ObamaCare – Killing Health Savings Accounts [Reader Post]

Buried in the 13,000 pages of draft ObamaCare regulations are two particularly insidious land mines designed to explode only when applied to Health Savings Accounts qualified health plans, but leave all other insurance unmolested. HSAs are the fastest growing financial or health care product in America, but if the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) does not back off, HSAs might not be around much longer.

Obama — America’s Divider-in-Chief [Reader Post]

President Obama rode into office on a wave of goodwill promising to unite the country and bring back prosperity to the nation. How times have changed.

With the economy in worse shape than before he took office, Obama’s 2012 campaign no longer seeks to united the nation but divide it. The president has embraced anti-Wall Street protestors as a last ditch effort to shift the blame from his policies to Wall Street, Republicans and anyone else.

Cordray, the CFPB and the Left [Reader Post]

It will only be a matter of days before the left – MoveOn.org; People for the American Way and Progressive Change Campaign Committee — as well as their establishment organs – the New York Times and MSNBC – will be singing the same song off the same song sheet. The tune we will hear from the chorus will call for the United States Senate to confirm former Ohio Attorney General Richard Cordray as the first director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB).

Google’s Taxpayer Funded Propaganda [Reader Post]

With throngs of K-Street lobbyists, special interest groups and even local governments pushing for more spending, it is hard enough to limit the size and scope of government without taxpayer resources being used to push trillion dollar-spending schemes. But we now know that taxpayer resources were used to lobby Congress to enact ObamaCare, thanks to an investigation by Judicial Watch.

Stop Sham Patent Reform [Reader Post]

The issuance of patents to the “original and true inventor” is as American as the Constitution. But if Members of Congress have their way, the American patent system will soon …