Hey Brian Williams! This is what an honest newsman looks like


brian williams flack

The major networks have for the most part steadfastly hidden Grubergate from the masses, acting as useful idiots. Here’s what one of the biggest name useful idiots, Brian Williams, reports on instead:

The folks at NewsBusters pointed out that NBC Nightly News has failed to air a single story on Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber and his parade of outrageous remarks about the advantage of a lack of transparency in the health care law and the “stupidity of the American voter,” among others.

What have they found more newsworthy since the first Gruber video came to light Nov. 7? Topics include cold weather, Ferguson unrest, Tom Brokaw getting the Presidential Medal of Freedom, a barber, Black Friday, the Ford F-150, Penicillin allergies, more cold weather, aspirin, Giancarlo Stanton, and how cold it is outside.

This, Brian Williams, is what an honest newsman does:

“Obama Promised ObamaCare Wouldn’t Do Exactly What Gruber Says it Will Do”


From that piece:

At a town hall meeting where he campaigned for health care legislation in 2009, President Barack Obama pledged to voters that he did not want any tax on health insurance plans he perceived as wastefully generous to ever impact average Americans. But in recent comments by one of the men who helped draft the legislation, MIT economist Jonathan Gruber, that is not only precisely what will happen — but that was the intention of the tax. White House officials had no comment, despite repeated requests by CNN…Gruber said the only way those pushing for Obamacare could get rid of the tax subsidy for employer provider health insurance was to tax the more generous, or Cadillac, plans — “mislabeling it, calling it a tax on insurance plans rather than a tax on people when we all know it’s a tax on people who hold those insurance plans.” The second way was have the tax kick in “late, starting in 2018″ and have its rate of growth tied to the consumer price index instead of to the much higher rate of medical inflation. Eventually, the 40% tax on the more expensive plans would impact every employer-provided insurance plan…”This was the only political way we were ever going to take on one of the worst public policies in America.” By 2018, Gruber said, those who object to the tax will be obligated to figure out how to come up with the trillion dollars that repealing the tax will take from the U.S. Treasury, or risk significantly adding to the national debt. This is obviously exactly what Obama told voters in 2009 he had “taken off the table.”

An honest newsman tells the story and explains what it means, especially as it tells the tale of how Obamacare is built on a foundation of lies.

There’s a lesson there for you, Brian. Being an Obama flack doesn’t do your viewers a service.


Let’s not forget that Williams also likes watching his daughter film sex scenes

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williams is a long time democratic suck up. If you recall, he ended his first interview with the fool by bowing so low he kissed his ass. He avoids the cameras at wipe house parties. But than, the photographers are censored on whose picture they take.
Like all news networks , cbs, nbc cnn, msnbc, they have been instructed by the wipe house to clear all presentations about the fool prior to broadcast. Censoring the news on the fool is a full-time job and cost the taxpayers millions every year.
Recall that all the news medias in the US are held by six holding companies whose ceo’s  and most of the board members are hardcore democrats and have contributed heavily into the fool’s election and re-election.  The best thing is not to watch the news on these channels, but than the news mdeia considers the gernal public stupider , and dumber and very  dumber than the wipe house.  Have there been any studies on the detox and psychiatric rehabilitains of the major new broadcaster? If you look closesly at the local networks, there is a long history of drugs, narcotic and substance substance rehab. 

Wasn’t Williams some sort of lackey in the Jimmy Carter administration?

Yes he was a nbc Carter lackey in his early days. Remember that nbc is a democratic run media center.
willaims motto, as well as nbc’s is similar to the Three Stooges: do we cheat em and how.
Isn’t that the law firm that the pres allegedly worked at-Dewey, Cheatem & Howe?

Brian Williams could be reached for comment, but could not pry his lips from Obama’s posterior long enough to make one.

What ??? No comments on the GOP House report on the BENGHAZI!!! Investigation ???
It used to be “worse than Watergate”


What ??? No comments on the GOP House report on the BENGHAZI!!! Investigation ???

Yeah, the report, which I read, says there was no protest before the attack on Benghazi and the talking points used by Susan Rice on 5 tv shows were “flawed”, i.e. the Administration lied.

But we all know, truth is not the forte of this current Administration.

I’m Managing Editor over at Conservative Hideout 2.0, so thanks for the linkage!

And yeah, I was surprised about Tapper’s video. Not that Jake Tapper would do his job as an honest reporter, but that CNN would actually give it the light of day.

Great site you have.

Thank you, drjohn! Feel free to stop by and leave a comment. We’ve been growing our traffic pretty steadily all this year, so the more, the merrier.

Let’s not forget that Williams bowed to his king. I don’t automatically go along with conservative stories. I watched the video several times. Did Williams bow his head to anybody else he talked with? If this would have been a conservative I believed in, I would have come to the same conclusion: IT WAS A BOW.


It wasn’t quite as far down a bow as obama gave the king of Sadi Arabia, but a bow is a bow.

@Smorgasbord: No, Sorry Smorgasborg, I think he was just releasing a little pent-up gas.