Huntsman and Bachmann Display A Lack Of Class And An Immaturity

Using techniques perfected by the pseudo-intellectuals of the Left and described in Alynsky’s “Rules For Radicals”, both Huntsman and Bachman displayed why they are unworthy to carry the standard of the GOP. Having little of substance to offer, both Huntsman and Bachman used juvenile techniques from the schoolyard to isolate and ridicule the taxation plan of Herman Cain.

There are few Americans who don’t consider our tax laws to be unwieldily to the point of being unusable. With kleptocrats like Charlie Rangel continuously writing tax laws to benefit those who own him, our taxes have become a national disgrace and yet, there is only one candidate with a plan to replace the system. Herman Cain wants to scrap the whole corrupt system and start over with a new and simpler plan he calls the 9 9 9 Plan. It is a novel concept employing simplicity that would allow businesses to streamline their accounting so as not to budget a huge portion of their revenue to conforming to the tax codes. It would also prevent corrupt incompetents like Rangel from rewriting the tax code every year to benefit those corporations who funnel the largest amounts of money to his campaign funds and to his relatives.