Elon Musk — Obama’s Triple Dipper [Reader Post]


News that the Treasury Department’s Inspector General has opened an investigation to determine whether three solar companies inflated the cost of their work to increase the payments they would receive from the government should send shivers down the spine of the taxpayer-subsidized green energy industry.

The Washington Post reports that SolarCity, SunRun and Sungevity have received subpoenas from the Treasury Department’s office of inspector general for financial records to justify more than $500 million in federal grants and tax credits the firms tapped for performing work. The probe seeks to determine whether the companies accurately reported the market value of their costs when applying for federal reimbursement, which was calculated at one-third of the costs.

The solar companies received money through the Treasury’s $13 billion program, known as the 1603 program, which used funds from President Obama’s stimulus initiative to offer cash grants to clean-energy developers. The three companies, SolarCity, SunRun and Sungevity, have been by far the largest recipients among companies installing solar panels on homes.

SolarCity is the most interesting of the names on the list. Its Chairman, Elon Musk, is an Obama supporter who has used taxpayer funds, not once, not twice but three times to enrich himself. Musk has been able to parlay his political donations and lobbyist contracts with the Obama Administration into loan guarantees and grants. Musk spent $480,000 from 2007 to 2011 to lobby Congress, the White House, EPA and DOE and his company Tesla Motors received a $465 million loan guarantee from DOE’s ATVM program. Tesla’s public offering made Musk nearly $600 million. Likewise, Musk’s company SpaceX has a lifeline of government contracts with NASA that total nearly $1 billion.

Musk’s model for enrichment was replicated this past week as the government-funded SolarCity went public. In a sign that while the public’s appetite for “green investment” may be waning, the stock’s initial price was cut in half in order to hit the

Elon Musk, while brilliant, has become a shining example of crony capitalism in the age of Obama. If you put enough money in the Washington, DC political machine, you can walk out with enough government contracts and loans to enrich yourself greatly. It’s a great gig if you can get it but it certainly not what the Founding Fathers had in mind when they founded the country.

Whether the Treasury Department finds that Musk’s company violated the law remains to be seen. What is more troubling, however, his is continued use to taxpayer funds to make himself rich. That, unfortunately, is not only legal in the world of President Obama, but encouraged.

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I wouldn’t be too hard on Musk; although he is obviously playing the system, he is doing that because that is the hand he was dealt. It’s undeniably true that he and his employees at SpaceX are launching and retrieving cargo at a phenomenally lower price than any previous competitor (even counting all the money that SpaceX has received). His goal is to break the crony monopoly that existed for 40 years which kept launch costs high. He’s making deals with the devil to do it.

I am not as critical on Elon Musk as I am on many others in the Green Scam Economy.

A. He is a true venture, risk taker having rolled over much of his own money (from the sale of PayPal) in every venture. He may not be Steve Jobs, but he is the style of high rolling entrepreneur that made this country great. Tesla quickly tapped the private capital markets to raise additional capital and it drew on many private funds before it went public.

B. Tesla got its government loans under the early Bush-sponsored battery only fund. This was MUCH different animal than the Fisker, Solyndra, A123, Volt sleeze that Obama and his Chicago thugs pulled. The Tesla money was used early on to develop next generation battery (i.e. basic science) technology that was then put into Lotus-supplied shells. I understand this is shades of grey and picking winners and losers is not the role of government, but I am for basic science funding and this fit within the outside of those margins.

C. Tesla is making the Model S in the United States in a retrofited Toyota plant. Fisker and others were built overseas.

All in all, Elon is playing the cards that are being dealt to him, and he is put upping a lot of his own money, which is by no means a sure payoff.

I think it is important for conservatives, libertarians, etc. to look into things a little bit more before dumping all of Obama’s stupidity in one bucket.

@James Bond:

If you are assisted cheek-by-jowl by NASA, have all the free money from the government you could ever want, why it’s simple to build a rocket to space at a tenth the expected costs– I’m surprised it wasn’t one- hundredth. Take all the engineering support and subsidies away then let’s see how cheap the launch was.

Besides, Tesla has developed one of the fastest production cars in the world.

@El-lobo: The fact is, that the pre-existing crony monopoly of Lockheed and Boeing got many hundreds of times more of our taxpayer money from NASA than did Elon Musk, and they were not able to deliver cargo to the Space Station for any price.

Also, Musk is being paid for specific deliverables; if he doesn’t deliver, then he doesn’t get paid. On the other hand, the pre-existing crony monopoly of Lockheed and Boeing have been feeding on “cost-plus” contracts for 40 years, where they get paid for all their “costs”, plus some extra money for profits, whether they actually deliver anything or not.

All in all, signing small money contracts with small companies like SpaceX with specific deliverables spelled out in the contracts is miraculously already producing space missions such as we haven’t seen from American companies for the past 40 years. This is the better way to go (unless you are a paid spokesman for those companies that are being displaced, of course).

That’s like the scammer known as Angus King, aka Senator Angus King.

His buddies at Yale were able to suck extra money from the DOE for their scam wind farm in Roxbury, Maine.

Breitbart is reporting that Musk just purchased a $17 MILLION mansion. Guess it pays to play with Barack Hussein Obama, Jr.

But my God, can you just hear the outrage from the left if Musk was a Romney supporter? At least he wouldn ‘t have gotten all that taxpayer money building cars nobody wants except other wealthy liberals who believe in wealth redistribution, well, that is, except for their wealth.

SO those are the moneys we hear are circulating and recirculating back to the origin , naming OBAMA,
it’s a forever pool of money with players such as those named above, all on the pockets of people’s money, he call it yes redistrIbution?

P R Stunts like this post fill the internet with pro elonmusk-obama misinformation. since obama took office and gave satellite launches to obama we have dropped from 87 % of launches to less than 25 %, forcing the airforce to launch their own satellites—elon musk is a professional swidler, political donor kickback specialist. using fired NASA actual aerospace scientists he has gotten off a few successful launches along the same type as we had in the 60’s with splashdowns and thats it. his installing chinses solar panels on military bases slotted for closure, and tsla spending near 2 billon since 2002 to get near 4,000 cars made selling them for around 100,000 that if the math is correct costs about 500,000 to build, most taxpayer money, or the unwary investor falling prey to P R Stunts like this one.

Time will take care of both, in a not so pleasant way

Time will deal with the dynamic duo of criminality regardless of the misinfomation printed here

jackie cox
yes they will have to pay, all this abuse on THE PEOPLE’S MONEY,

Stating elon musk is brilliant might be stretching reality because most who work with him see him as an uniformed tyrant, always a shouting match then the disappearing act leaving behind a mess that often leads to real design problems, his claim to be the so-called inventor of Tsla motors is made with a 20 million dollar gag order settlement to its founder Mr Eberhardt. the company stolen in a hostile takeover made popular by bankruptcy artist where toronto is the infamous training ground, where you can hide out after stealing from the USA, the last more famous NYSE investor scam ” sharper image ” who declared bankruptcy, after taking the stock and trade back to toronto, where the idea was hatched. His claim to Pay-Pal is likewise phony as his friends came up with the idea and he put some money in becoming a 16 % share holder when it was worth nothing, he was on the board of directors for near 6 months before being fired by the board. Spacex is a real political donor kickback company, government funded, his self acclaimed rocket designs are russian copies of liquid-oxy rockets dating back to 1916 the first russian design, being successfully launched first in the mid 1920’s, any of the few successful launches spacex has gotten off has been with fired NASA rocket scientists, and NASA launch facilities. Solar city a total government grant program where he simply hires men to install chinese solar panels on military bases some which are slotted for closure—it does not require much intel to be a government grant criminal, backing comes from the mob, currently occupying our nation

criminality has a problem prosecuting themselves, thats why obama and holder are still free, along with elon and virtually all big supporters of obama, who promised to reward his supporters and punish his opponents, all with the mostly poor american taxpayer dollar.

@James Bond: ” BS “

@liberal1(objectivity): 500 thou to produce, selling it for 100 thou, no profit since he took it from eberhardt the designer/founder, what are the odds of an eminent bankruptcy ? eh ?

@Kurtis Fechtmeyer: his own money ???

jackie cox
I’m glad you are back here from 2009,so we can answer other

when they are in jail or at the end of a rope will be a good day

their end is getting closer


Ha Ha Ha. Your probably right more likely than not, phonies last so long

@James Bond:

we get far more from these defense contractors in the form of real military world class leading edge instrumentation and equipment.

Comparing these real industrial companies to Barry turdbenders little Jew boy Elon musk is silly. Musk feeds on taxpayer money in a series of bad science con artist phony companies that will end when the taxpayer money ends. Energy thing about Elon is phony. His claim in autos he produces is bizarre, solar city is a no brainer, 28 year payback if the cells worked for 20 years, the mega battery plant is likewise BIZARRE, spaceX ruled by musk tyrant is incapable of performing to NASA standards, Dragon Launch vehicle detonates on launchpad 20% + SPACEX too stupid to test launch system without payload costs far more than NASA launches defunded by BARRY TURDBENDER POTUS parade of pathetic opinions that has destroyed our nation’s science industry more than the last 7 potuses combined. The worst of the worst promoting the worst. The blind rooster leading the deaf and dumb chickens musk, jobs, gates, buffet, ” rottenburg-rottenchild bankster theft gang “in a henhouse void of eggs, fed by little rich stupid boys in control of the chicken feed.

After the election fraud is unsuccessful, condemned by citizens of the United States of America.

Tesla, spaceX, solarcity, will be forced to either sink or float in the Supply and Demand FREE MARKET without taxpayer funding, the several billion a year he gets in taxpayer money from Barry Turdbender white?house will end.

FBI without a private lawyer/DOJ gangster appointed directors will follow the smell of stolen money from our treasury funds, the trail will lead to musk and other con artists playing the GREEN GAME, their concept is green spells cash, the green concept they sell the taxpayers is doing the rights things, their games are all the same its down the RAT HOLE THE MONEY GOES where it goes nobody seems to NO BODY NOS. thus Elon, Barry, Billary etc etc etc following the money Mafia to its source (TAXPAYERS) to the recipients, and off to Dubai, Switzerland, South Africa, etc etc. anywhere butt the United states of America, currently under control by an occupational government. Soon to end. ONE WAY OR ANOTHER,,, ITS OVER. We no longer tolerate ” you people “. ON OUR MONEY

Reportedly Tesla motors under Trump had their tax subsidies removed, that’s a significant element of revenue for Elon, the shares worth reported by NYSE are likewise bizarre steming from elons 1st IPO when no takers caused Elon to pony up $15,000,000 +++ to setup an imaginary share value, then offering scum line investment dealers a big BONE US for hawking H I S shares. Our Financial NYSE dealer scammers played along with elons investment dealer fraud by buying short. They were unaware of the near 5 billion $ Barry Turdbender would give Elon for spending near $500,000 KNOWN dollars on Barrys ACORN (election fraud) government. Or the billions more Elon got Selling his penny shares for Big Bucks ITS ALL LEGALish UNDER BHO.gov.con In the new norm of political correctness which includes massive corruption by connected corruption dealers are ABOVE THE LAWS that impale common man on the totem pole of FELONs for which there is no return for common man.

While Elon is drawing closer to competition in what’s left of our FAIR supply and demand market place market after actual American engineering design, manufacturing companies were near 3/4 or our companies are no longer in the USA leaving an enormous unemployed actual scientists and engineers created by ELONS gang of Frisco Genius designers who are little more than Chibese Junk Salesmen who hire PACKY programmers for several hundred a month to write 2 lines of BAD code a day, and $30,000 paper INDOCHINA PHd scIENTISts.

Who will also SOON be facing a nation under Donald Trump promises-actions that end Free Trade with INDOCHINA slave nations and will likely resurrect our empty, shuttered factory floors employing near 30,000,000 American Industrial employees paid a FAIR DAYS WORK FOR A FAIR DAYS PAY. nothing these Chinese junk salesmen do will face the American people in a Fair Trade Economy. There will be wailing, gnashing of teeth, commercial lawyer-judge-tribunal teams of clout will acquire untold billions for letting the cash cows further fleece Common American IRA’s Pension Plans, investors relying on their NYSE investments to see them through to NOWHERE reALLY, when CA. geniuses CHINESE JUNK SALESMEN are caught up in the resurrection of fair trade where wise offshore manufacturers are already beginning to setup their stolen American manufacturing companies where they were taken during the REIGN’s of bushes, Clinton’s, obama’s, and all the way back to LBJ when our proamerican political structure was killed and C R O O K E D legalists began their self enrichment by selling out our nation’s infrastructure for chump change creating the path to millionaireship by being elected into the POLITICALLY CORRECT CONGRESS where most simply enact LOBBIE-special-interest statutes causing millions to mysteriously appear into their $ portfolio, uninvestigated-UNPROSECUTED by the various and sundry DOJ’s appointed by the politically correct Turdbenders from the Barry Turdbender Clan that are MOSTLY no longer fit to serve in office under the pretense of serving the United States of America.

Donald Trump is NOT one of them. He ran independently on the promise to resurrect our infrastructure, where the beginning effects are beginning to appear. New startups like FOXCONN a manufacturer for the CA Chinese junk salesmen junisiuses has 1 plant of many in China where 400,000 coolies assemble iPhones, currently setting up a pilot plant in Wisconsin with 15,000 +- employees. In the industrial sector another 30,000 + spinoff jobs will also be created.

The reasoning to making in America what America consumes is an international reality for countries with a FAIR TRADE economy whereby import taxation is is placed on all imported goods that represent the equivalent of accrued taxation WERE the goods made in country. The USA were likely the worlds First Nation that traded under a FAIR TRADE LAW where customs and duty are paid on imports. Hamilton did this for America , then over the next century or so we created the world’s first infrastructure whereby working class people were NOT enslaved but paid a FAIR DAYS PAY. This enormous wealth base created a fairness that allowed common man to create companies in a nation where 5% of world population made near 70% of goods and grew 25% of world’s food crop. A nation with more jobs than people in a nation with constitutional law that protected our nation from predatory gangs whose people’s view the world as THEIR OWN and pretend they are chosen people who all others are enslaved and UNallowed ownership of productive assets.

Unfortunately this gang with generations of swindlers created the Cantral Banking system whereby these connected central banks control money supplies throughout MOST of the world resulting in a parallel control of asset ownership by empowering lawmakers in a case law system that allow themselves to be interpreters of which people shall be prosecuted and what laws and PUNishment apply, their control extends into our education system with the CASE LAW theorium where education is based on Study by Subject that manipulate so-called facts into librairies with endless volumes of such data where teaching ignores the actual variables that surround the SUBJECT elements creating the requirement to memorize these near useless data in order to pass the academic caste system so-called tests where tested personnel are unlikely to remember the insignificant variables of study into the next term, where a few significant variables are remembered that create sole value for actual professionals who are either one of the self chosen gang or work for THEM.

Trump will have enough power to follow through after upcoming election remove the mobsters currently under the idea they are protecting THEIR MASTERS the NWO desperately forcing the NEW GLOBALISM MULTICULTURALISM on our nation that immigrate our NEW so-called scientists, engineers, docturds into positions where little or nothing professional is REALLY performed MOSTLY with few exceptions as these victims of NWO immigrate their preliterate mentality with them INTOLERANT of the American way of life, as we watch the descent of our great nation under the will of the NWO BANKSTER led World Class Mafia empowered with bizarre CASE LAWS their Politically Correct P A W N S have enacted over the last decades.

Really good crooks have setup residences in places where extradition laws with the USA are in effect. They also siphon off enormous cash reserves of American taxpayer funds given them by bad politicians who also prepare a place for themselves away from THEIR victims. The American taxpayer.

Elon is no different from HIS good friends who share in their newfound source of wealth the United States of America.

Trump and his unanimous supporters WILL clean the SWAMP. It’s just a matter of TIME.

THE false NEWS MEDIA, a dwindling majority of lawyers,nudges, banksters, politicians, etc are no longer given credibility by the United States of America citizens. ACORN POLLING STATIONS still with us under a few dozen different names are still the same election fraud artists of 2008-2012 that empowered Barry Turdbender and his gathering of delusional appointees, hirelings, UNeducators misleading our youth,npretending like their academic caste system can actually compete with vertical integration are in for a soft landing but a landing never the Less

@James Bond:

Musk supposed costs do not include the fixed cost of NASA launch facilities, subcontractors, or the NASA costs of training NASA’s scientists fired by Obama’s then hired by musk to continue designs of all launch systems musk claims to have invented. Musk is like the playbook of TOTAL RECALL and other science fiction movies. The Taxpayer Cost that went into spaceX is little different than NASA would spend. The only difference is Musk’s pay to play is largely NOT DISCLOSED.

Musk always in the news because Bloomberg promotes him continually resulting in the unwary investor continuing to toss money down the empty wormholes that musk is.

Real designers are Not Reported or recognized in the elitist financial community that pony up tax payers money from investments and/or government loans, grants, subsidies the taxpayers cash is fumbled into as a result of unfounded ideas about things like the weather, national pride published in the so-called NewsMedia that is NOT reporting real news at all, its a frog and pony show that common people who actually do the engineering design manufacturing the ASShole owners self proclaimed geniuses that are virtual idiots with personnel managers who hire personnel to do ALL the work. Musk is like a wart on a toads back. Whatever over time to watch his taking credit for Pay-Pal when he ponies up some cash for the real Common People developers. Next came the same scenario with Martin Eberhardt the designer and builder of Tesla Electric Car, musk paid millions of hush money to shut up after he used gang of predatory Lawyer-Judge to take Eberhardt company then was backed by Banksters and Barry Turdbender POTUS with UNTOLD billions above the claimed 5 billion.

Musk has 1 eventual outcome since the lecTRICK car thingy is not actually competitive with AUTO customer demands unwilling to park at some special place in less than a couple hundred miles to recharge the batteries poisoning the atmosphere with lithium batteries when hydrogen fuel cells are vastly superior to Eberhardts lithium powered battery that provides energy to the electric motor.

The daily dose of eLON mUSK in the NewsMedia constantly harping we will buy Lithium powered Yeska cars just ONE of muskinventia World just isn’t taking off.

I read in Tesla reported news that Tesla’s now make up 5% of all autos sold in the USA, yet the only place I saw any in the charging stations was in Dan Jose Ca. Over the years I can count on Ten fingers the number of Tesla’s I have seen driving down the roads. Now I read where Musk’s production was going to China. A Country he volunteered to migrate to taking his companies with him? After HRC Lost. The daily dose of Muskmania, and Bloomberg’s continual praise does not discard the financial truth about TOTAL RECALL and Burning Bush Boy.

I wonder eXactly how much CASH he has been given by every American taxpayer at near 3$ a billion. Not counting the enormous UNreported fixed cost of NASA and the real risk deter being aware of our aerospace defense systems.

From My perspective Musk IS just ONE MORE incident of immigration gone wrong, taking more taxpayer cash and getting Chinese solar cells and auto parts from China.

Also I can’t get into the idea of a fire starter sold without safety consideration regarding the Fire Starters burning down our country.

Landing a few rockets on some barge just doesn’t get it for me, considering NASA’s reusable space vehicle decommissioned by the Gangster presidents Bush-Clinton-bush-obummer. Who orchestrated our jobs sent into slavery creating the untold millions of homeless and poverty stricken communities on survival mode.

@James Bond:
If truth goes down in history, Musk will be the biggest space criminal on earth, launching orbital satellites vehicles, NOT DESIGNED TO RENTER EARTH, instead filling low earth orbit with the MuskYard of orbiting junk, where tiny pieces traveling 18,000 MPH PACK THE PUNCH OF TONS OF FORCE.

ELOONS Tesla car put into low earth orbit, destroyed by radiation, atmospheric particles that will disintegrate Martin Eberhardt Lithium Battery Powered Car, designed, developed, manufactured without government subsidies Stolen by elon and his gang of lawyers, patent tribunals, lawyers, all bought and paid for with the money he got from selling pay/pal he stole from a team of collegiate designers who wrote the software, which elon is acclaimed for his innovations, and designs he had nothing to do with either designing of making without the Obama DEMOC, GIVE AND TAKE CASH COLLUSION ••• you donate your cash to US and we will reward you with Taxpayer money, plus no bid contracts to launch satellites that NASA launched before BHO fired the scientists, YOU/Musk can hire to launch the same satellites when we become in Charge of Congress,:Thanks to your hundreds of thousands in Contribution/Kickbacks


Martin Eberhardt and associates designed and manufactured the Lithium battery Powered Tesla without grants or any government assistance

Musk made a predatory loan to the company, then with Lawyers-Judges pulled off a Hostile company Takeover. HER CONNECTIONS TO OBAMA AND assOCIATES MADE IT SIMPLE TO STEAL THE COMPANY. THEN OBAMA GAVE HIM 4.9 Billion

Musk invented nothing. As his reward for being a highly publicized South African Draft Dodger In SA, BHO on one of his visits to SA in support for Mandela’s White Man Killing Machine picked out Musk, a virtual idiot to be the inventor of the electric car, Chinese solar panels, and a rocket man genius armed with the top MASA fried scientists who took more than 5 years to get one off with free use of NASA facilities. Her Crash and Burn rocket company has told the world he is the One that 1st planned for a colony on Mars (a planet without an atmosphere and barely gravity. Mars and the moon are near the same when it comes to the possibility of setting up a space colony when global warming destroys Earths atmosphere IF you can believe Kerry and rocket boy fELON musk, the billionaire on our taxes, who is similar to the online monopoly who don’t pay taxes either because Congress said so and BHO, et al made it happen

The deep state gangsters are still at it BIG TIME on our Taxes and THEIR LOBBYISTS LAWMAKING MACHINE

oBiden, is the wagging tail of Dickasucka Msr Barack Hussain oTURDbender and like BO is continuing to give untold billions to the South African draft Dodger PRETENSE of an Engineer, who in reality is a professional HOSTILE company TAKEOVER ARTIST armed with the fleet of democrat patent tribunals/judges lawyers to continue claiming to be the inventor of those companies he steals or real engineering design manufacturing engineers he hit 1st dibs on when BO fired NASA’s scientists, engineers, that led the world in aerospace engineering, then like the Tesla he invented = STOLE, like NASA etc etc is at it again sleazing billions more to get at the top end $ to add to his billions of sleaze