Obama hammers Walker on foreign policy? Really?


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The self-appointed king of all things has made clear he is displeased with the man democrats fear most– Scott Walker. Walker dared criticize Obama’s Iran deal and Obama has lashed out at Walker:

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker shouldn’t criticize the U.S.-led nuclear deal with Iran until he’s had more time to “bone up” on foreign policy, President Obama said in an interview with NPR released Tuesday morning.

Mr. Walker, a Republican and likely 2016 presidential candidate, has said he would undo this administration’s agreement with Iran on day one of his presidency. The preliminary Iran deal, struck last week, still must be finalized.

While it’s unclear whether the agreement ultimately will be cleared by Congress, Mr. Obama said it would be a grave mistake for the next president to walk it back, and the president used the issue to take another shot at Mr. Walker.

And then this:

“I am confident that any president who gets elected will be knowledgeable enough about foreign policy and knowledgeable enough about the traditions and precedents of presidential power that they won’t start calling into question the capacity of the executive branch of the United States to enter into agreements with other countries. If that starts being questioned, that’s going to be a problem for our friends and that’s going to embolden our enemies,” Mr. Obama said in the NPR interview, which was taped Monday at the White House.

“It would be a foolish approach to take,” the president continued. “And perhaps Mr. Walker, after he has taken some time to bone up on foreign policy, will feel the same way.”

Oh boy. Where do you start?

The first thing that comes to mind is Obama calling Bush “unpatriotic.” That established quite a tradition in itself.

“…traditions and precedents of Presidential power”?

Are you kidding me? This from the guy who promised to limit Presidential executive power? It sounds clearly as if Obama is warning Walker not to even think of messing with Obama’s decrees.

And speaking of precedent:

Obama plans first to undo policies set by Bush

2008: Obama vows to reverse Bush laws


Let’s have a look at the Obama foreign policy in the Middle East. What hasn’t Obama screwed up?


Listen to the commanders on the ground, Obama was told. Don’t leave hastily, Obama was warned. He didn’t listen and he did abandon Iraq. Iraq was a success story and we know that from Obama himself:

“This strategy is grounded in a clear and achievable goal shared by the Iraqi people and the American people: an Iraq that is sovereign, stable, and self-reliant. To achieve that goal, we will work to promote an Iraqi government that is just, representative, and accountable, and that provides neither support nor safe-haven to terrorists.”

Today Iraq is a disaster.

ISIS is not the only U.S. enemy taking advantage of power vacuum Obama left in the region. So is Iran. A month ago, Iraqi leaders asked the United States to carry out air strikes against ISIS positions but were rebuffed by Obama. So the Iraqis have turned to Iran for help. This weekend, the brutal commander of Iran’s notorious Quds Force, Gen. Quasim Suleiman, flew to Baghdad to advise the Iraqis on the defense of Baghdad. This is the man who organized and funded the Shia militias in Iraq, and armed them with EFPs (explosively formed penetrators) — sophisticated armor-piercing roadside bombs that killed hundreds of U.S. troops. And, if you thought matters could not get any worse, the Wall Street Journal reports that Obama “is preparing to open direct talks with Iran on how the two longtime foes can counter the insurgents.” Yes, you read that right. Obama is planning to work with Iran to counter ISIS in Iraq. In other words, our troops may soon be providing air cover for the very Iranians who were killing them.

And Obama has sent troops back into Iraq.


Yemen was a “model of success” just a few months ago. Since then, the government has fallen:

On Tuesday, Shiite insurgents overran Yemen’s presidential palace, posing a coup-style threat to current President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi. Should Hadi be pushed out, it’ll likely have broad consequences: Hadi had proven himself a loyal ally in the fight against al-Qaeda’s much-feared branch in Yemen, al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP).

Not that long ago, Yemen was being painted in a different light. Flash back to the heady days of September 2014 (four months ago), and the war on terror in Yemen was being touted as a “success” in speeches by President Obama. Talking about the threat posed by the Islamic State, Obama pointed toward Yemen and Somalia as possible examples:

This counterterrorism campaign will be waged through a steady, relentless effort to take out [the Islamic State] wherever they exist, using our air power and our support for partner forces on the ground. This strategy of taking out terrorists who threaten us, while supporting partners on the front lines, is one that we have successfully pursued in Yemen and Somalia for years.


Obama wanted a head to mount on the wall and got one in Libya. Today Libya is a safe haven for terrorists, including Al Qaida.

The State Department’s latest report on global terrorism, released Wednesday, lists Libya as a terrorist safe-haven for the second year in a row.

“With a weak government possessing very few tools to exert control throughout its territory, Libya has become a terrorist safe haven and its transit routes are used by various terrorist groups, notably in the southwest and northeast,” says the 2013 Country Reports on Terrorism, released on Wednesday, April 30.


A reminder about Obama’s newest BFF’s in Iran:

Record Number of U.S. Troops Killed by Iranian Weapons

How Iran Is Killing U.S. Troops in Iraq

Iranian Weapons ‘Killing Our Troops’ in Iraq, U.S. Says

The weapons being shipped into Iraq from Iran include Explosively Formed Penetrators, or EFPs, which detonate and drive a slug of molten metal through armor. Iran is also providing rocket-boosted weapons, called Improvised Rocket Assisted Munitions, which often consist of propane tanks filled with explosive and strapped to 107mm rockets.

So how does one deal with someone who does that? If you’re Obama, you become their pal.

Can you remember way back when Obama promised us Iran would not get a nuke?

“I make an absolute commitment that we will do everything we need to do to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons.”

That joined the trash pile of history, just like everything else Obama says.

“Let me ask you this, isn’t it true that even the deal that you are striving towards is not to eliminate any Iranian [nuclear] breakout capability, but to constrain the time in which you’ll get the notice of such breakout capability?” Sen. Robert Menendez (D., N.J.), a vocal critic of the White House’s dealings with Iran, asked Blinken during Wednesday’s Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing. “Is that a fair statement, yes or no?”

“Yes, it is,” Blinken responded.

Scott Walker has a potential foreign policy path carved out for him. If Walker wants a foreign policy as successful as Obama’s foreign policy, Walker best spend his mornings watching ESPN and take up golf. Walker could not do any worse than Obama even if he tried.

Walker does know how to get under Obama’s skin. I like that.

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You just can’t compartmentalize one aspect of Iran (its nuclear ambitions) from all of the rest of its policies.
They are part and parcel of one whole mullocracy.
Abortions are illegal in Iran.
Birth control is illegal (found in underground market places) in Iran.
Changing one’s religion (away from Islam) is illegal in Iran.
Homosexuality is illegal in Iran.
Offering a different opinion in print is illegal in Iran.
Meetings of more than 4 people is controlled in Iran.
The end of Israel (”Zion) is a promise from the government of Iran.

Getting ”the bomb” was a way the old Soviet Union kept people under the communist boot for 40 years.
Getting ”the bomb” will keep Iranians in those dark ages of no human rights for a long while, too.

Obama’s plan is considered to be a mere press release in Iran.
The communication problems are legion.

Walker responds:
“President Obama’s failed leadership has put him at odds with many across the country, including members of his own party, and key allies around the world. Americans would be better served by a president who spent more time working with governors and members of Congress rather than attacking them. Whether it is cutting a bad deal with Iran, calling ISIS the JV squad, or touting Yemen as a success story, Obama’s lack of leadership has hurt America’s safety and standing in the world.” – Governor Scott Walker

The examples of Obama’s (and his supporter’s) hypocrisy are legion. It has come to the point where doubt is the first impression whenever he speaks; he is incapable of speaking the truth and, most likely due to all the lies he has told, has no idea what his last position on any particular issue is.

I cannot wait until this lyin’ weasel is out of office.

Didn’t they turn out the lights in the White House today? Maybe the light switch is turned off automatically when there is no action.

Obama said:

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker shouldn’t criticize the U.S.-led nuclear deal with Iran until he’s had more time to “bone up” on foreign policy, President Obama said in an interview with NPR released Tuesday morning.

how is anyone supposed to ‘bone up’ on this ‘secret’ deal? Obama is so ashamed(it may actually be pride on his part) of his deal that he won’t let any of the details be known to the public.

I don’t believe that the President is authorized to make secret agreements with foreign governments, that he won’t even let any details be known, without Senate approval. I’m not sure who ‘has standing’ to challenge such a thing, but I’m absolutely sure it’s illegal.

Nothing could possibly top trading 5 Taliban Commanders for one U.S. soldier who defected to the Taliban. Win/Win for the Taliban.

@Jane: How about trading the security of Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Israel for political gain? Will that top trading 5 terrorists for a traitor and deserter?

Obama has been too busy undoing the policies of the founding fathers to “bone-up” on foreign policy. Which is why he has the Iranian born Muslim Alinsky-radical and socialist devotee Valerie Jarrett as his chief adviser , puppeteer , Secretary of the Traitory mentor midget.

To add to Bills’ Post: Our vaunted “Fourth Estate” continues in “the Emperor has no Clothes ” mode and every day of the promise of a free press as a bulwark against tyranny to the citizens of this Republic ,dies another death.

Dr J seems to be cherry picking history. He neglected to say that
The USA withdrew its troops on the timeline that was signed by Bush
That the American troops killed by iranian weapons were also killed by the Shia who are now the government of Iraq and our “trusted” allies whom we are helping fight our also former Sunni allies who are now ISIS (somehow we are supporting 2 proxies to fight ourselves)
Yemen rebels who ousted the government are iraiinian backed anti ISIS
Libyia ? The historical record shows that Obama was criticized here for not doing enough to support the overthrow of that despotic regime, it was done much more so by Europe, we had no boots on the ground like they did
The Iran agreement? Well if we don’t have an agreement signed off on the Security Council members and Iran one of 2 bad things will happen #1 war with Iran (the big winner on this will be the fossil fuel companies. Have you seen the price of gas ? well double or triple it) and war with Iran will make it possible to the now shrinking group of hardliners to demand that a bomb BE built #2 no war but the hard one strong international sanctions begin to crumble and leverage against Iran shrinks
Please note that the fossil fuel companies political contributions go heavily to the GOP by a factor of 10 to 1
So who votes for higher gas prices ????

So much time spent on a post filled with nothing but abject bullshit. Amazing


Yep Obama is full of it. Nothing new about that.

@Msert: Doesn’t take much for the lefties. Nothing to see here, lets’s move along. Do you believe ANY of Obama’s BS?

@Ditto: Secretary of the Traitory, I like that. A very good description.


That the American troops killed by iranian weapons were also killed by the Shia who are now the government of Iraq and our “trusted” allies whom we are helping fight our also former Sunni allies who are now ISIS (somehow we are supporting 2 proxies to fight ourselves)

And our C in C doesn’t know whether to crap or go blind. He’s as lost as Mary had a little lamb. He’s had over 6 years to figure it out and all he’s been able to get figured out is how to shoot in the 80’s on numerous golf courses.

The Iran agreement? Well if we don’t have an agreement signed off on the Security Council members and Iran

Strange that you don’t mention the US signing off on that agreement. Does it not matter to you that the President is not able to get a treaty agreed to by the Senate? After all, it’s not an agreement until they ‘consent’ to it.

Have you seen the price of gas ?

Yes, and in spite of Obama doing all he could to get the price up, I filled up on 1.99 a gallon just this week. I guess his last strategy to get the prices really high is to let Iran have a nuke.

Please note that the fossil fuel companies political contributions go heavily to the GOP by a factor of 10 to 1

makes you kinda wonder why Obama is doing all he can to get the profits up for those companies. Is he being traitorous to the Dims?

@john: john, I am afraid you are stupid.

Is Greg on vacation? Or has he evolved about his love of the L in C .( Liar in Chief)

@Tommy Boy: He’s morphing into his alter ego.

@Bill: PLEASE, don’t give him that much credit. Even stupid people can figure out they’re dead wrong 100% of the time.