Huntsman and Bachmann Display A Lack Of Class And An Immaturity


Using techniques perfected by the pseudo-intellectuals of the Left and described in Alynsky’s “Rules For Radicals”, both Huntsman and Bachman displayed why they are unworthy to carry the standard of the GOP. Having little of substance to offer, both Huntsman and Bachmann used juvenile techniques from the schoolyard to isolate and ridicule the taxation plan of Herman Cain.

There are few Americans who don’t consider our tax laws to be unwieldy to the point of being unusable. With kleptocrats like Charlie Rangel continuously writing tax laws to benefit those who own him, our taxes have become a national disgrace and yet, there is only one candidate with a plan to replace the system. Herman Cain wants to scrap the whole corrupt system and start over with a new and simpler plan he calls the 9 9 9 Plan. It is a novel concept employing simplicity that would allow businesses to streamline their accounting so as not to budget a huge portion of their revenue to conforming to the tax codes. It would also prevent corrupt incompetents like Rangel from rewriting the tax code every year to benefit those corporations who funnel the largest amounts of money to his campaign funds and to his relatives.

No one who has the slightest pretensions of honesty or integrity would fail to agree that the tax code needs a complete overhaul or a complete new system. Yet, when confronted with a bold new plan, those candidates that appear to be the least qualified and who are being ignored by the voting public sense the opportunity to attack. If they were armed with facts and knowledge to debate the issue sensibly, they wouldn’t be sucking the hind teat on a sour hog called ignorance; instead, they launch into an attack that has made them seem petty and intellectually unqualified to compete at this level. Politicians who hurl silly and meaningless insults are a dime a dozen in Washington; Republican voters are seeking a candidate with the debating skills to eviscerate Obama the Affirmative Action pseudo-intellectual on the debating stage, Bachman and Huntsman have proven beyond a doubt they are not up to that task.

Huntsman, with obvious condescension toward Cain, whom he seems to consider a mere underling upstart, far removed from the upper societal crust of the nouveau riche of country club Republican Elites, the haven of true RINOs, said he thought the 9 9 9 plan represented the price of a pizza. Oh, how soon Huntsman forgets that his daddy made his fortune designing the cardboard box to house the Big Mac. Now, we see why he would consider a man who was a self-made man from the pizza industry a lesser being worthy of contempt; after all, Huntsman inherited his money, a mark of distinction among country club Republicans. Perhaps that is why the fiscal conservatives of the Republican Party despise these RINOs and their visions of Elitism.

Bachmann had precious little to offer but to say if you reverse the three 9s you will have three 6s, the fanciful sign of the devil. We as a party are hopefully way beyond such silliness. Bachman has already displayed a less than analytical mind when she took the word of a hysterical neurotic woman over actual research of 20,000 subjects. America has had enough of the anecdotal stories of Obama and Gore supplanting science, we need to rely on cold hard facts and data not the emotional drama of neurotics to face the twenty-first century and the pressures of international intrigue.

Without a doubt, the 9 9 9 plan would need to be revised and there would be problems, but is there anyone in a state of lucidity, who thinks there is not a mountain of problems with the current system. A system that drains incalculable amounts of money from the economy, as businesses try to conform to a nebulous and changing tax code. Yet, small business owners like myself have seen accounting firms send fairly simple returns returns like mine through the great accounting computer to see which method of filing would leave the least liability. There is no doubt, that I appreciate the effort to lower my tax liability, but when there are multiple methods of filing simple return, the methods for filing complicated returns must be nearly limitless. Thus those who spend the most on theoretical filings and preparation pay the least in taxes. Accountants appreciate the work, but these are non producing expenditures, that deplete government revenue and contribute almost nothing to the economy, except to waste money in order to avoid taxes. The reason is simple, the tax code is a blind, obese monster, that continues to grow exponentially, and devours all who become entrapped by its voracious appetite.

We need a strong capable candidate, who can engage with intelligent debate and logic. At least two of the candidates have eliminated themselves from practical consideration and are in the race as a matter of inertia and vanity.

Many of us complain that Cain exhibits a lack of experience. Yes, Bill Clinton has a wealth of experience and when trapped can convince people there are multiple definitions of the word “is”. Are we really looking for this type of experience or the type that compares a new tax code to the price of a pizza or complains that if we turn the numbers upside down they are the devil’s numbers. We need to break free from these juvenile thought processes and look for a mature mind with new ideas and coupled with integrity.

We must remember, when a candidate resorts to ridicule, the candidate has lowered himself to the techniques of Obama and has nothing of substance to offer.

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Skookum – I heartily agree with you. I believe the stated positions of a candidate is fair game to be questioned and defended. However, when twits like Huntsman gets snarky, it just shows how unsuited he/she is for the august office of POTUS. Whatever anyone has to say about Sarah, she’s always focused on the message and the good of the country!

As far as plastic Romney is concerned – we really don’t deserve him and his ever changing stnaces on the issues.

On the 999 plan… it needs to be locked in so that the 9s must be changed as a group, not individually, and then only with voter approval.

he carry this from his parents and learned not to get far from it, I bet you,
the same confused state since 2008,
OBAMA said I will change AMERICA FOREVER,
NO SIR, you will leave ,and someone else will bring AMERICA BACK AS IT IS MEANT TO BE!!!

SKOOKUM, we must find OT, he need to know that we are concerned,
and we want to know if he’s alive and holding on to life.
hope your books are coming to us soon, they will be such a nice present to give in hollydays times,
you know how the family plan early for their gifts to loved ones,
LISTEN anywhere he speak.

What sickens me is that Romney seems to be in the lead. He is basically a democrat, and that is why leftists like Rich W wants him to win.

Overall, my internal track record isn’t far off. My initial opinion of Romney, Huntsman, Christie, Guillianni and Perry remain largely unchanged. Newt was a disappointment long ago and now, alas, so is Bachmann.

Religion is fine as long as it is one that is compatible with democracy (as we all know, one isn’t), but it has no place in the actual running of the democracy. Not only is her jibe juvenile but it smites of religious grand standing just like Perry’s big prayer meeting to kick off his campaign. Not being religious, I find both to be in poor taste, but if I was religious I’d find both insulting as well.

Bachmann really isn’t even Palin lite, she can’t hold a candle to Gov. Palin. Too bad, but it’s good we found out sooner rather than later what she’s made of.

I agree with you completely Skookum. We make no bones in that we support that we support Cain. But Bachman, and Huntsman acted like spoiled children. I give Cain credit for at least having the courage to put a plan out there that would shake up the current screwed up tax system. All the rest of them could do was say how the politicians would take advantage of it as another cash flow to increase. We the voters are all aware of how both the dems/rep. have and continue to abuse the system. Thats the problem, no-one so far has had the guts except Cain to come out and say how he would revamp the system. Then we find out that Rommey sent his own advisors to the white house to meet with Obi and staff to show them how he implemented his own Rommey Care in his state, yet he has the nerve to attack Cain for a conservative plan. But then Rommey has the Good old boy/girl GOP behind him who cares less if he is more of the same we have had for years now.! And the 9.99 pizza remark by Huntmans was the first time I saw him show any emotion. Good article!


I think that anyone who has analyzed Romney sees that he is another sleazy career politician who will continue the status quo. To make matters worse, he will make it a point to piss all over Conservatives. I’m not sure I can vote for him if he wins the nomination.

Huntsman is a sheer joke of a man who is so blinded of himself that he doesn’t notice the fact that he isn’t leading the debates at all while he’s still at the starting line making 360’s.

Give me Cain, or no one else. The man has fixed two major Businesses from going Bankrupt and has brought back Godfather’s Pizza from the brink of failure.

Romney. No. Huntsman, no. Newt? No.

I’ll vote for Cain, even if I have to write his name in.

It took guts to put a plan out there and Cain did it. I am sorely disappointed in Ms. Bachmann, what she said was beneath her. What I think she was doing was trying to have a soundbite that would get repeated, but it just smacks of desperation. As for Huntsman, well let’s just say that he is performing about as well as could be expected. I can totally see him telling someone to use the service entrance, don’t park in the main driveway, etc…

It is interesting to see how far Cain can go. He has a great message and doesn’t get flustered under pressure.

anticsrocks, hi, nice to be back after a month missing my friends,
yes the candidats should know by now, they have put their feet in their mouth trying
to be funny is a dangerous game in a serious event like this one, when even the joke can ruin a whole effort of so much time on pressure facing a team that is trying to catch you,
this time they caught themself in the noose

@ilovebeeswarzone: Glad you are back, Beezy! Missed you. 😀

I have one thing to say, you are all color blind!

That will be quite a shock to the race baiters of Socialism!

They are about to crap their trousers and say they like it like that.

No candidate is without warts, however, I must agree that Bachmann has certainly did herself a disservice in the 6-6-6 religious play on Cain’s 9-9-9 plan. Whether you like the idea of Cain’s plan or not, the criticism that some future Congress would corrupt it or change the deal to 10, 12, or 20 is quite frankly absurd since Congress does this to the tax code on an annual basis. Look what happened to Reagan’s tax simplification back in the 80s. There is no guarantee on anyone’s tax plan when it comes to a future Congress. Only the voters can pressure Congress to stop meddling with the tax code.

What really is needed is to instill in all politicians that deficit spending is a sure way to get voted out of office (namely fear of immediate consequences) and secondly, the tax code is NOT a valid social or policy tool to manipulate the markets or people and most importantly, the voter themselves recognize nothing is for free despite promises to the contrary, someone must pay and when that happens everyone loses.

I do like Cain’s plan in that he borrows the best of the flat tax and fair tax. Each of the tax schemes in and of themselves by themselves are onerous. Can you imagine paying 23% tax on buying a car or house under the fair tax? Absurd. On the other hand can you imagine the disasterous effect on the poor’s purchasing power under a 17% flat tax or what amounts to an effective long term capital gains tax hike on investment? Or the hidden taxation of a VAT at every stage of production thus giving politicians an unlimited un opposed means to hike taxes indefinitely?

Flat Tax –
Fair Tax –

Sign me up for the “6-6-6 Plan.”

The lower the rate, the better!

While you all tear apart the various Republicans I am in ”Open Primary,” California where all registered voters vote in the SAME primary for any of the R or D candidates at the same time.
The TOP TWO vote garnering candidates then become California’s two nominees.

They will both probably be Democrats.

IF one is a Republican he/she will be the least likely to win Republican of the bunch or the most to-the-left of the bunch (voters can vote for either party’s candidates).
I maintain that we should vote for whichever candidate wins the national nomination.

So far, in this thread, some have turned so much against certain Republican candidates that it would be problematic for you should any of them make the ballot (And with new rules like CA’s Open Primary, who knows which candidate it will be.)

I see nothing wrong with being real about where you agree or disagree with each candidate’s stand on the issues or knowledge of issues, but debate tactics and feistiness are minor points.

I don’t know too many people who would turn their nose up IF 9-9-9 became law.
Problem is getting from here to there.

Just as most of Ron Paul’s policies always seem to start with him looking in the rear-view mirror (”the past policies were a DISASTER!”) and end up taking us off the road completely, so too, with 9-9-9.
It is so easy to say ”I want to abolish the IRS and income and all taxes and institute my 9-9-9 plan,”……but getting that done is a whole other story.

Ronald Reagan adhered to the 11th commandment.
Speak no ill of a fellow Republican.

That didn’t mean you have to agree on SUBSTANCE, it just means you don’t tear them apart based on irrelevant things.

DSCOTT is correct: No candidate is without warts.

Cain if an affirmative action baby.

liberal object of some kind: Cain if an affirmative action baby.

Cain, the son of Tennessee farmers. He was graduated from Morehouse with a BA in mathematics in ’67, and got his Masters in computer science from Purdue in ’71. He was simultaneously working for the US Navy.

Neither of Cain’s schools are one of the pricey and coveted eight Ivy League schools. So if a guy is going to get higher education on someone else’s dime, plus be enrolled as part of a quota to be filled, why go for anything other than the Ivy League schools? Your accusation is likely more apropos for your POTUS who aimed for the most expensive, and chose law. Most likely to learn the best ways to circumvent compliance, judging by his regime’s brief but notable history.

Ah, I do so love the ignorance of the left and their desperate attempts at cute one liners. Never contribute much in the way of quality debate, but always good for a guffaw.

@Liberal1 (objectivity):
And you’re just another liberal racist.

Hard Right,
if you where not with us, we would have to invent you,
that is how precious you are,

Nan G,
hi, I can feel your anger, but a critic is good sometimes to balance 2 candidates foot in the mouth reply,
that to advance their own will is not proper to step on your brother’s back,
they enjoyed their remark and it costly for them,
so sorry if some don’t like it in CALIFORNIA, but some will pay more attention to our candidates worthy
to rise higher, even if the money is not enough for them, but they make it in smart wisdom,
a well founded balance to become a leader of this super AMERICA.
be not afraid, the best is coming, let’s all watch them, and the best will rise for AMERICA

MATA, hi,
yes, we rarely read smart comments from the liberal side,
they just aim at trying to demolish the GOPS caracter and cannot succeed,
because the CONSERVATIVES are way up smarter than any of them,


Thanks Bees and welcome back!

BTW – on the 9-9-9 plan, the flat income tax portion of 9% includes the 7.65% â�� SS (6.2%) and Medicare Tax (FICA 1.45%). In other words your total withholding is 9%, not more not less. It means you only pay 1.35% above the SS and Medicare taxes you already don’t have a deduction for. I would call that a significant tax cut for everyone in the poor and middle class.

The benefit of a 9% federal sales tax is I can save for my kids or grandkids college essentially TAX FREE by putting that money in a long term savings vehicle (CD or mutual fund), thus ends the savings penalty and revves up the economy with all that cash for investment in plant and equipment. What I don’t spend I am NOT taxed upon! This is where the Keynesian economic model fails, they never consider that when you avoid using all of your income for consumption spending, the difference is invested. Investment drives the economy because it is the source of wealth creation for the 70% consumption to exist at all. This is why Obama continually pushes stimulus (consumption) spending, the dolt is clueless.

@Nan G: I agree with you, Nan. I could and would vote for any of the GOP candidates over Obama – even Ron Paul.

As you said, it is easy to say things in a campaign and I think even Ron Paul would find it harder to implement his isolationist policies if he ever made it to the Oval Office.

: ‘the criticism that some future Congress would corrupt it or change the deal to 10, 12, or 20 is quite frankly absurd’

I wouldn’t dismiss it so easily. The point is that actually rolling out the institutions and agencies for such a tax, and getting acceptance of it, is hard. After that, increasing it is relatively easy. The history of the income tax is informative in that regard.