Smart Diplomacy

How lucky we are, we who mourn the erosion of freedom and the implementation of Statism; for now, we at least have the consolation and comforting feelings that come with knowing we have a high degree of intellect directing our international diplomacy, more commonly known as “Smart Diplomacy”. The phrase our former First Lady used to describe her self-professed skills in diplomacy; skills that were apparently acquired in managing the “Bimbo Eruptions,” her husband precipitated during their marriage and sometimes bizarre journey to the White House. Skills that became patently obvious with the Obama Administration’s opening of our embassy in Damascus and Ms Clinton describing Assad,the butcher of Syria, as a reformer. Yes, if the diplomacy of the White House and the State Department were any smarter, the dictators of the world would be cowering in fear when Hillary flexes her brain and farts intellect by the bucket.