IQ, moronic to figure out how/where/when to vote. Republicans clearly are not affected by these laws that cover everyone.

The issue is any one of a number of real world situations that can make voting in person very difficult. Voters are not in those situations because of stupidity.

Nor are they too stupid to understand what state-level republicans are up to.

American democracy could live or die, depending upon what happens in the next two elections.

So, your answer is to cheat?

Allowing everyone who is qualified to vote easy access to the ballot box IS NOT cheating.

Voting by mail can be every bit as secure as standing in line on election day. No actual evidence exists that it isn’t. No one objects to making the process even more secure—except for people who have ulterior motives for wanting it totally eliminated.

But illegally changing the election laws so that signatures on ballots are not verified, ballots can keep being counted days after the election without date stamps, voter rolls are not maintained, vote harvesting and eliminating oversight and chain of custody is cheating. And that is exactly what Democrats did and intend to do again and again and again.

Do you want evidence of actual, documented efforts to cheat? Stay tuned for evidence-backed conclusions of the January 6 committee.

The TRUTH is that The Steal WAS stopped.

Where else would 50k addresses from a vacant lot vote from without vote by mail?

The idea that “50k addresses from a vacant lot” were counted comes straight out of some right-wing propagandist’s imagination. And YOU have no link to any documentation that proved differently. People can say any damn thing they want, and some will believe them without question.

The TRUTH is that The Steal WAS Stopped.

The steak was not stopped. biden was installed unconstitutionality


Trump lost the election by a very wide margin because a very wide margin of voters have figured Trump out. I don’t know why you can’t.

Why bother you wouldnt accept it anyway.
Have you bothered to look at the WEC issue?

He doesn’t “bother” citing evidence for such claims because no evidence exists to be cited.

I have no idea what “the WEC issue” refers to.

The evidence has been given, over and over again.

“It doesn’t exist” isn’t an argument.

But to your point, many things HAVE been covered up and erased over time. That’s what cheaters do. Cover up their fraud.

Why would we trust you jerks to come clean?

The pure incompetence of Biden is the biggest proof of his illegitimacy. No one could win an election and be Joe Biden…not without Eric Coomer, igloo coolers, phantom zip drives, and boxes under the table….and sudden changes in election law after a curiously timed non-pandemic.

The only thing you’ve “won” is a cold Civil War in which over the half the nation now ignores the Federal Government and it’s puppet in his fake WH at his fake desk, executing his fake presidency.

“The evidence has been given, over and over again.”
You’ve said so again and again, but it still isn’t true.

There is absolutely NO credible evidence of ANY significant election fraud in 2020. If there were, it would all be laid out in one place for public examination. IT ISN’T.

If I’m wrong, post a link to the website.

People have donated $100 Million to Trump SINCE THE S.O.B. LEFT THE WHITE HOUSE, so it isn’t like he doesn’t have the money to post all of the evidence on a website. HE HASN’T DONE IT BECAUSE THE EVIDENCE DOESN’T EXIST.

He HAS created low-budget PAC websites to scam even more money off of you. You should read the fine print on the disclosure pages.

He’s using the money to pay legal costs to fight personal and corporate lawsuits.

It was fully documented in 2016 that he used over a quarter-of-a-million from his dissolved charity to pay private and corporate legal fees.

How long does it take people to figure this guy out?

“There is absolutely NO credible evidence of ANY significant election fraud in 2020.”

Oh, OK, no SIGNIFICANT election fraud in 2020. So why don’t you tell us how many fraudulent votes are OK with you asshole Democrats? 100? 1,000? 1,000,000?

And you asking for a link to prove anything is a pathetic joke. You don’t accept the truth, you only come here, with the Marxist philosophy sticking out of your ass, and preach that philosophy. Marx recognized people like you. He called you “useful idiot.” It’s the one thing he was right about.

I think Greg is obsessed and upset. He hates having to pretend not to believe in election fraud.

State Farm Arena, for one. You’ve never provided an explanation. Fraud. And lots of it, scooter.

Of course you dont, your media has tried its best to smother that one. Wisconsin Election Committee
breaking election laws they were sworn to uphold.
Maybe look at what the sheriff of Racine has to say.

5 of the 6 members of WEC should be before a jury of their peers.

Trump got the most verified legal votes of ANYONE in the history of they United States. No one will let Biden’s votes be check after the preponderance of credible evidence showed election fraud.

Biden won nothing, certainly not with a telegraphed rigged election and a planned pandemic.

Try again.

Look at idiot Biden’s approvals after 10 months. He never won; he never had the support. Election fraud put him in office and the entire world is suffering for it.

He’s So Lost: Joe Biden Reads “End of Quote” Off of TelePrompter During Speech

Biden Tells Americans Struggling to Pay For Food and Gas They Need “Perspective” – Hours Before He Jets Off to $30 Million Nantucket Estate

The Bidens DON’T OWN an estate in Nantucket. They have a family tradition of visiting Nantucket. They had invitations to stay with several friends in the area. It hasn’t been disclosed where they’re visiting over the Thanksgiving holiday.

No one said the estate was his.

As he lets the country burn, he’s going to live it up.

This idiot needs to be pulled and jailed for treason.

That was what was being implied, and that was the point of the post.

Bullshit. You’re deflecting.

What was “implied” was that Biden is feasting in opulence while the rest of Americans deal with a growing mess he and he alone has created.


Biden is a clear and present danger to the United States of America.

“They have a family tradition of visiting Nantucket.” They have a family tradition of selling US influence to China, Russia and Ukraine. They have a family tradition of corruption an screwing the American people. They have a family tradition of being scumbags.

Biden Tells Americans Struggling to Pay For Food and Gas They Need “Perspective” – Hours Before He Jets Off to $30 Million Nantucket Estate…

Did you know that corporate profits are rising faster than consumer prices? It’s a fact. Once again your pockets are being picked, but you haven’t figured out who is doing the picking.

What we’ve got here is half actual inflation, and half a corporate equivalent of a group smash-and-grab robbery.

The Keystone pipeline would deliver twice the amount of oil in one day than Biden and his economic mental midgets intend on robbing from our reserves. 50 million barrels is less than 3 days of US use.
Our strategic reserves were never meant to be used as a price control leverage tool.
My investments grow in value if the corporations make profit, only economic illiterates would want them to lose money.

You mean it’s not there for when an idiot is massively stupid and embarrassed by low poll numbers and they need some insignificant gesture to pretend to be competent?

November 24, 2021 – ‘Nothing about this is normal’: RNC payments to Trump attorneys irk GOP officials

A pair of payments the Republican National Committee made to a law firm representing former President Donald Trump is raising questions among former and current GOP officials about the party’s priorities in a critical election year and its ability to remain neutral — as long-standing RNC rules require — in the 2024 presidential primary.

The separate payments to Fischetti and Malgieri LLP totalling $121,670, listed in the committee’s latest filing to the Federal Election Commission, were first reported on Monday. Ronald Fischetti, a partner at the New York-based firm, was hired by the Trump Organization in April amid ongoing investigations into the real estate company’s financial practices by Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr. and state Attorney General Letitia James.

A spokesperson for the RNC said the party’s executive committee recently “approved paying for certain legal expenses that relate to politically motivated legal proceedings waged against President Trump,” and defended the payments as “entirely appropriate” as the party “continue[s] assisting in fighting back against the Democrats’ never ending witch hunt and attacks on [Trump].”

(BULLSHIT. The investigations into the Trump Organization’s practice of enormously inflating property values to get bank loans, while enormously understating their values for tax purposes, has NOTHING to do with a “political witch hunt. It has to to do with BANK FRAUD and TAX FRAUD. It’s the investigation of ACTUAL CRIMES.)

However, some RNC members and donors accused the party of running afoul of its own neutrality rules and misplacing its priorities. Some of these same officials who spoke to CNN also questioned why the party would foot the legal bills of a self-professed billionaire who was sitting on a $102 million war chest as recently as July and has previously used his various political committees to cover legal costs. According to FEC filings from August, the former President’s Make America Great Again committee has paid Jones Day more than $37,000 since the beginning of the year, while his Make America Great Again super PAC has paid a combined $7.8 million to attorneys handling his lawsuits related to the 2020 election.

“This is not normal. Nothing about this is normal, especially since he’s not only a former President but a billionaire,” said a former top RNC official.

“What does any of this have to do with assisting Republicans in 2022 or preparing for the 2024 primary?” the official added.

CNN… what a joke. I’m far more concerned with all the money China, Russia and Ukraine paid to the Biden Crime Family in exchange for idiot Biden destroying our country.

What kind of name is “RNC official”?

You are pathetic.

Gee one would wonder just how much the Trump brand raised for the RNC.

Mind you, I would not give them my last dollar if my future depended upon it.

greg scours the internet to find anything Trump because he is at a complete loss to defend biden who is a total failure. He has passed the lame duck status, he is a dead duck. His latest polling numbers are the lowest in the history of presidential polling 11 months in.

And there is no sign of them improving.

Would you prefer hearing it from the New York Post?

Trump spokesman Taylor Budowich defended the collaboration.

“The RNC is our important partner in advancing America First policies and fighting back against the endless witch hunts,” Budowich told the Washington Post. “The Democrats have become obsessed with weaponizing their offices against President Trump, which is a complete abandonment of their Constitutional obligations.”

Info about RNC payments toward Trump’s private legal fees came from a FEC financial disclosure document:

Who cares?

Compared to the DNC rigging their own primary in 2016 and 2020, to all the BIG CORPORATE, Big Bank, Big Tech money (about six billion) given to Biden for his campaign, any complaints about Trump are laughable…

…and completely, pathetically hypocritical.

Trump equals fair and free elections, and democratic process, and due process.

Biden equals big money, rich white billionaires, and Marxist states.

A person who supports fair and free elections doesn’t lie about them and try to overturn their results.

That narrative is about dead, greg.

Trump did no such thing.

Now you have a vast majority of Americans who do not accept Biden as anything more than an installed disaster and publicly pedophiliac disgrace.

Trump equals democracy and due process.

Biden equals installed dictatorships and not America at all.

“It’s not who votes, it’s who counts the votes”

— Dictator Biden

Criminals can’t help but do two things: a) telegraph that they are going to commit a crime, and b) gloat about it.

I would prefer to have the treacherous buffoon that gained office through fraud and is in the pay of Russia, the CCP and Ukraine out of office before he can do MORE damage to our nation. Idiot Biden it totally compromised by the influence peddling his coke-snorting, crack smoking, whore mongering son as committed. We’ve seen it by how he ended our own energy independence and security while enhancing Russia’s, turning Afghanistan and its vast rare earth resources to China. Now we see that “the smartest guy” idiot Biden knows also facilitated turning the cobalt mine US ownership over to China.

And you pretend to worry about a few bucks contributions between Americans. What caused you to hate this country so?

25 mins ago
You’re pedaling your little tricycle like crazy this morning, aren’t you?

Is it morning where greg is? Looks like he showed a little ankle.

Current time in Beijing, China (CST)
4:33 AM

Sometimes I think greg is just a rabid quisling, an actual coward from the Vietnam War who has lived a pathetic life and now thinks he’s finding meaning by promoting the Communism he’s always loved.

The Do-nots always want to kill us Doers.

greg, and Ronald J. Ward, are the usual jealous Cains out to kill the Abels.

The Democrats attack you with an army of tanks, and you pick up a gun.

…so greg says you’re the attacker.

Democrats make Billions from Billionaires, take money from pharma to make money for pharma, shut down our oil so others get rich…but yeah, the RNC sticks up for it’s own, legally.

Get bent, loser.

It’s legal, and not even questionable as far as ethics go.

Letting a losing Presidential candidate collude with the FBI to pay for a scandal that didn’t happen?

Now that’s news.

CNN viewers are some of the least informed, ignorant, and absolutely rabid idiots our country can produce.

They’ll get mad about anything, as long as they are told to.

I can recall you repeatedly declaring Trump’s robust, booming and healthy economy was “overheating”. It never happened. It just kept going and going and going.

Now idiot Biden is printing trillions and trillions and trillions of dollars and dumping them into the economy so Democrats can fill their pockets. Now we have 6% inflation (and lying idiot Biden says his 1% growth in income outpaces inflation).

Democrats are a threat to the nation. All they can do is bring misery, pain and violence.

The worst economic downturn in US history took place in the 2nd quarter of 2000, when the GDP fell by 32.9%.

The drop was more sudden than at any point during the Great Depression, or the 2008 recession.

You mean when, because of “science”, almost the entire economy was closed? Thanks, again, to idiot Biden’s benefactors, the CCP, who released a deadly virus on the world and who idiot Biden won’t even ask about it.

Before that, the economy was humming and when reopened in the 3rd quarter, grew an historic 33%, showing it was strong and healthy. That is until idiot Biden created his inflation and strangled energy production.

Do yo think he is intentionally destroying the nation or is this just massive incompetence?

Because of a virus, idiot. 775 thousand dead of COVID in the US, and the number is still rising…

Oh, NOW it’s “the virus'” fault? I seem to remember when Trump was President, EVERY death was personally blamed on him. Now… “because of a virus”?

No, no, no, no, no… you can’t skate past this one. Either admit blaming all those deaths (about half as many as under idiot Biden) on Trump personally was stupid, corrupt and dishonest or admit that idiot Biden, with the benefit of all the accumulated knowledge and vaccines, is personally killing people.

One or the other, you stupid liar. ONE OR THE OTHER.

“To be honest with you, I wanted to always play it down. I still like playing it down. Because I don’t want to create a panic.” Donald Trump to Bob Woodward, February 2020.

He “played it down” to the point where his devoted followers ceased to take it seriously, denied it was a serious threat, and then rebelled against the most effective measures to control it. Politicians who do his bidding piled aboard the bandwagon.

We’ll never know how many thousands died because of that, or how much of the projected $16 Trillion in damages to the US economy it caused.

“To be honest with you…” Five words you will never hear idiot Biden truthfully emit.

Let’s see… WHO didn’t take it seriously? Who implemented mandates but personally ignored them? Who closed businesses but forced a salon to open so she could get her hair done? Who ordered small groups in restaurants but held a big, maskless party at a fancy, expensive French restaurant? Who forces everyone else to wear masks, but parties at weddings, concerts, fundraisers and nightclubs sans masks?

Trump never had the urge, desire or need to control everyone, like Democrats do. Trump wanted life to be a normal as possible. Trump met the virus head on when Democrats were encouraging everyone to ignore the precautions and just party on… until they figured out (through focus groups) that exploiting the epidemic was more politically advantageous than ignoring it as they had been doing.

Trump managed the epidemic. Trump got the PPE Obama burned through and never replaced. Trump got ventilators made. Trump got the vaccines developed. Democrats stood in the way at every step. Democrats infected and murdered the elderly.

Gutless, compromised, bought, paid for, idiot Biden won’t even bring the subject up with his boss, Xi. Now he’s exposed what an incompetent liar he is in handling the virus.

You are either totally ignorant or a complete liar. Or both.

You’ve got to lie constantly about Biden to distract from the fact that Trump lied constantly.

You’ve lied about Trump to justify your hatred. You HATE Trump because you are instructed to. You are instructed to hate Trump because he serves the nation and the citizens instead of the political elite.

Idiot Biden is a corrupt, lying, incompetent turd. He is a rapist and a pedophile. He is on video admitting to extortion. His crack-head son peddled his influence and kicked 50% back to is idiot dad. None of this is questioned and all of it is backed by solid, verified evidence.

Now, shut up and go celebrate your Thanksgiving, making sure to strictly follow all of Fauci’s and idiot Biden’s rules… which they will ignore.

Unfortunately, there’s no credible evidence of Trump lying, and about 99% of all the false hit pieces on Trump are outright lies themselves.

You see that little girl punch sex-offender Biden in the face?

That’s what you are supporting: Creepy, Crony, white-supremacist globalist marxist scum.

Not on my watch.

And the majority under Biden’s false-admin.

He’s responsible for most of those deaths, and even after he was given a vaccine.

Trump was better at this, by facts, numbers, and logic.


Biden seems like he’s intentionally trying to destroy our nation.

I love watching Leftists dig for some proof-text deflection from the reality: they’re policies don’t work and are bad for the nation…but good for globalist and the CCP.

You mean the corporations who paid for Biden’s campaign so he could line their pockets?

We know. That’s why he was installed, doofus.

Biden’s Secretary of Energy Has No Idea How Many Barrels of Oil US Consumes Per Day as Biden Taps Strategic Reserve

That is pablum for morons. 50,000,000 is a big number and supposed to impress. Well, idiot Biden probably doesn’t know how much it actually is and his dumbass energy Secretary damn sure doesn’t know.

The Democratic brand is broken. The infrastructure bill isn’t fixing it.

The Democratic brand is broken. The infrastructure bill isn’t fixing it.

In one recent focus group, even those who voted for Joe Biden in 2020 weren’t exactly sure what the party stands for.

“Voters couldn’t name anything that Democrats had done, except a few who said we passed the infrastructure bill,” the center-left group Third Way and its pollsters said in a report, obtained first by POLITICO, on focus groups they ran in Virginia.
Most of the voters Third Way spoke with in suburban Virginia focus groups, according to the report, “could not articulate what Democrats stand for. They could also not say what they are doing in Washington, besides fighting.”

And those were just the people who voted for Biden.

Less than a year ahead of midterm elections, in which even Democrats widely expect they will lose the House and, possibly, the Senate, the party is confronting an identity crisis. It isn’t just Biden’s cratering public approval ratings, inflation, or the precedent that the party in power typically loses seats in a president’s first midterm.

Just one year after Democrats kicked Donald Trump from the White House, it’s not obvious to many voters what Democrats are doing now that they’re in charge — despite the enactment of major legislation, including a $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief bill earlier this year and an infrastructure bill last week.

The infrastructure bill isn’t about fixing the Democratic brand. It’s about fixing America’s deteriorated infrastructure. 32 congressional Republicans understood that.

Infrastructure ha watch for the biggest kickbacks in history. We will end up with a park dedicated to George Floydd , inflation ,fuel shortages ,food shortages. Nothing will be repaired or replaced some environmental impact board will see to that, while paying themselves handsomely while soaking in a hot tub in Vegas.
Why does Pelosi buy a 25 million dollar mansion in Florida? tax purposes?

I’d believe that if the bill actually was about infrastructure and infrastructure alone.

It’s not.

An who cares about what the GOP votes for?

Not the Majority of Americans. We’re beyond parties now, *sshole.

“The infrastructure bill isn’t about fixing the Democratic brand. It’s about fixing America’s deteriorated infrastructure. ” Like they did with $865 billion in 2009? In another 10 years, we’ll be spending another $3 trillion (with inflation) to fix the infrastructure that was never addressed… again.

It’s all about buying votes. Democrats have totally failed this country. If it’s good, they hate it; if it helps, they destroy it.

Shovel ready jobs were—not shovel ready…

Navy Sailors Forced to Take Out Loans Due to Biden Pay Delays — As Democrats Pass Trillion Dollar Bills for Amnesty and Green New Deal

Navy sailors who earned increases in their housing allowances this year because they married or moved to a high-cost area are experiencing months-long delays to their pay boost – a situation that has forced some to take out loans to make ends meet.

Thanks obama


Governor-elect vows to strike down vaccine, mask mandates in January

Sane politicians should be trying to strike down the pandemic, not the vaccine and measures that will help end it.

Sane politicians are there to maintain our freedoms and republic. Not give it away, bit by bit, under the usual guise of “it’s for your own good.”

Ever have despots and tyrannies done such.

The “pandemic” is anything but. It’s an orchestrated global crisis meant to allow for a globalist takeover.

The infrastructure bill isn’t about fixing the Democratic brand. It’s about fixing America’s deteriorated infrastructure.

It’s about neither.

So very true. We need to wake up!