Say What? June 10, 2012 Edition [Reader Post]

President Obama, Friday, early afternoon, when asked if he was blaming Europe for the failure of his own economic policies: “The truth of the matter is, as I’ve said, we’ve created 4.3 million jobs the last 27 months…The private sector is doing fine.”

The man who saved the United States of America [Reader Post]

He is Scott Walker of Wisconsin.

An article in Business Insider listed the Top 6 winners and losers in state budget battles this year. Among the winners are Governors Scott Walker of Wisconsin, Andrew Cuomo of New York, John Kasich of Ohio, Jerry Brown of California and Tom Corbett of Pennsylvania. They all took similar approaches to the financial crises that faced their states- they cut spending and mostly avoided new taxes.

Say What? March 6, 2011 Edition [Reader Post]

Congressman Charles Rangel: “Collective bargaining is something that is so close to slavery in terms of abolishing it, that it is not an American concept to tell people that they cannot discuss their economic position.”

Michael Moore, at a recent and smaller rally in WI: “Madison is only the beginning.  The rich have overplayed their hand.”

Scott Walker has a messaging problem [Reader Post]

Wisconsin governor Scott Walker has a problem. It’s not the smelly, indian sitting – Kumbaya singing activists who are turning the statehouse into Woodstock ’11. Although they are a problem – it’s primarily to the olfactory system. Nor is it the union thugs who are harassing reporters, people who dare to voice their support of the Governor and representatives on their way to their offices.