Obama — America’s Divider-in-Chief [Reader Post]


Obama’s Phony Populism

President Obama rode into office on a wave of goodwill promising to unite the country and bring back prosperity to the nation. How times have changed.

With the economy in worse shape than before he took office, Obama’s 2012 campaign no longer seeks to united the nation but divide it. The president has embraced anti-Wall Street protestors as a last ditch effort to shift the blame from his policies to Wall Street, Republicans and anyone else.

But the anti-Wall Street rhetoric is phony populism at its best. The president has feasted off the campaign contributions of America’s richest Wall Street bankers and his policies have shifted America away from a free market and toward a corporatist state that benefits big banks and big corporations.

Consider the following:

— Despite his rhetorical slap of Wall Street executives, Wall Street money is responsible for nearly one-third of his campaign contributions

— His top contributors include: Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase, Citicorp, USB and Morgan Stanley.

Influential Wall Streeters support his re-election – A July just-released study by the Center for Responsive Politics shows that President Obama is relying more on Wall Street to fund his re-election this year than he did in 2008.

— Obama is not shy about asking for Wall Street support – A New York Times article noted: Mr. Obama’s campaign manager, Jim Messina, traveled to New York for back-to-back meetings with Wall Street donors, ending at the home of Marc Lasry, a prominent hedge fund manager, to court donors close to Mr. Obama’s onetime rival, Hillary Rodham Clinton. And Mr. Obama will return to New York this month to dine with bankers, hedge fund executives and private equity investors at the Upper East Side restaurant Daniel.

— The Huffington Post noted, “Conventional wisdom has it that Wall Street is the ultimate bastion of free-market capitalism and that the big bankers are, of course, diehard Republicans, red to the core. But the truth is far from that: Many of the leaders of the world’s financial firms are as liberal as they come.” Those liberals continue to support the president while the rest of the nation has turned it back on him.

— Even the president’s chief legislative vehicle to kick Wall Street in the crotch was…supported by Wall Street. Lloyd Blankfein, the head of investment bank Goldman Sachs said he was “generally supportive” of the legislation.” Citigroup CEO Vikram Pandit pledged support for financial regulatory reform in a letter to Congress in 2010.

The saddest part of this charade is the divisions that the president has created in a nation that was willing to his pleas for unity in 2008. It’s clear the united-in-chief has become the divider-in-chief and that is not good for the nation.

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I really, really, really wish the Tea Party had taken to the streets instead of the lame OWS types.

We’ve lost the initiative. Rule one in politics: Never lose the initiative.

Ivan: I really, really, really wish the Tea Party had taken to the streets instead of the lame OWS types.

We’ve lost the initiative. Rule one in politics. Never lose the initiative.

From Wm T Sherman:

“Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.”

-Sun Tzu

.. which was in my response to Greg who, strangely enough makes the same argument as ivan:

There is another good reason why the TP shouldn’t be wasting their time. I’m sure you desperately want them to attempt to suck the air out of your buds’ party, but frankly most of us aren’t that stupid. If there’s one thing most conservatives with common sense know, it’s when to feed you the length of rope you want when you’re in the process of hanging yourself. Have at it… it’ll be entertaining for now.

As TP’er, Randy, points out:

Mata, the Tea Party is quite active here in Colorado. They do not need to rally. They are busy volunteering on training precinct officers and soliciting funds to elect local and state candidates. You are right. They conserve their energy and quietly promote the conservative message. The tea Party people have joined other activist groups that publish on line and in other media information concerning specific legislative issues. I get emails several times a week from some of the Tea Party organizations that provide insight to me of various activities and bills. The Tea Party is far from dead. Anyone who believes that will likely lose the next election.

As usual, we are left wondering just who’s side ivan is on….

I say let the OWS movement hang itself with ugly behavior. There is no need for TP vs OWS hostilities in the street unless, of course, you agree with Donny Douche’s plea for “a Kent State” moment.

President Obama rode into office on a wave of goodwill promising to unite the country and bring back prosperity to the nation. How times have changed.

Actually, a large number of Americans hated Barack Obama on sight, and have been attacking him on every possible point at every possible opportunity since then. With regard to that, very little has changed.

“Hated Barack Obama on sight”, Greg? A not so thinly veiled accusation of racism, perhaps? Despicable and typical bottom feeder trick of those sharing your politics.

Most of us despised Obama’s “promises” of Euro-socialism and welfare/nanny heavy policies… promises, I might add, that he and Pelosi/Reid have been able to keep, and isn’t sitting so well with the masses. It had nothing to do with his race.

Well, as usual we have the brain dead liberals spouting the usual racial hate when their boy is going down in flames! Yes , I said racial! “Actually, a large number of Americans hated Barack Obama on sight”.
Your words, not mine and as covertly racial as can be! Disagreeing with one’s asinine policies is not hate! It’s common sense! Yet we have so many out there unwilling to face the facts! The above poster gets it as does anyone who finds a President that stands steadfastly against the very ideals we stand for as a country. This President is a disgrace to his office and the country in general. His attacks on those of us who work our asses off and make something of ourselves, his inflammatory rhetoric goading those many who now believe they should just keep their fingers plugged up their asses and leach off those of us who take responsibility for our lives, the many scandals and ultra corrupt way (BTW: in so many ways, this last thing applies to way to many scum bag politicians of all stripes!) and most of all his complete silence as to the Black Panther fiasco in his JD as well as to the horrible racist crap coming from everywhere within his party. this includes not only the usual suspects such as Jess, Al, Maxine, etc. but morons across the spectrum. Let a conservative say one thing out of kilter, he is vilified. let the loony left spout their hatred, they are pointed to as the voices of reason! And where is our President? Not one word on the hatred! Not one!

With the flash mobs, the Black Panther voting scandal and most of all the closed lips of our racist in chief as to the open racism being shown by his party and the Media, one cannot be surprised that the CBC would openly state what they are. It is now the accepted norm under this President that class warfare and racial hate is the way to go!

The poster above referred to him as the Divider-in-Chief. I personally think that is way too kind. This President, his leftist Socialist followers (again, don’t try feeding me any crap on this! One only has to look at what is going on with an open mind to see this) and the propaganda machine known as the MSM are a CANCER that is spreading unabated. Kruschev said they would bury us because we would destroy ourselves form within. now, it’s out in the open! And leading the charge to total destruction of our country is this President! One’s actions or lack thereof speak volumes as to the truth.

@Greg: Greg, don’t remember the hate Bush movement eh?? You need to go back and see the popularity ratings of 0-bama before he and the Democrats destroyed our economy. FYI Democrats controlled all three branches of government and what did they accomplish? Ever wonder why Republicans enjoyed an historic election result and took back the House?? Clue, it’s not because 0-bama and the Democrats did a good job. You sound like Hillary and her “vast right wing conspiracy” comment. BTW Monica was not a Repbulican infiltrator.

Ivan #1: “We’re Not Fading, We’re Just Waiting!”
Proud Barbarian SOB!!!

I have posted this elsewhere. People have no doubt heard of this already, but it’s worth a reminder (see article below). Rahm Emanuel solicited the White House so that Chicago could host the G-8 and NATO simultaneously next June – a confluence bound to attract the anarchist street fighter element in large numbers. Yet he complains that funds for security are tight. Maybe this is an intentional crisis in the making, and will play its part in the street theater recently intiated with the ‘occupy’ events. I think what is happening now is the beginning of a program to shift the public perception of what is normal, to lay the groundwork for larger disruptions later. Sure, the Occupy people are goofy crybabies, and small in number, but their protests are being promoted and exaggerated by the mainstream media. Perhaps the goal is to create a new normal, to de-sensitize the public for things to come, such as the June 2012 street warfare in Chicago that will be allowed to get out of hand, and then require novel extraordinary measures to deal with.

Excerpt from the article:

Chicago to host NATO, G-8 in 2012
June 23, 2011|By Kristen Mack, Jeremy Gorner and John Byrne | Tribune reporters

Chicago will play host to world leaders next spring during NATO and G-8 summits, giving Mayor Rahm Emanuel an opportunity to shine in the international spotlight but also a chance to stumble if the inevitable protests aren’t handled well.

The new mayor’s old job helped land the summits. Emanuel, the former White House chief of staff, began lobbying his old boss, President Barack Obama, during their first face-to-face meeting after the February election, a City Hall source said. During his inauguration last month, Emanuel bent Vice President Joe Biden’s ear about awarding the events to Chicago.

Obama announced NATO’s Chicago summit during a Wednesday night speech in which he detailed a timetable for withdrawing thousands of U.S. troops from Afghanistan. The summit will deal with issues related to Afghan war policies.

Chicago will be the first American city other than Washington to host a NATO gathering. The summit, next May 15-22, will coincide with a meeting of the Group of Eight industrialized nations as they convene to focus on global economic issues, the White House said.

It will be the first time since 1977 in London that the two organizations held meetings in the same city at the same time. The economic benefit to summit host cities is significant, which is why political advisers talked about whether to hold next year’s events in two places — spreading the wealth to politically helpful states.

Cash-strapped Chicago will have constraints when it comes to security costs, said Emanuel, who intends to get private donors to supplement the city’s resources.

More: http://tinyurl.com/3qjsech

Never let a crisis go to waste, hey Rahm?

The OWS’ers are just pathetic here.
Our city has between 1/2 and 3/4 million residents.
Barely thirty people took to the Lincoln Park for their OWS takeover last night.
The police easily cleared the park just after 10PM although the OWS’ers had vowed to camp in the park indefinitely.
A few came back today.
Looks like the regular homeless who get their 3 free meals a day in that park are showing them the ropes.
But the homeless already knew to clear out at or before 10 PM.
I took a few photos if I can get them on the web I will.

The TEA party, OTOH, met a few weeks ago and had thousands cramming the open area and all of the parking lot.
The only other time I’ve seen that park so packed was on a 4th of July.

Emanuel be careful what you wish for. Remember what they did during the DNC convention. You may have a urban renewal project in Chicago that you did not plan for. Dirty hippie anarchists have zero loyalties.

The WaPo headlined “Obama far outpaces his GOP rivals in third-quarter fundraising.”
OK, but who read it?
And can any of them ADD?

It says: Obama raised $43 million from July through September.

Now, what did Obama’s GOP rivals raise from July through September?

Rick Perry raised $17 million;
Mitt Romney raised $14 million;
Ron Paul raised $8.3 million (including a $500,000 transfer from his congressional campaign);
Michelle Bachmann raised $4.1 million;
Herman Cain raised $2.8 million (including $175,000 personal loan to his campaign);
Jon Huntsman raised $4.5 million (half of which was a personal loan);
Rick Santorum raised $700,000;
Newt Gingrich raised $800,000.

ADD those numbers, exclude all loans and transfers.

GREG: perhaps you are the one that can solve this riddle posed on this and several other blogs during the primaries and before the 2008 election; namely, “Name one – just 1 – redeeming quality relative to Barack Hussein Obama.” At the time responses were several; “He’s not Bush” which totally missed the point, another was “compassionate” for whatever that means, “intellectual” convinced then that he was an actual writer and author. A redeeming quality is something intrinsic like “honest Abe” or the words of Washington.

@THE SOOTHSAYER: How about predictable?

@Greg: Personally I didn’t ‘hate’ Barry on first sight. I did recognize he was a worthless POS right from the get go. I’m, sadly, proud to say I wasn’t wrong. Every day he verifys my exceedingly low opinion of him.

@Nan G: I’m willing to guess that who ever is the Republican flag bearer will wind up blowning Barry out of the water with fund raising. Personally, I know I’ve got a check waiting for who ever that is … Cain. While the Party is pushing for RINO Romney and the tin foil people for Paul but right now, Cain has a good message and it doesn’t take alot of $$ to get it across.

The economy is worse than when Obama took office?! Huh?

When he took office, we were losing 700,000 jobs a month and the economy was contracting. Since he’s taken office, we’ve been steadily adding private sector jobs and the economy has been growing. Is the economy where we want it to be? No. Is it worse than when Obama took office? Heck no!

As an aside:

I’m going to research this further, but I recently heard commentary which sort of turns conventional wisdom on its head, regarding tax policy and economic growth.

Conventional wisdom is that you cut taxes and you get more growth. But this really hasn’t panned out at all, in the real world. The economy doesn’t grow any faster during low tax regimes than it does in high tax regimes — the contrary may even be true.

With low tax regimes, businesses take profits out of their companies and “invest” it in secondary securities, real estate, art, yachts, whatever.

With high tax regimes, businesses leave the money in the business (thereby growing the business), because there’s less incentive to cash out.

That makes sense intuitively and seems to be borne out by historical results.

By the way, California’s “investment” in essentially ratifying the Kyoto Treaty is just now starting to pay dividends:


Look for similar trends emerging from stem cell initiative.

The old saying still holds true: what California does today, the rest will do tomorrow.

– Larry Weisenthal/Huntington Beach CA

Larry: The old saying still holds true: what California does today, the rest will do tomorrow.

Yup… California is fiscally in the toilet bowl, and the nation ain’t far behind. Nice sunsets and great food… but definitely not a State with policies worth following by any sane Governor elsewhere. More like how *not* to do things.

California’s state and local tax burden is only slightly above the national average; its debt to GDP ratio isn’t as bad as other states and not much worse that that of Texas. California bails out the national treasury to the tune of $50 billion per year, which is way more than double even the high deficit we are currently running. Return that excess money to the state, and we’d be the healthiest state in the nation, despite/because of state governance over the past 20 years — and the rest of the country would have yet another $50 billion hole to plug.

– Larry Weisenthal/Huntington Beach CA

The WSP are laying the foundation for Romney’s run for president. Just like the financial fiasco of ’08, which targeted McCain’s admitted weakness in finance, the “hate the capitalists” crowd intend to attack Romney’s financial success with unprecedented vengeance.

From The Fourth Branch: Government Spending:

“There is a very strong correlation, then, between a state voting for Republicans and receiving more in federal spending than its residents pay to the federal government in taxes (the rust belt and Texas being notable exceptions). In essence, those in blue states are subsidizing those in red states. Both red and blue states appear to be acting politically in opposition to their economic interests. Blue states are voting for candidates who are likely to continue the policies of red state subsidization while red states are voting for candidates who profess a desire to reduce federal spending (and presumably red state subsidization).”

“All of this makes current Republican rhetoric frustrating, to say the least. Republicans tolerated spending under Republican presidents for 30 years, accounting for 59% of our total national debt, all the while benefiting from federal spending at the expense of their counterparts in blue states, only to then go bananas when a Democratic president and Congress spend money to rescue a floundering economy.”

NO one can say the contrary, It’s too visible that even a stupid one,
will see the GREAT DIVIDER at work, every time he open his mouth, followed by his
elected foot in the mouth ones, always ready to support him.

Obama has officially taken the side of the 99% in a speech yesterday.*
This AM I was treated to a local news channel covering arrests made at our local Occupy Long Beach.
In the TV news shot was a huge sign:
“Stundents ……”(Something about having their loans forgiven.)

If this TV coverage shows up on You Tube I’ll post a link.

*Michael Laprarie over at Wizbang adds this:

[Obama ] “supports” the protesters because a lifetime of progressive/socialist training tells him it’s the right thing to do, but his actions in favor of big business-big government cronyism reveal that his support for the Occupy protestors really boils down to one thing — he wants their votes.

Blatant hypocrisy like this cannot stand forever. I just hope the expiration date comes before Nov. 6, 2012.

@openid.aol.com/runnswim: Larry, I’m going to guess that you are in a financial position where you don’t care if your power bills double here in the Peoples Republik of Kalifornia. I’m also going to say that if that’s the case, you don’t care if food prices go even higher. Personally as a ‘senior citizen’ running a small business here I DO care. Kalifornia has been milking the very rich, which it thinks we have an unlimited supply of, for years. Those very rich are the same ones that are enabling the welfare state that we live in. Oh BTW the reason I’ve got a small business is because MY JOB moved out of state due to … ready for this… TAXES and REGULATIONS. That was 500 people on the street here in the workers paradise.

Larry’s not hurting. Therefore, everything is fine.

The strategy that Hitler and his Nazi party used was to incrementally implement their philosophy. This philosophy relied upon those who were not taken away to the camps to think, “well, it doesn’t affect me.” It didn’t affect them until the Nazis came for them. At that time, there was no one to support them against the Nazis.
You could also use the case of the frog placed in cold water on a hot burner. As the water heats up, the frog doesn’t recognize he is soon to be cooked until it is too late.
Larry is one of the frogs.

Randy, hi,
you gave me the opportunity to write some that I kept a good while ago,
it came from MATA,

FIRST, they came for the COMMUNIST and I did not speak out,
Because, I was not a COMMUNIST
Then they came for the SOCIALIST, and I did not speak out,
Because I was not a SOCIALIST,
Then, they came for the TRADE UNIONS, And I did not speak out,
Because, I was not a TRADE UNIONIST,
Then they came for the JEWS, And I did not speak out,
Because, I was not a JEW,
Then they came for ME,

@ Larry

By the way, California’s “investment” in essentially ratifying the Kyoto Treaty is just now starting to pay dividends:

Awesome. You guys are so smart in LaLa Land.

By the way, the article is written by Ray Burgess, CEO of Solar Power Technologies.

@ilovebeeswarzone: Bees! Great post! History shows many times the exact same situation. In Germany, the exact same reactions from the people!

Hi Aqua (#27): The US Military doesn’t agree with you; they have a goal of having alternative (non-fossil) fuel meet 50% of the military’s entire energy needs by 2020. It’s a short segment, which aired this morning. They are investing in solar, algae, etc.


@ Larry #29
The military doesn’t agree with me? I didn’t write the article, the CEO of Solar Power Technologies wrote the article. The military can invest all they want, if the solar panels don’t work, they don’t work. One good thing about the military though, they will have their own standards for the solar panels. Of course those are the same type of standards that make a hammer cost $500.
I’m a big fan of the military, but some of the people in defense procurement are morons. For example, the military believed in the B-1 bomber, the Bradley Fighting Vehicle, the Sergeant York Anti-Aircraft gun, and a list of other failed projects. Just because some idiot in the Pentagon thinks something is a good idea, doesn’t necessarily make it so.

@openid.aol.com/runnswim: I have stock in this company. Supposedly the USAF may be converting to it for their planes. They successfully tested it in a B-52 a few years back but I don’t know what has become of it. On the plus side it would cut down on reliance of petroleum based fuel. The negative I see is that it would not be as flexible in that it is too ‘specialized’, unless of course both types of fuel could be used. It is much easier to obtain petroleum type fuel.


@Greg: We’re sorry, but the race card you have dialed can’t be reached at the moment. Please try again later. Give it a break already. Barack Obama received support from all across the country and won a majority of white voters in the process. If he was “hated on site” as you and other leftists claim, he never would have made it out of the first primary.

Obama has continued to bleed support because of his disastrous policies and sophomoric refusal to change coarse even when it’s clear his policies are destroying the economy, not improving it. His tripling down, demanding yet another stimulus when the last two failed miserably is a sign Obama either can not think past the one failed idea he’s had for the economy or his intent is to destroy the American economy before his term is finished. His actions across the world have angered Americans; negotiating with and taking the side of terrorist and terrorist regimes places Americans in danger. Obama will be the first president to recognize Hamas as some type of legitimate government, is negotiating with them and handing over monies paid for by the American tax payer who considers Hamas to be what they are; radical terrorists. Let’s not even mention once trusting allies who have now turned their back on the United States, either laughing at Obama and America for electing him, or because they know America’s current foreign policy under Obama, places their nation and people at risk. They have something in common with a majority of Americans, they don’t trust Obama.

Dislike, distrust and lack of support for Obama has nothing to do with the color of his skin, except to the left who still places people into nice little boxes according to their skin color.

Obama and the dems are divisive.
Like when the Republicans won the House and began instituting small cuts in the GROWTH RATE of some government programs.

How are dems and Obama spinning that?
They are insisting on more stimulus from the government.
And dems and Obama blame this teeny, tiny break in our expanding growth rate for the continued bad economy (post recession economy).

Democrats and Obama are pushing another public-works and state bloc-grants bill as a jobs stimulus.
But maybe we should actually try a real austerity plan that keeps capital out of the hands of government bureaucrats and keep it in the hands of those who actually create jobs.

A point from Investors Business Daily:

In fact, in the first nine months of this year, federal spending was $120 billion higher than in the same period in 2010, the data show.
That’s an increase of almost 5%.
And deficits during this time were $23.5 billion higher.

Any chance of a REAL austerity plan?

@Nan G: You also have to remember that a portion of everything Obama raises goes to the DNC, so it isn’t all his.

Compare Obama’s fundraising numbers to Bushs’ at this timeframe before Bush got re-elected.

She hated —— on first sight. (Fill in the blank.)

Unless you pick a fill-in having immediate racial connotations, nothing racial is implied. If race is the first thing “Obama” brings to someone’s mind, that’s their problem, not mine. I said nothing whatsoever about race.

“Actually, a large number of Americans hated Barack Obama on sight” these are Greg’s words which remain unexplained; the O’BoomBox’s appearance has zero-zippo-nada to do regarding his comments and actions. I do not watch and listen to his rhetoric because instead I to use my computer resources and read his dialogue. From these readings there seems a constant refrain of angry indignation directed at all opposites and opposition. The preferences are that he seems to want to tower over others shot in the same photograph. Never do I recall seeing him photographed besides someone matching his 6’4″ height. This might be me or perhaps it is coincidental or incidental but my read is that he believes in his own superiority complex. Having a superiority complex as a character trait does not translate into having a positive self-image; when, in actuality, it indicates someone neurotically narcissistic. The riddle, which you have not responded to, should be as easy as making a simple direct equation statement Obama is +_+_+_! For me the simple direct equation reads “Obama is perfidious!” which is said because I seriously see him as evil.

do you know that the first time you listen to a person seeking the leadership
maybe you are not familiar or do not posess that gut’s feeling unfortunetly for you, but many specialy CONSERVATIVES do get the response on first sight, they have not developed it,
in any way but they are born with it, and usuely they wait longer to test their skill and declare it,