Say What? 3/1/2011 edition [Reader Post]

John Kerry: “People are ripped. I’m ripped.  We’ve got to respond, we’ve got to make something happen.”

John Kerry, about the House Republicans: “What I saw on the floor in the last 48 hours of the House just made my stomach turn.  The lack of thought, the lack of consequence, the lack of connection to the real values of our country, as ideologue after ideologue comes to the floor to chew up the valuable time we have to address these problems.”

Koch’s whore and Goldman’s slave [Reader Post]

At The Beast “Murphy” posted the transcript of the juvenile punking of Governor Scott Walker and closed with this:

So there you have it, kids. Government isn’t for the people. It’s for the people with money. You want to be heard? Too fucking bad. You want to collectively bargain? You can’t afford a seat at the table. You may have built that table. But it’s not yours.

Cops arrest 11 year old kid for drawing, no one arrested for threatening to kill Scott Walker or Sarah Palin [Reader Post]

Sometimes there is a complete lack of balance in the world.

An 11 year old Arvada Colorado boy who was being treated for Attention Deficit Disorder was told by a teacher to draw pictures when he was upset instead of disrupting the class, so the boy did just that.

Scott Walker channels JFK… except for that 10988 deal [Reader Post]

We are at the beginning of the most consequential domestic conflict the United States has fought since the Civil War. Like the battle between the Blue and Grey, this one is for the continued existence of the country. Today’s weapon of choice might be the legislative pen and the protest sign and there may not be blood flowing in the streets, but make no mistake, the stakes are exactly the same: The survival of the nation as we know it. If that sounds like hyperbole, think about the German inflation of the 1920’s or Zimbabwe today. At some point taxpayers will have nothing left to give, the Chinese will stop buying our debt and our creditors will begin calling in loans that Uncle Sam is unable to pay. We might survive, but America would be a decidedly different nation.

Sedition in Wisconsin [Reader Post]

Democrats love democracy until they are not in control. Then democracy is unfair.

Legislators in Wisconsin have left the state in order to stymie the process of a democratically elected government. The hate that has spewed from Democrats is breathtaking. Union members have even called for the death of Governor Scott Walker and signs showing Walker in a cross hairs are displayed. Difficult financial times have pierced the veneer of civility that unions and left wingers would have you think was normal.

He’s only your President if you belong to a union [Reader Post]

The Wisconsin Teachers Union spills the beans. Their motto has been revealed.

“Screw the children. It’s all about me”

In 1981 PATCO, the air traffic controllers’ union went on an illegal strike. Pres. Ronald Reagan ordered them back to work with small success. Reagan fired those who ignored the return to work order. The time has come for this to happen again.