Al’ Qaeda and the Islamic Caliphate [Reader Post]

We keep hearing about these “freedom fighters” in Tunisia, Egypt. Libya, and Yemen. We are told by the press that the people of these countries have spontaneously rose up to overthrow the oppressive dictatorships that have long held them imprisoned in poverty and despair. But who are these “freedom fighters” really, and how are they being trained and equipped? This paper questions whether what at first glance appears to be random events, might actually be a highly coordinated strategic war against the West by a surreptitious yet highly successful foe whose intent is upon global domination.

While we have been chasing Al’ Qaeda across the mountains of Afghanistan and Pakistan, Osama Ben Laden and Ayman Al Zawahiri have been busily fomenting revolutions throughout the Middle East

I Am Mad! [Reader Post]

At a McCain-Palin rally in Waukesha, Wisconsin on Oct. 9th, 2008, one of the town hall participants was given a microphone. With microphone in hand, the man loudly proclaimed: “I …