The pervert President who loved showering with his daughter wants your college daughter to shower with strange men


The apple does not fall far from the tree. Hunter Biden is a pervert, but he comes by that honestly. His father is also a pervert. You read about it on this blog- where he can be seen pinching the nipple of a little girl. Here- watch Biden pinch her nipple and watch her press away from him.

He loves these little girls- the youngest victims. It’s always chalked up to his being too warm or friendly, but that’s bullsh*t. He is a pervert and had Trump done anything like this the FBI would have put him away long ago.

Your President is a pervert.

He loves sniffing women but mostly he loves sniffing and touching little girls. He showered with his own daughter when she was young. Ashley Biden called it “inappropriate” and likely sexual molestation. She also said that it fueled her sexual addiction.

“Was I molested. I think so.”

Now Biden is living vicariously in his perversion through his son and his executive orders. He’s planning on forcing young women to room with biologic men.

Of all the uncertainties that college freshmen must face, none is more sensitive than the issue of roommates. You might become best friends. You might go to war over who ate the leftover pizza in the fridge. There’s nothing to be taken for granted when it comes to living with a virtual stranger, except that men room with men and women room with women.

At least, for now. If the Biden administration gets its way, schools could force biological female students to live with biological men who identify as women and vice versa.

The Department of Education has proposed a new Title IX rule that demands that colleges treat students in line with their gender identity, not their biological sex. That means that people who identify as women would live with people who identify as women, and people who identify as men would live with people who identify as men.

A biological man who began identifying as a woman at age 13 could be treated the same as a biological man who began identifying as a woman an hour ago. Both could be allowed to room with a woman who has no say in the matter, nor could the school be obligated to alert her in any way that her roommate is not, in fact, biologically female.

This can be shattering for young women who would lose all expectations of privacy. Swimmer Riley Gaines described her “extreme discomfort” at having to be in the company of “Lia” Thomas’ make genitalia in the women’s locker rooms and having to change in front of it (Thomas). Thomas, BTW, admits being attracted to women and prefers to date women. Thomas is sort of a lesbian with a penis. Transgender men frequently still have a hankering for women. Transgender men raping women is not especially rare. Examples can be found here, here and here.

I have no problem with anyone being gay. I have patients, friend and family who are gay but none of them suffer from gender dysphoria. Gender dysphoria is not normal. It can be transient but IMO sustained cases are aberrational. Neither is pedophilia normal. Biden’s warped sense of morality is blurring the lines for the sane world. His attempts to upend society and destroy our moral compasses has to be stopped.

Make sure you call your Congressional rep’s and ask them if they want their daughter sharing college dorm rooms with strange men. Then tell them to shut down Biden’s deranged fantasies. They’re disgusting.

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Parents should oppose their daughters from visiting the Oval Office as long as Biden is there

Joe is a sociopath. They have no boundaries and feel entitled to whatever they want. He just has a harder time hiding it now.

Good thing he sundowns at 3:00pm. Less time to assault women and children.

The left has no respect for life, privacy, morality, or the Constitution and they love to rub everyone’s noses in that. Idiot Biden is a major proponent of such mental illness; he has raped women, showered with young girls, traipsed around naked in front of female Secret Service agents and happily and knowingly funded his sick-ass son’s drug and sex escapades.

This is how they get rid of religion, a competitor to the worship of the State.

Trump’s flunky Jim Jordan protected a known pedophile who preyed on young men, and actively participated in the cover-up.

Matt Gaetz is presently under federal investigation for statutory rape and the sex trafficking of a minor.

The Southern Baptist church has publicly acknowledged an institutional problem with sexual misconduct by their Bible thumping, holier-than-thou ministers, who no doubt have quietly facilitated the very abortions they condemn. They can make impressive shows of contrition and cite the wondrous miracle of God’s forgiveness when the occasion demands.

So where’s the outrage?

It’s all focused on “the pervert President,” who exists only in the same imaginations that believed the Pizzagate trafficking ring was something real, and that Trump’s Big Lie was God’s own truth.


Jordan and Gaetz’s “accusations” are baseless smears.

Biden’s actions are matter of public record….with many, MANY pictures to prove it.

I’m afraid your “Southern Baptist” outrage belongs back in 1983. Who here said they were Southern Baptist?

You and your master’s reign has ended.

Biden is a creep, and the election WAS rigged.

Glad we cleared that up.

Trump’s flunky Jim Jordan protected a known pedophile who preyed on young men, and actively participated in the cover-up.

Fully debunked long ago.

Matt Gaetz is presently under federal investigation for statutory rape and the sex trafficking of a minor.

Fully debunked long ago.

Meanwhile, we have the videos of idiot Pedo Pete and demented Hunter’s laptop. Facts vs. baseless smears driven by politics.

So where’s the outrage?

Where’s the proof? Unlike you, we don’t fly into an outrage based on prejudice-based rumors. Most of what you’ve accused has been PROVEN to be nothing but lies. But, when you have video, texts, voicemails and emails, you have a foundation of facts.

And, there’s Tara Reade. Remember her? Is “believeher” so easily discarded and disregarded?

greg is a coward.

He never actually defends the garbage he writes.

Once again, Comrade Greggie, you play the shell game; no, no, no, don’t look over there, look over here.

Where is the outrage? We conservatives have been asking that for a long time as you on the left blamed Donald Trump for every rotten thing the Biden Crime Family has done.

I remember how you railed on the children of Donald Trump. How proud you must be to be able to go on the internet and see videos of the President’s son yanking on his swanch while buck naked in a pool. Does it excite you to be able to see Hunter’s penis with M & Ms lined up on it? Or maybe you prefer the hookers sitting on it. How about knowing that The Big Guy has been one of the most crooked politicians to ever hit the city limits of D.C.? Does that excite you?

You keep railing on Trump because you have to do something to try to draw the attention against the worst president (most crooked) this nation has ever had, Joe Biden.

How long before Biden has us in a full-blown war with your beloved China?